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enchantment that the protection antworten

> One hundred and seventieth IX ice burst "clinging to the front line, absolutely can not get through the ice to the back of the person responsible for causing any pressure,Air Jordan After Game Sale, brothers, stand up!!" M candle dragon who controls constantly walk in an entire defensive front, between the pilots continue to help China who resist Nazi firepower, and constantly yelling at one's own morale boost. WWw! QUANBen! COM "Honghong Humming humming ......" loud explosion, in which the high sky, a congregation pilots are all relying on the slightest Yemingzhu which provided the power to be able to barely suspension suspended in the air, so that the strength has fallen in a big cut, coupled with the Nazi swastika Legion firepower it is not generally violent, China's defense pilots who are constantly compressed inward. And bombardment to a congregation pilots missile although China pilots in the air on the use of laser detonation, but it is bursting out of a another one thin blanket of darkness, and with more and more missiles detonated around the black The smoke grew thicker, gradually even like the formation of a huge black ball in general, all the ancient devil all wrapped up in the one mech. "Goddess!!" Side fought back with assault rifles, m where the side of the command to start scanning Nuwa this blanket of darkness wrapped the crowd exactly what it is. After a brief scan, Nuwa voice sounded: "The report master, this layer blanket of darkness among the main substance is a metal has a magnetic field, these metal powders are released from the magnetic field will gradually disrupt anti-gravity field around us, go on like this, I am afraid that this anti-gravity field can not continue to maintain. "" Damn, these Nazi devils! "m where the bottom cursing loudly, followed by Zhang Yi, who will be in communication with the channel command said:" Ed, area to the left you in charge of commanding; Jincheng, the right area you are responsible for directing; Ziyan, you come to the middle of the regional command, the three of you must hold this line of defense, sunspots, deep son, and you have to help out! "" Yes ! Boss!! "In addition to Chu Zi Yan, the other four are answered very quickly, but also began their move toward their area of ​​responsibility. "Xiaofan, I ...... Can I do it?" Chu Zi Yan is hesitantly looked m Where, before Chu Zi Yan, despite being a major, but it is genuinely did not come into contact with such a huge war , so the m command where this road before, Chu Zi Yan seemed somewhat less confident. "Believe me, you will be able to, and now you have to carry you should carry the responsibility Ziyan!" M where the whole system through a small window on the screen, staring eyes of Chu Zi Yan said. "Ah!" Watching meters where a firm expression, Chu Zi Yan nodded his head, but it is asked: "What you going to do?'re Not here yet?" Rice who smiled, nodded his head and said: " Xia Qi, we were only a few people you and I have the ability to fly, the two of us to take the initiative to help them look firepower traction, I believe the ice will soon be opened up, how, there is no faith? "was originally Xia Qi An hear meters where his name did not say, but did not feel right, then heard the m Where, then, sexy mouth cocked an arc, smiled and said: "Sister play ~ ~ plane to fly when you do not know do it, do not be a minute sister around dizzy! "" Haha, well, we go!! "m where laughed, looking confident look Anzi Xin Qi Xia, that controls the opening behind the candle dragon wings, boosting device starts, the head of black smoke out of the encirclement. "Zaza ...... banging ......" burst mech deformation voice, but it is summer Kee control their own Venus began deformation, only a few seconds, a humanoid mech is turned into a bomber-like armor, looks ethereal stretch, but a piece of exposed suspension missiles, but look menacing. Seeing this situation, where m is the castration diminished, dozens of ships rapidly toward that covers almost half of the area of ​​the whole abyss cave Flying Saucer Kuangchong away, his body side, summer Kee is not far behind, turned Bombers state Venus Engine roar, jet out of a Road brilliant flame almost instantaneously caught up candle dragon. "Damn it, my wife is handsome, but still so sexy ......" Zhang Yi Ha Kee control watching Venus fly out the way, turned out to be seen to stay, according to the law was almost hit Zhu Huai laser. "Give aging mother Seriously, if you dare to hurt yourself or three years are not touch his aging mother!" Summer Kee also saw Zhang Yi natural state, immediately Kingdom by the Sea, directly to Zhang Yi's soul to scared to go back. "You left my right, separately distract their firepower, able to give the best blow, the premise is to ensure their own safety." M Where to see this young couple flirting now still has feelings, mind is loose breath, after all, they also experienced a lot of veterans, and has not informed the group had nothing recruits egg ~ son, and in such a battlefield, has been able to hold the peace of mind it. Ha Kee nodded, seeing several missiles are flying at them, a series of immediate