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> One hundred and fortieth chapters Massacre "to your mother the eggs, which has become a cargo how the Living Dead!!" M worldly under the surprised, turned one foot on the kick out, Arnold? G Indonesia at this time have become rotten body, but grow in the carrion beneath a layer of strong resistance to fight the red muscle, so the meter where this kick is kicked out on the feeling of anti-laser protective plate in the general, surprisingly hard. WwW, QunabEN, coM however meters where the power now is not generally large,Coach Poppy Collection Online, though not on this kick Arnold? Keni Xi incarnation of the Living Dead cause too much damage, but they will kick him fly out, from the high circular platform drop down. "Ah ah ah ah ......" "**, which is something, I shot you collapse! Ah! Ah ......" "OH, SHIT, WHATTHEFUCK ......" "@ # @ #% #%% & ;% &% & ((*) ¥ "While many people are still surprised when the immediate thing, but it is suddenly stands above the waves broke out earth-shattering screams and the roar, and then through a variety of Methods of firearms into the stadium people began frantically toward the surrounding fire while in the panicked crowd, a highly decomposed body with another body is slowly stood up, they slowly open the mouth as razor The teeth suddenly began to rapidly spin up, rotting corpses among a Unit originally did not belong to them and the force of their body awakening followed, is unmatched hunger. "roar roar ...... ......" the roar of sound from these successive Dead broke off the mouth of the living flesh flavor makes them an unprecedented crazy, then they show their amazing strength and speed, as the beast, and rushed into the crowd! live Most of the dead are ordinary people made changes, while the other part, is a soldier! Harris coalition soldiers have become more than half of the living dead, they become the living dead soldier is simply ignore the side of the normal soldiers, but jumped into the audience screaming at this time the audience is already bloody, living dead an angry, ordinary people is simply no way to resist the living dead are constantly incorporating a spectators flew, followed by teeth will not stop spinning up a bite, blood spatter, there are hundreds of spectators were killed instantly in the teeth under the Living Dead. "Boss, how to do?" Chu Zi Yan Kee see A and Summer Nolde? Keni Xi looks like that horrible nausea special long spit spit big turn up, and rice and others who are still able to remain calm and be around to see what is happening in the eyes of this point m where the mind power switch, participate in the competition these days among the scenes of what is happening in his mind circling from abnormal, to the military's secret intelligence, to abnormal variations in population, as well as what is happening today, a thought suddenly leap into m Where the mind which. this so-called world KOF contest itself is a big conspiracy, but the purpose of this conspiracy is to present the world's largest, regardless of ability, and have the financial resources, together with the right people, the real rulers naturally not personally appear,Oakley For Cheap, but drag the cornerstone of the world's superstructure, most are concentrated in here, if all these people were killed here, then the world will surely chaos! heard questioning Zhang Yi , m where they recovered, and whispered: "Now we terrain here is high, and relatively far away from the surrounding stands, on temporary stay here, see how things go." "Are we, sit and look surrounding those ordinary people are killing these monsters? "Zheng Yuan weird watching m where." What can we do? "Rice who sighed, looking around as wheat harvest to fall generally into a piece of the crowd, the low voice said: "If I did not estimate wrong, those who were killed, and soon it will become generally goes with these monsters, even if we have to save people, but also it is simply futile." everyone looked around, and sure enough as m where said, the stands who have fallen under the watchful eyes of the audience actually stood up slowly, while large areas of their body begins to rot, grow a new layer of solid muscle in the layers below the pan carrion the carnage. "Kaka Ka Kaka Lo ......" very flustered sound waves from those who have just turned into the living dead monsters mouth, and then they Zhang Kaishuo big overgrown teeth toucan, jumped toward their friends and relatives rushed past this point is still the center of all the participating stadium military people, most of them are stunned to see the stands of the Holocaust, and even blood has flowed beneath their feet, but they still stare at Only a small part of the soldiers rushed to turn on the stands, but those living dead indeed the strength and speed of these people greatly exceeded the unexpected, as the ancient devil mech owners, these Soldier has only barely able to cope with two living dead monster, and in general as a monster wave in front of their strength is simply nothing, almost in an instant to be submerged beneath the living dead teeth. saw the tragic death of his companions The horrors, no longer any one soldier into the stands, even superior military strength would not easily rushed that he could play more than one hundred one thousand monsters, but the face of