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01.06.2013 04:54
in the eyes of the people antworten

Peak, high dam, one of three people, in the eyes of the people, breath easy and talk straight toward the distant forest experts, in fact this forest also has many strong, as are all don't like lively, want to find a quiet place there. Three people are free to find a good place, but one that is full of green grass under the tree, all around is a lot of wild flowers fragrance, clean it around. Casual sit cross-legged on the ground,Coach Bags Outlet, the peak right hand turn over, three jars of wine is to appear before, then go to high Ba and blue-print. "Ha ha ha..... Peak brother, you this year's moisture! Marriage life is good? Yes, I see you now strength seems to have made a great progress, alas, regrettable chaotic wasteland to force is forbidden, otherwise, and you really want to learn a few tricks!" One laugh, very regrets avenue. He took a sip of wine, high PA is very regrets "Feng, your strength is far beyond the eldest brother! However, you and that Kaka about war, but was too rash, do you know what he is now? According to the rumors, since after his retreat, a whole year to exit, and then become the sword emperor high order! Such a terrible person, plus his background, Feng, you really are too rash!" High overlord first drink a mouthful of wine, then began to complain about the peak. No wonder so high PA, the speed of progress of Carlo is too amazing, even one now is only blade emperor primer peak point, far from Carlo doughty, of course, one is this life magical power of self-defense, it is not afraid of Carlo at the moment. Blame that Gao Ba, peak only faint smile, as he now strength, even if is ordinary sword of honour the strong, peak admission can also fight a few rounds, even if it is not the enemy,oakley sunglasses store, escape is can do, plus five Shentuo beads that horrible function, peak heart does not worry too much. "Yeah! Peak brother, that caccaro progress is too fast, too fantastic. Remember when we were in blood maple forest,Oakleys Sunglasses Cheap, he was a king of swords high peak, but now it is already reached the blade Emperor high order! More terrible is, I felt his body seemed to be dormant a GOLDION general energy, but you also don't worry too much about, have I in, he cannot make you what!" Praise the nodded, not a project of barut rare a wary look. I heard that two people say so, the peak is also the heart one Lin, aware of Carlo's terror. However, with their strong body killer, peak heart just some fear, but far from panic. And see the peaks is still so leisurely look, calm heart secretly feeling balut is the peak of the. Three so casual drinking wine, from time to time to chat, is very happy. "Yes, brother, I thought you were still small saint in penance, how also ran to the chaos wastes?" Some looked puzzled eyes PA, peak immediately asked. "Ha ha ha... At this event, how can you not to watch? In fact, I had originally intended to obtain a >

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