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of meters around the antworten

> One hundred and seventieth chapters this stuff, I want a brief confrontation, m where the power is completely prevailed, huge purple flame spear like a giant broom in general, would Hitler both man and seats, It mercilessly swept into the abyss in the end one can not see them. "Goodbye." Meters where laughed themselves through the power of Fan Zhen leaping again, just with that huge ball of light blue quiet flush. "Reports Master, master levitation device is very stable now, and because the energy body, and will not be limited space ring, which can be freely income space ring." Nuwa voice is both timely appear in the meter where the minds of them. M where the mouth he gets a smile, then right fist aloft, pointed at it with a blue ball of light, whispered: "collection!" "Shabu" sound Qing Xiang, quiet blue giant ball of light instantaneously m where the income of the ring space which subsequently meters where the foot suddenly ejected two violet flame, m where the whole person is like homing bird in general, accurately drill a small door which that road. Gently falls above the ground, where m This long sigh of relief, just about everything seems easy, but m exhausted every effort is kept to successfully defeat Hitler calculating the psychological line of defense, after all, Hitler is already live hundreds of years old monster, and if it is m where he learned all the secrets, it will not be so easy a victory. "This time not only did not lose anything, but got such a baby, it seems that I began to transfer up." Who uphold the whisper of a meter, then heels walked toward the outside of the stairs, before leaving, but also did not forget to look back a flame shock, this chamber that the only one wicket Hong Ta. At this moment,Cheap Oakley Sport, lost the primary suspension device Yali An Wangguo and began violently shaking up but can not resist, all located in Alice An Wangguo huge piece of black rock on top of it, like going through a nine an earthquake. Array An Wangguo entire metal pouring from the ground began to break off, a Road huge cracks appear above the ground, resulting in a lot of huge black rock built on top of buildings have collapsed down, many Nazi soldiers or Researchers are killed, one time screams, cries heard, and the scene is simply appalling. Where the meter removed the master levitation device, so although this huge black rock among some secondary suspension means, but completely withstand the weight of that huge black rock, while sinking air ball of light also emit light of increasingly violent, but also to no avail, simply can not stop the momentum of black rock disintegration. Primary suspension means more than just hold up for the black rock, it is able to stabilize come together, forming a peninsula as the size of the large and small black rock that will unite them together to form a stable platform. However, at this time who took away the main rice levitation device, then used to unite the power of large and small black rock is disappeared, the entire Array An Wangguo also in the disintegration of the state, although the secondary suspension system can also try keep these black rocks do not fall into the endless abyss of them, but they can not stop the separation of black rock. Moreover, these small and large black rock which ultimately can not escape the fate of falling into the abyss, just matter of time. Affected not only people in the Array An Wangguo above, even the spacecraft has entered the Nazi soldiers and Zhang Yi and others, are greatly affected. That huge Flying Saucer dozens of ships have not completely out of the drill Kingdom, there are numerous dense pipeline transportation of energy to them, but also use a lot of troop channel is also connected to a piece of black rock, so the black rock shock totally affected are preparing for the Nazi army. Many pipelines all have broken off, which will be shed for energy being delivered to the air among the troop-channel or pipe connections resulting fracture scattered sparks, they are both ignited the air sway energy,Air Jordan New School Sale, For a time the fire burning, loud explosions, whether in the Flying Saucer on people, or in the black rock among the many people who have been in this raging fire engulfing. "Heads!! Heads!!" In that secret room which, it constantly directed at several Nazi officers fluent equipment and yelled, but which in addition to the noise coming from bits and pieces, but it is has not been any response. "How to do, heads of state do not know where, what happened, how can we do?" Head in hands in which a round-faced officer, painfully hissed. The remaining officers are also overwhelmed each other as one, they found each other in the eyes of panic is not less than their own, they are too dependent on their heads Hitler, and have never experienced a real war to them, not that long ago by a group of World War II body The Nazi officer of the battle. "Everyone ...... immediately start spaceship ...... can hold much stuff ...... on hold much stuff ...... all the things will be capable of transporting the spacecraft were delivered to our kingdom ...... ...... ruined!" Is being at this time, communication equipment which Hitler came some weak and intermittent sounds. "Yes! Heads!!" All the officers heard the sound of the moment Hitler, all calm down and hear the words of Hitler, everyone is a moment of surprise, but soon calm down down and began to follow the words of Hitler, execute the command. ............ "Damn it, how the whole head out so much movement, how do I find this a huge black rock is constantly disintegration ah?" Zhang Yi pilots standing among a congregation China through a window Flying Saucer , look to the outside of the Yali An Wangguo, said. "It is estimated that the scheme is successful boss, he just spoken with us that plan, although bold, but it can fundamentally, hit Hitler and his kingdom." Zhang Yi Eduardo walked around, said dismissively . "I hope Xiaofan okay ......" Chu Zi Yan is do not care what the other, she just wanted to see the meter where safely back to his side, even if the plan failed, and she did not want to m where the accident. Aside Chu Jincheng, Zheng Yuan and Xia Chu Zi Yan Kee hear the words, the eyes are also exposed worried look, this time the action must be extremely superior strength to go, so people did not talk to the m Where he could get to stay here, waiting for meters where the return. While many people worry about the occasion, Sciard with the duo? Than mine is in front of the crowd. "You ...... how do you come back?" Stand outermost, who also had several Sciard face with the edge of the summer Kee Chong himself saw two men coming, he asked, surprised. Sciard with the duo? Schematic crowd than mine do not quiet at first, then it will all gather together, whispered: "Where is the m Let us come back to deliver the message, the United States there has been betrayed us, Bill? Smith conspired with Hitler dominate the world, but he has been m where killed. "Sciard say the first word, is to let all the people present were surprised and opt to send out a gasp, but immediately suppressed down, looked around, then they indicate Sciard continued. Immediately, Sciard put m texts explain to him all the things and people go out after what happened, Zhang Yi, who have an always said it. At this point, it is already three twenty-one a .................. "lovemaking ......" already jumped a meter underground tunnel in a block where the ruins are constantly jumping between, because the entire black rocks are disintegrated, so meters along the way who are unusual hardships, need to continue to avoid the sudden appearance of huge cracks, as well as higher than the stones falling down, and even some do not know why the explosion occurred. All the way to Fleet of Foot, m where finally came to a boxy gray building before, in the tens of meters around the building within the scope of a very strange vibration and without any cracks appear, as if from here into one, out of tune with the entire Array An Wangguo general. M Where this looked a dark gray building is rapidly bolted away to the entrance of the building. Hitler did not set down here any defense, because here he took a layer of very strong natural defenses enchantment, where the Nazi soldiers had found a lot of people trying to reach here are by this defensive rebound enchantment to death, Only Hitler carries a tall temple from the Himalayas among the debris out into them, but it is not subject to any attack, go in peace. Here is the tall temple, built among the Himalayan temple with exactly the same temple, but also kept the more than five thousand ancient temples devil ball of light armor. Outside this huge gray building, but also later Hitler ordered the construction, the purpose is to this temple of miracles in general better protected, all with Ferrari and gold and some other very hard metal crafted, the only entrance is to go through numerous tests to enter. M where this time the program's first objective is to destroy the Array An Wangguo immediate suspension device, but it is not thought to direct the suspension device have reverted, and in destroying the suspension device, the Array An Wangguo bound to chaos, so the meter where will be able to take the opportunity to come to his second destination, this peek into Hitler from the meter where the memory after they have been longing for the Temple. Just a Zongyue,Nike Air Jordan 4, m where they came before this gray building, then m who smiled, without any formalities, a direct blow with violet flame roared unto the two were closed in gray and black door bombardment away. At this moment the entire Array An Wangguo have been a mess, even if the alarm is heard something, it would not have someone to so m Where is the simplest and most direct way to break the door! "Boom!!" ............ <

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