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leaving little skin attached antworten

> One hundred and fifty seventh chapter shark teeth devour "Your training intensity seems too small, I finally put the wolf deceives fainted, put a drain to the side, do not think I have it. WwW! qUANbeN! coM "Just look around anxiously, when Chu Zi Yan, m where the smiling training ground from the 1st channel which came out of his clothes although some damage, but could not see any visible injuries. "Xiaofan, are you okay?" Chu Zi Yan quickly ran up, looked anxiously where rice and found only a few small scratches sigh of relief after. "Well, go back to eat it, tell me about your training today are experiencing what is good for you brother guidance guidance." "Damn ......" All together against the meter where the middle finger than a month, and then they say said smiled and walked toward the dormitory building .................. "yesterday's training, we did well, no one is left behind a team of one, I am very pleased that you really are the world's most elite soldiers, so today I decided to increase the intensity of training a little bit, just a little bit, we need not worry. "Hitler sat on top of his egg-shaped chair, watching the devil in front of a congregation of ancient mech pilots, smiled and said:" You are I have a strong weapon to conquer the world, how I would be willing to let you dead yet? ha ha ha ha ...... "" Fuck, perverted old fool to take us play with. "Zhang Yi secretly spit the mouth spittle, cursed road, aside summer Kee quickly pulled Zhang Yi, motioned him not to be too radical. "Well, to meet your training now! Believe you will love there!" Hitler not mind talking about below,Air Jordan Flight 9 Sale, waved his hand, the 1st training ground four doors have been opened, which can even hear some strange sound. M Where touched Chu Zi Yan's head and whispered: "I more carefully, they would exercise more exercise, my woman, a woman is standing next to me,Air Jordan 4 UK Sale, I'm not standing behind the woman." Hear m Where, then, Chu Zi Yan surprised a moment, then nodded hard, Zhang Yi, who will be followed into the the 1st door before leaving, Zhang Yi, who turned against m made a reassuring gesture, m where laughter laugh, they 静静地等候 their own training today the content. "Yesterday's battle information, I have all of it again, although you now are very powerful, it is not without any drawbacks, so today I will for your shortcomings, to give you some corresponding enhance training." Wait until everyone One had left the training ground, where Hitler fishes meter says. "I want to become strong, you can make me strong, that's enough, go ahead." Meters with Hitler who do not want to say anything, that he started his own directly trained. Hitler did not mind, he now wanted to, that is where the power meter and fight every battle data, while the meter where you want, is to enhance their strength, the accumulation of battle experience to become stronger, strong enough to enough to defeat the entire Aryan An Wangguo. "Today, I'll be your opponent!" With the meter where the voice down, one with a metallic voice from behind Hitler pass out, and then, a look full three-meter-high white burly Han from 01 training Field of the underground slowly came up, he was wearing a Nazi uniform, hands across their chests, small eyes cold eyes looked m where. "Call ......" m where a deep breath, his hands hang naturally at your sides, slightly trembling, the pace began to gently move, although to a meter where the state has less need to prepare before the fight activities, but now that there is time, who do not mind that meters will all do our best. "Well ...... already began to fear it?" That stature huge white officers laugh loudly, from the earth, said: "In my Sharks tremble, but also the normal performance." Meter who smiled and did not answer, and now for loading force of this grandstanding way, m not interested in those who refute, if this so-called big sharks worth meters without a little bit of strength who take seriously, then the meter will not mind where these goods directly into the slag bombers kill . At this time Hitler had control of his own rise to the empty egg-shaped chair among a blue screens appear in the bottom of the seat egg, rice Hitler who also know how to record the information of their battle. "In the battle to see chaos when the four, but will lose his life for!" Where are m watching Hitler, when a roar already approaching m where, accompanied by bursts of piercing voice, already with right fist Sharks with bursts of quiet blue spray, as lever for the general onslaught over. "Bang ......" m where simply not make any defense or dodge action, just his head slightly biased open Sharks Zheyi direct bombardment from top to bottom in meters above where the shoulders, where m is Personal suddenly crashed inverted out,New Arrivals Coach Online, big sharks naturally will not miss this opportunity to enhance the speed suddenly, the body instantly turned into a huge wave in general, toward the past, his hands clenched, crashed on a