control of the Venus laser burst, these missiles detonated simultaneously with the meter where either side, to both sides of the fly. "Damn, even so arrogant, Luo Shite laser shock heavy artillery preparation, I put two flies to boom down!" Nazi officer is not to be trifled with, see m where even provocative and Summer Kee like flying, immediately ordered. In fact, until now, the Nazi Army did not use any heavy weapons are kept firing missiles and lasers, because they are now still in a dominant position, so they do not want to direct those resources available to get rid of, so just fired a number of laser and magnetic fields disturb missiles around them with intent to disrupt the anti-gravity field. As long as those without the ability to fly a lost ancient devil mech antigravity field strength, then they still Wengzhongzhibie,Nike Air Jordan 1 UK, still can not escape the clutches of the Array An Wangguo. But this time m where the actions and Summer Kee has angered some Nazi officer ordered his men to move heavy weapons Luo Shite This laser shock heavy artillery, they both intent to destroy. "Honghong Humming humming ......" series of explosions close to the candle dragon's ass back explode, m where controls candle dragon with a very low altitude, almost close to the edge of the disc at the Nazi swastika Battleship swept past, although there are many laser hit the candle dragon, dragon candle body but only in the surface layers of corrugated played hit and did not directly hit the dragon candle body. M where the two enchantment, water, and energy absorption shield enchantment for these ordinary laser or can be completely absorbed and the barrier, so the meter where dare to such a height close to the Nazi swastika dish warships to attract firepower . "Yeah drink!!" Suddenly, m where soon Bao, controlling candle candle dragon clutching the hands of the Dragonlance suddenly swept away to the front, a huge purple wave of flame with a piercing voice fluttering rapidly bombardment to Nazi Swastika dish warships. "Bang ...... Humming humming ......" Although the Nazi swastika disc has a layer of warships appearance is a good defensive enchantment, but the meter where it can be said that an enchantment master, almost passing the battleship a few breaths, he has seen a defensive flaws enchantment lies immediately control a wave of flame candle dragon boom up. Sure enough, that layer of quiet blue defensive enchantment a shock wave that is exposed to the flame while stirring, then along with the "bang" Bao Xiang, he was crushed flame shock, followed by flame shock castration diminished, series H-burst the erection of several swastika dish aboard warships surface of the fort. On the other side, summer is also the side of the low-flying Kee attract firepower, armor which side will throw all the missiles fly or ejected, although not able to break the Nazi swastika dish battleship defense enchantment, but also to the Nazi Legion brought no small obstacle. Moreover, as Venus did not candle dragon metamorphosis of the defense force, there is no enchantment that the protection of two layers, so almost all summer Kee flexible to walk on her own as well as the speed to evade the pursuit of Nazi Legion, it can be said Combat Technically, summer Kee is definitely stronger than the m Where,Classic Coach Sale, after all, m where the real battle will then air a few times only, there is absolutely no experience so rich summer Kee. Behind the two men are a large number of followers of Nazi small butterfly spacecraft, they simply keep up with the speed of two meters from where, but still doggedly pursued the meter where the summer Kee two. "Boss! Wife! Come back, the ice would open up!" At this time, Zhang Yi howling up in the communication channel. M where the summer Kee heart to hear this news is a joy, immediately respective control mech around a curve, has flying, but also did not forget to fill behind a few small disc aircraft strike. "Har ...... 隆隆隆隆隆 ......" Just two crazy to fly back when the waves of terror almost constantly heard the voice of the ice cracked, while the entire cave within the surrounding hillside, all sounded a burst Array distant, lingering, like the ancient drums rolling Leiyin general, the whole abyss in which a time is caught up in a terrible atmosphere among. Where in the meter and Summer Kee behind two thick beam was tracing the figure of two rapid impact comes precisely two Luo Shite laser shock gunnery already launched two straight come. And m and Summer Kee where they naturally noticed behind two light beam, m who immediately said: "Bypass light sinking behind the ball." Ha Kee heard this, nature is no hesitation, straight to where and rice glowing pearl hanging in there, about to reach the glowing pearl in front when the controls are flexible mech a shift change lines to the rear of glowing pearl hide the past. And it is too late to disguise Na Liangdao beam, straight boom in the glowing pearl on top! "Boom ......" With a loud cry resounded through the world, a congregation behind the ancient devil A glowing pearl, with their top of the ice, almost at the same time, to burst open! ............ <

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