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Where the current meter just antworten

> One hundred and thirtieth chapters finals eve giant elephant armor at this time are with candle dragon was a strong shock wave to Zhenfei out, almost all body functions armor has been damaged, we can say two people are by virtue of a dice unyielding spirit of their teeth, or just as strong an impact on so long ago two people lost consciousness directly passed. wwW. qUanbEN. cOm However, both are willing to give up, then head of the value of life they almost flat, only who can support live, each with their own energy is the energy to break up, then who is the final winner! Violent inflammation and violent black black candle dragon arc continuously from top filled with giant elephant armor, unreservedly Wrath Aralia injected with giant elephant magic sound energy shock waves among the two shock wave in constant strife with each other in midair , a violent shock wave after wave of energy waves off in midair, simply on the ground that they suffered shock is not strong, or long lost consciousness passed. "Fuck, give I burst!!" M where the roar heard, the whole body suddenly broke out in a strong momentum, force frantically pouring from the meter where the body, the air of the Black Flame Dragon suddenly rose on a large circle, it seems crazy in the air roar, and then crashed into a black arc, along with the sound of explosions shake heaven and earth, all the way to the Black Dragon Black Flame Shock arc was loosed to go, simply could not withstand the impact of the black flame dragon. Black Flame Dragon Cuikulaxiu open to the general impact of the arc, and then crashed into the already crashing without any defense capability giant elephant armor, bang, the Black Flame Dragon with giant elephant armor while explode. Then two big letters appear in the candle dragon's head on top - "KO!!" Candle dragon watching over two letters, m where the mouth hangs a smile, followed by two one black, so faint Where in the past .................. when m awake, I found myself lying on hotel bed, got about sore eyes, turned his head away, m where discovered, the window is already deep night of . Mingled themselves what? Last game should have won it, that duo? Powerful than mine really is, if it is finally pushed himself doing all Aralia Wrath, I am afraid to lose it. So thinking, where m is the activity of the body, found his body and there is nothing serious, just some groggy mind, there is a feeling you want to vomit. Stood up, m Where That suddenly found himself seems not in his room at the side of the couch Rengzhao few female underwear, the whole room seemed filled with a light fragrance. M where almost instantaneously understand that this is where it is clearly Ziyan his mother's room! M where the face becomes flushed shabu, quickly put aside the boots, you want to get out of here. "Kaca ......" Just then, suddenly heard the sound of a door being opened, followed by m where we can see a uniformed Chu Zi Yan hands came in carrying a cooler. "Ah!" Turned around to see who stood at the door uh m, Chu Zi Yan screamed, almost thrown out the hands of the cooler: "scared me, how are you feeling? Better now what?" The cooler looked Chu Zi Yan Paizhexiongkou on the table, m where suddenly felt his nose somewhat sour, suddenly there is a rush to embrace Chu Zi Yan impulses. But who knows now own meter for Chu Zi Yan is simply not to mention the feeling of love, they simply will not be eligible to love in front of the girl, perhaps wait until they recover memories that he really qualified to love Chu Zi Yan bar. "Nothing, that is, a little nausea, Third World Alliance sonic impact that kid is too tough, I was almost gutter capsize." Rice every thought, is facing Chu Zi Yan said. "That's good, you've got tomorrow's finals among the main main." Chu Zi Yan a smile, looking at m where said: "Come Hekou soup bar, which I specifically from the Golden Temple in the most advanced hotel set out in the bird's nest soup, hot drink bar, drinking a good rest tonight. "" Okay. "meters where nodded, then asked:" sunspot Haxia kei how they like it? them nothing event, right? "" ah, there is no big deal,Poppy Collection Coach Sale, to the hospital today after a shot like,Nike Air Jordan, we grew up practicing the ancient martial forces who are very good physical fitness. "Chu Zi Yan Fan Sheng up to m a bowl of soup, bow said. M Where stepped forward, picked up the bird's nest soup, rinse your mouth full breath, what flavor did not even try to come out and pharynx into the stomach, where rice did not eat after fainting at this time also feel a bit hungry, So they picked up directly cooler, cooler directly in the nest soup poured all imports. "You ......" Chu Zi Yan laugh and cry at the side and said: "Are you hungry,Air Jordan Take Flight UK Sale, and I went out to give you something to eat it." Where m is subconsciously pulled out walking Chu Zi Yan, followed quickly loose open, whispered: "I called the hotel to give me one o'clock on the line, so late, here is such a mess, you are not safe for a girl to go out." who listened to the words of Chu Zi Yan rice Qiaolian a red, then said: "Never mind, also a few minutes the road, one will come back, you're just awake, I would first do not go out and get some rest." Then who say anything ranging from meters, open the door went out. In desperation, m where only sit on top of the Chu Zi Yan room couch, cross-legged and mix thoroughly together, m where the body is subject to a certain amount of internal injuries, after all, is a virtual battle positions in the virtual space to the impact incoming among real space. However, the interest rate adjustment has been more than an hour, Chu Zi Yan is still not coming back to the hotel which, when m where it seems a premonition of what faint hearts of one kind of worries. Where will immediately meter multifunction wrist watches military communications capabilities tune out, called the Chu Zi Yan communications, however, waited five minutes there did not respond, m where immediately realized that something was wrong! Hearts a tremendous moment of fear and worry where the rice flooded rice out of the ground where the insane Chu Zi Yan's room, a room to Zhang Yi, who will all call up. "Boss, how? How to see you so scared?" Zhang Yi rubbed his sleepy eyes came out, this time he did not even have any serious problem, and saw a look of panic expression where m, immediately asked. "Ziyan, Ziyan gone!!" M where strong self-calm down, depressed heart kind of deep fear said. "When and how is it?" One heard the news, all are fryer, and finally Chu Jincheng calmly asked. Where the current meter just put things say it again, everyone rushed out of the hotel immediately, only the summer Kee stay in the hotel in which to prevent Chu Zi Yan back to the hotel. However, to find the whole night, everyone did not find Chu Zi Yan, wearily back to the hotel which, also did not wait for summer Kee Chu Zi Yan back. M where almost every five minutes will call Chu Zi Yan communications, but the opposite is never turned on, it makes everyone feel very anxious to know today, but the final day, such a mood, let everyone how to confidently to go to match it? "Boss, I went to report this matter to the head of it, we find a few hours have not found an estimated Ziyan really hurt!" Chu Jincheng stood up, where the meter says. "Ah." Meters where nodded, then went on to call Chu Zi Yan communications. At Chu Jincheng out of the room, the meter where the dynamic capabilities of military watches a sudden, the communication requirements of Chu Zi Yan access, m Chu Zi Yan who immediately switched communication requests. "Hey hey hey hey hey ......" Communication has just been turned on inside the dark came a burst of laughter, looking for a few hours from the night to find the morning did not find Chu Zi Yan, this time it was rumored that the communication such a voice, m where immediately react, called communication of the people, should be the people who kidnapped Chu Zi Yan! "I ~ ~ your mother speak, you fuckin who? Ziyan Where?!!" M where immediately shouted toward communication. "Do not get excited, the children, our boss wants to see you, just do not like you, you will not come, so we just use a little bit means nothing." The other side did not seem angry, and said static gas level tone. "Time, place, I one person, If you lay a finger on her daring, I will definitely make you Siwuquanshi!!" M Where to hear what they are saying, immediately yelled .................. < ;

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