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the Alps has spread to the Asian antworten

> One hundred and ninety second chapter Blitzkrieg candle dragon two mech armed with two assault rifles toward that ship dedicated enormous battleship Kuangchong Nazi Swastika dish away, while behind him, dozens of aircraft with flight Mech also their ability to come up with assault rifles, toward the front of the fire, the summer Kee is deformed into the mech-air fighter's appearance, the queen missile power diminished, a Nazi air missiles toward compact disc shaped warships bombarded away. wWw. QUAnBEn. cOM seems Nazi army and others who did not think m counterattack came so strong, did not think three warships just meters from La Maha super op and others who were riding the troop ship that was, so a face to face under turned out to be dozens of meters from where the side of the mech a surprise hit, lost a lot of small dish warships. "Om ......" a stout laser across the dark night sky, the moment will be too late to dodge two ancient devil mech annihilation in which even a slight explosion did not happen, it is dissipated as laser dissipated in the cold Wind them. "Pharaoh! Monkey!" M seeing two mechs who are laser hit, immediately roar heard in Alice An Wangguo them of that time, where m is the "Senior Corps" everyone in the familiar up , for "Senior Corps" who died in his own eyes, m where the course is furious. "Honghong Humming humming ......" Of course, rice and others who have not been idle, out of hair with a laser missiles are constantly surrounded by a small dish of waste Nazi battleship boom broken, these small dish warships seems to have been some kind of indication, started toward the Nazi swastika dish that ship battleship which shrink away. "They want to run away! Give I hit a ball! Dry dead one is a!" M Where to watch that ship Swastika dish warships began shrinking back, immediately shouted. "Yes!! Heads!!" One kind of pilots should be a cry, and began full output firepower, m where it is the lead, and even the devil has entered the ancient model, the guns on both sides of the gun body groove income among a The candle will be taken out from behind Dragonlance, guns blazing on fire, like a two-edged Happening guns in general, huge flame guns rapidly toward the Nazi swastika dish battleship split down. "Bang ...... Chichi Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi ......" a loud noise, followed by bursts of fire and water blend is produced by neighing sound came, everyone saw a huge swastika in the whole dish battleship outside, a layer of quiet blue enchantment almost all the power is concentrated in the Dragonlance intersects with candle, a time Mars random bounce, fog monstrous. Just then, a bright laser light and a red light ink has burst shooting into the sky from the ground above, among the smoke across the night sky, a direct hit on the battleship's defense Swastika dish enchantment over! Zhang Yi is an energy cannon and Eduardo nether spiral arrow! "Bang ...... bang ......" With two loud bangs, the total collapse of the entire defensive enchantment, instant rice where the flame spear cut in the Nazi swastika dish warship ship is over, at once cut out a huge rip both sides of the metal is completely melted, revealing one of the internal structure. The blow did not direct the energy of these battleships bombers blast furnace, or which requires this look, you can make the battleship stay here. While aboard the battleship Nazi swastika is also taking advantage of the rice dish and others who have not had time to catch up to the gap, at full capacity, to the West Dunzou away, leaving only the sky of Mars and the molten metal debris. "Mom, let's run these dog days!" Meters from where the ancient devil mode which gradually back out, holding the joystick hand is red with rage, but it does not help, could only watch That warships far fled and disappeared in the field of vision. M not want to catch up or keep up with who, but m worried that this is Hitler who lure the enemy deep or Tiaohulishan, and did not catch up to, after all, Hitler also had lived for hundreds of years a person is honed. Those not on the table beneath the armed forces has made more than seven hundred of the ancient devil mech cleanup was Pianjiabuliu a Taiwan and Taiwan charred wreckage of armor and tanks standing there, to uphold about to extinguish the burning flame. "Reports of casualties." Fall to the ground above, m where is the communication channel among whispered. "A total of four people were killed, namely Wang Yang Germany, Si-, Guan Zhengping and Joe Mao-cai, three minor injuries, no serious injuries." Chu Jincheng Road reported immediately. M Where was silent,oakley sunglasses, then Chen Sheng said: "Now we need to wait for the arrival of follow-on forces, we go to the remains of our four comrades come away." Everyone is a silence, and finally himself on the battlefield where m on a corpse a corpse looking through the nameplate on the corpse, found the four bodies of the martyrs will bring them into a miniature freezer write them. "Commander of the report week, we encountered an ambush, but the enemy had been repulsed us,Nike Air Jordan 5 Sale, large forces can be moved forward." Meter where the Zhou Hongwei Unicom communication, reporting road. "You are there for us, we have the coordinates you know, be careful realm, to prevent the attack." "Yes!! Week commander!" ............ "What? Where you say m not dead?!" In the dark No. Aryan central control room which Hitler head over instantly become slightly yellow liquid boiling up, apparently for the news that Hitler was very shocked. "Yes, heads of state, military aspects of China from blocking a report sent back to see, that is called m where the soldiers of China is indeed still alive." One soldier gingerly Communications said. "I know,Nike Jordan SC 1, you go on." Hitler said something cold and pale, and then point to open is suspended in front of the LCD panel on top of the European continent maps, which will be a few red, pushed together into a plain above. Hitler Hitler saw officers around to do so, his face red with excitement are thrown, they have realized that their heads do. "Now we have to launch a blitzkrieg, in a few hours, will be pushed to the front on the plains in front of the Carpathian Mountains." Hitler overcast voice. Now the pattern has been on the European continent before the disaster mieshi different, the Alps has spread to the Asian territory, so China still has a part of the territory of the Republic branch Alps. And this is also the Carpathian Mountains in continental Europe over a major mountain ranges, Hitler if we can successfully pushed to the front of the plains near the Carpathian Mountains, then have occupied almost half of the league now Harris. "How was the Nazi plan to implement the Living Dead Legion?" Wearily rubbed his forehead, Hitler is asked. "Reporting heads, our program has been the Living Dead Nazi occupation in Harris now fully implemented within the Alliance, there are already a number of immortal warriors capable of forming combat, the rest of the people, after a few hours, will become a powerful fighting warrior. "one pale appearance officers reporting physician Road. Hearing this news, the spirit of Hitler obviously startled, exclaimed: "these soldiers will be sent to the front line, and to promote, all stand in our armed forces on the road all the rout!" "Yes! Heads!" " We should be doing in the inner? "seems to think of what Hitler is asked one. An officer's face lighted up with a report apparently said: "We stand in front of all partitions of the power system has almost all been destroyed by our internal should also detonated a lot of ammunition for us to reduce a lot of resistance." " ah, this battle if you win, then they will be my official Array An Wangguo nationals. "Hitler nodded with satisfaction, then said:" You put this news release out, hoping to get them to work harder. "" yes! heads! "Hitler's command is a bar to convey it, but Hitler's troops started toward the southeast to promote, because inside should not ruin a lot of Hitler's troops forward direction of the military facilities and power facilities, so Hitler's troops advance fast! Just spent two hours, the troops had advanced to the Carpathian Mountains near! The same God of the advance, Hitler almost copied again during World War II when he used blitzkrieg tactics! International practice ............ still seeking collection! <

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