hundreds of thousands or even tens of thousands twenty potential monster, who can handle it? "Now I do not be contacted candle dragon, I believe you are also the same." meters where several attempts to contact the candle dragon, although able to contact on, but it is not simply call out , seems to be a kind of energy to shield. "Summon no armor, personal strength alone is hardly against thousands of the Living Dead, it seems that this term KOF competition is a good conspiracy orchestrated ! "Chu Jincheng also found their ancient devil mech simply call out, bow Lueyisisuo, frowning. hear Chu Jincheng, then, in addition to rice outside where everyone is exposed surprised expression, Chu Jincheng will find themselves with a variety of symptoms where rice with everyone a say, everyone would have also felt the taste of intrigue at this time a large part of people have fled to the stadium entrance, constantly beating the thick door, but this when the door is moving, tightly closed together, in the absence of large-scale tool or mech circumstances, simply relying on manpower is that it is impossible to force open the door. "Well wailing ...... Hou Hou ......" At a impact door heap of people groaned when, from both sides of the door within the workplace is suddenly heard a burst of muffled roar, the next moment, in which dozens of the living dead monster from studios rushed out screaming threw herself Among the crowd a time, the screams and the bright red blood splash, heavy door was instantly on top of a layer of blood covered the door and fled to the army of the living dead behind the crowd is caught up by the smell of blood stimulation, the Living Dead who have roared, desperate rushed into the crowd, open Xuepentaikou will live the life of another one sent to hell. "Fuck, this is how it! We how the body will not come out with a little effort all! "Simon mad slumped in the VIP room on the sofa, and in the VIP room of all officers are systemic feebly collapsed to the ground, even Yue Tian is no exception." KOF competitions this term really is a world big conspiracy, it seems that ever since we arrived here after eating meals and drinking water have been altered, then I am afraid that what is strange drug efficacy attack. "Yue Zhongtian paralyzed on the ground, with a wry smile. "Contact Military! There is no way to contact military to military reported the case here, so that support military immediately sent over!" Simon looked VIP carnage unfolding outside, shouted All officers are a sigh, one of the officers said: "Head, now we like this, move can not move, can not contact the Military ah." outside the venue in which VIP, m where others can only stand on circular platform, watching as the tide of the Living Dead will last several spectators killed alive this point, all came to watch the game more than two hundred thirteen thousand spectators, including several one hundred countries soldiers, all become horrible monsters, and in the center of each venue ** people, already being surrounded by the vast number of the Living Dead at this time meters and others who are the remaining eight hundred soldiers China Connect the circular platform,Oakley Sunglasses UK, the circular platform area is not small, but there is only barely able to fight ** hundred people, all of China just good soldier escorts all up. Having just soldiers rushed to rescue China Up enough to have two hundred people, so the teams had more than 1,000 people, more than 800 people on the left of it. meters and others who at this time was standing before the entrance circular platform, calmly watching the bottom each ** people at this time was still alive countries participating soldiers were seen m where the prestige of the meter where somewhat fear, however, is unable to bear some of the soldiers, and directed circular platform on top of rice Any other person, with blunt China phrase yelling. "Why, only, China people can go! us all up!" "on! rushed! China have nothing to shoot!" by encouraging countries all soldiers began to stir, because the mighty two hundred and ten thousand of the Living Dead is constantly surrounded by soldiers toward their mouth hanging bright red flesh, their bodies are still flowing above the stench of the corpse and blood They are now all kinds of weird posture toward the crowd to climb Even the efforts toward determination of the soldiers, to see such a scene are scalp tingling, but this time, high above the circular platform is clearly the most secure place in the The two sides will clash when the center of the venue, that for the final use of the ring on top, but it is suddenly cracked a huge black hole, and then, an impression that looks familiar, but some strange symbols slowly floating up, followed, an ellipse, as a general thing the egg is followed by the symbol, floating up .................. PS: toothless up this morning, found that he was stiff neck, neck pain powerful, sitting in front of the computer has been hurt, thinking all was disrupted, and today on the day of the lesson, it is no energy to write more, and hope that the brothers can understand no teeth, no teeth really teeth yards out of this chapter, this chapter it today, toothless upload is complete go to rest, I hope tomorrow will be better, once again say sorry ...... <

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