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Hear meters where say antworten

> One hundred and sixty second Zhang Yali An Wangguo secret besides m where the hero's soul with the outside, around the world has become a pale, all things have lost color, and all their actions, including the air is falling abyss of inflammation are parked in there, no longer move nothing, because the Na Liangdao original shape without any color energy wave at this time is exudes a colorful light. WWw.qUANbEn.CoM "buzz buzz ......" softly buzzing around constantly in meters where the ring, Na Liangdao colorful energy waves from the beginning of Hitler's direction toward the transmission into the direction toward the meter where the transmission, a lot of memories of Hitler's mind is constantly imprinted in the minds of them who m. This ability to read memory, where m is the degree of development of the brain region after 70 percent out of a new comprehension ability, the ability to comprehend texts, although the meter, but it is difficult to very good start, only through hero power of the soul, to be able to launch this initial capability. Among the dormitory building, meters and other people who have done experiments on Zhang Yi, read only memories after their understanding, the ability to find the time in launching into space-time around everything will be stationary state, but as a man and reading is read people who can not move the two sides also, that m where you want to use this ability to achieve some of the practices is impossible. Moreover, this capacity will be greatly consume the user as well as the soul of the body's energy force, m where the spiritual power, although very powerful, but the power of the soul but did not meet the requirements, so it needs the power of the soul of the hero, and this ability to launch after completing m Where would fall into a state of extreme weakness, so this capability should be used with extreme caution. M where weakness had been everywhere, showing an already rage, anger flooded rational way, is to let yourself relax vigilance against Hitler, and the final release of the abyss of the inflammation, when m where it is let into the abyss with their own control The inflammation from heaven, the purpose is to allow a moment of panic Hitler appeared, m is to seize every moment of panic, to launch a memory read or late early step by step, the memory read will not succeed. Because memory reads this ability needs to be read in extreme relaxation, or relax their vigilance, when a person because of other things and panic when it is relaxed when the alert to other things. The whole process lasted a total of only just sixty seconds, the energy fluctuations in the two back yards where the eyes were at the moment, everything around us began to come alive, loud voices have started coming, as if from a silent pale World flash back to the real world in which, the hero's soul is getting empty, and dissipated between heaven and earth. "Xiaofan, I want to have a good rest, nothing special important thing, do not call me." Hero's voice sounded a little weak, finish this sentence after they did the sound. Where m is the general weakness at the moment, but fortunately the air which is already falling countless flame arrows so that all Nazi soldiers and Hitler find any, and there is no one who spare m, where m is barely climb up the gun with gentian supporting his body, went to the 1st training ground corner, and sat down. Looking at tens of thousands of Nazi soldiers in the abyss under the attack of inflammation ashes, m where heart there is an indescribable feeling, some of these Nazi soldiers are real people or by the bodies of the dead through biochemical techniques made out of refined Biochemical people, including even some are injured in training or dead bodies of the soldiers countries. Although they do not have the soul, the mind can only rely on the biological computer to execute the command, but who still feel the rice, which own a rain of fire, these tens of thousands of Nazi soldiers were freed from the abyss of suffering out They finally, completely dead, completely rested. "Do not need to thank me, ha ha ......" m where the hollow laugh or two, but it is seen that the air of the Hitler controls some charred egg chair, floated over toward himself. "Combat Information collected waste caused me so much effort, boy, I want to thank you, ah, ha ha ha ha ......" directed m Where insolent laugh about it, then they mad smile every now and then,Air Jordan Shoes, toward the 1st training Outside the field of floating gone. "Hey, I want to thank you, ah, old fool the devil!" M who closed his eyes wearily, at this moment in the 1st training course in addition to some of the dust of the outside, only meters from where myself sitting in the 1st training field edge, leaning against the wall above, sleeping in the past. ............ "Boss? Are you awake?!!" Rice who just woke up from a comatose state, that is tragic was heard screams, and then I heard a sound of frantic running, followed by Chu Zi Yan flew at the meter where the arms. "Uh ......" m the one who by this sudden pressure pressure to the wound above the waist after being pierced though only two centimeters, but it is almost wait until the bones, m where in order to play the play was also painstakingly . "Xiaofan you how it is, not to say that everything is ......" Where rice and some confused, then immediately hear Chu Zi Yan half awake, to know whether their own where, in the absence of cloth under the enchantment of the case, Hitler himself everything under control, Chu Zi Yan say if Hitler know, then his plan will be in vain. Panic, who also gave the other a meter, Chu Zi Yan from his close proximity, m where a rise is the snout Chu Zi Yan mouth. "I rely on!!" House of everyone is surprised a moment, shouted loudly, "I rely on," blurted out, Chu Zi Yan is surprised eyes widened in disbelief watching the meter where, followed by forced open Where the meter, standing there helpless. Where is the point m back to taste, quickly planted in the crowd around a soundproof enchantment and a phantom enchantment, where in this process m still a little evil to savor the feeling of just that kiss. Chu Zi Yan looked helpless, touched head, this embarrassment explained: "I just do not know where I was, this house is full of anytime anywhere Hitler's monitoring equipment, without my cloth under the enchantment, we plan may be exposed at any time, I'm afraid to say what you Ziyan should not say, so he just ...... "m where finished this speech, everyone is relieved, m where the passion has never been so before, this once if it is an emergency situation, it will not make such behavior a. "I said, when the boss so passionate, and never just base situation radiance ah." Zhang Yi still side with a very light voice whispered to himself. M Where did empty ignores him, standing by the bed Chu Zi Yan pull over, said softly: "frightened of it, Ziyan, sorry, I was too anxious for a time." "Ah, all right, I do not blame you, first tell us about the situation today and let us find you when you are in the 1st corner lethargy passed the training field, you do not say that today's plan foolproof, but there will not be any danger of it? "Chu Zi Yan nodded, his face ruddy receded, touched m where a bruise on his forehead,Oakleys Lifestyle Sunglasses, whispered. "I am not for the more real it, Hitler that old fool, very smart, if I do not pay a price to pay, how could so much from him and useful information." Meters head who touched Chu Zi Yan and smiles. "Boss, how to plan a success almost turned into?" Chu Jincheng hear meters where say, immediately took out from her how to use that seems to have used up the little book, asked. "Essential for the success of 99%, in addition to Hitler's childhood and youth is not much use to those memories, all the memories have been copied to here." M where pointed to his head and smiles. "Yeah roar ......" Hear meters where say, Zhang Yi, who are happily jumped up, Chu Zi Yan is suddenly grabbed m where, in his face gently Qinliaoyikou. Wait until everyone naughty enough, m where he got before putting Hitler important part of all memory of them one by one. After the failure of the year World War II, Hitler find a substitute instead of their own death, while he was riding a Nazi submarine with the rest of the most elite troops, elite scientists, and most of the research data marching away toward the South Pole. Hitler had been to China and the Himalayas, where a very secluded cave among find an ancient temple, from where Hitler got a very important thing, a huge glowing pearl, has also been an address, which is now Yali An Wangguo location. Gone through hardships, Hitler's forces brought out almost exhausted in the case, Hitler finally arrived here, but he is from a nuclear submarine exploded in a horizontal direction channel before entering here. When Hitler saw this when the bottomless pit, but also shocked, and he carried a glowing pearl automatic float above the ice blue ice beneath, while a huge land as a general black boulders are floating up. Hitler was overjoyed, and immediately set up camp at the top of the rock, and began to study the environment here and sinking glowing pearl. In the camp, when Hitler's men found a temple with the Himalayas were exactly that ancient temple, which in this temple,oakley for cheap, Hitler found the entire Array An Wangguo among the most important secrets. Among a dozen temples floating ball of light, and when some of the soldiers to touch the ball when these lights, the ball of light that suddenly turned into a bundle of even huge mech! Yes, these light balls is an ancient devil mech way of being, a way to mass storage mode of existence of ancient armor devil, the devil can be damaged mech gradually recover ancient mode of existence, and even forced deprivation has identify the main ancient devil mech existence .................. <

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