still in the air Where m flying between the chest and abdomen. "Shark Tomahawk!" M big sharks who are severely slams into the ground, in the air is also a big shark body roar loudly, right leg like a streamer generally split down pour, where m is the blow if the bombers, even in meters where the defense now will be no light injuries. "Boom ......" big sharks a Tomahawk straight bombardment hit above the ground, a loud noise, sparking a smoke, there is no good repair One of the training ground of the metal surface in the blow of the big shark directly broken open, and it was black rock bottom this big shark attack blasted a huge depression, smoke filled. "It seems that your strength is indeed weaker than your mouth some, my grandfather taught to teach you that the first fish, how to kill it!" Smoke them, m where joking voice heard, suddenly a gust of wind rolled up, will a No training ground on top of smoke swept away, while the meter where already appeared in the big shark behind, held hands standing there, with a smile. Sharks who hear the words of instant rice with red eyes, and the two of them who are wearing a nano-language translation robot, so m saying big sharks who can fully understand, at Alice An Wangguo invincible when received such a large shark insult, immediately roar loudly, suddenly Fuseshita body, a mind-tapping meters straight leg sweep Church where the footwall. M who know this big shark simply not in force on their own under is not Yingjie, take one hand a large shark shoulders, legs and a force that is a mind killer leg scissors Jiazhu Sharks head, followed by waist force, even out of thin air to three meters tall big shark's body thrown up. Subsequently meters where his hands, the Sharks crashed on the metal floor above the palm of the right hand of the knife, the entire arm muscle peristalsis, as if turned into a hard-edged razor edged general, facing the heart of a large shark line down! Critical juncture, Sharks use their body strength barely move a bit toward the side of the body, m where the Killer Sharks directly into the arms of them, without the slightest resistance, even the big shark skeletons who failed to hinder m The Killer, a large shark's arm suddenly the blood, such as Quan. However, this is Nazi soldier clenching his teeth, although already pain cold sweat, but clenching his teeth, I heard not made use of meters where the old forces had the occasion to go Sony is not there, suddenly force the clamp from the meter where Under escape. "Whew ...... ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ......" just a meter away from where the clamp, large sharks roared, his eyes instantly went from red to blue, the whole human body broke out above are blue Yingying Mans, like water in general, the whole body in the big sharks continue to roll, while, the meter shark who seem to see the big body on top, there have been a cold-blooded killer really great white shark! "Roar ......" This has been completely abolished, leaving little skin attached Sharks arm even in just a few seconds completely healed, and a large shark muscles all red with rage, muscle skyrocketing, the entire people are becoming tall stature seemed a little, like a horror Xiongshou general who stood in front of meters. "Go to hell ......" has been completely spit out a big shark variation vague words, then the people in the water like a general, marching toward the meter where the spray speed, hands wide open, like a shark that is full of teeth Megamouth general, horizontal Zhanxiang m where the waist. "Drink!!" M sinking stature who, at the foot into the horse, breathing out loud, the whole body dark purple light flow, cross your arms at your sides, do not flash does not avoid, directly blocking the Sharks offensive! "Bang ......" bang, blue and dark purple energy energy collide, burst into a series of intense energy waves, where the arms of rice rose above the pampas grass, Sharks forward arm is hardly nothing . Taking advantage of a distracted Sharks stalls, m where backhand caught the big shark's arm, mouth hangs a smile, whispered: "Aralia Wrath!!" "Shark teeth devour!!" In the m Where whispered blast "Aralia Wrath" words when the shark is howling sound, then the people turned instantly turned into a huge ferocious giant sharks, giant mouth full of teeth irresistible momentum Where mad bite toward meters away. At the same time, rice is the same on every body entirely by the metamorphosis of a dark purple light into their own queue, the crisp sound of the Dragons, leading with the big sharks crashing coming together! "Boom ...... bang ......" This time of impact, compared to m where three wolves and hell before that time energy impact presumably beyond, where m is the big sharks did not think could have broke out so tyrannical energy impact, caught off guard, m where the first inverted out, the air even be able to see a trickle of blood! "Bang ......" and in the formation of smog energy impact among the thud came, covered with charred ground slowly Sharks fell down .................. <

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