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01.06.2013 04:40
took five jade bottle from antworten

Thinking is almost stagnant general William and Meng so mutual dumbfounded Leng there seems hard to believe my ears generally. Xu Jiumeng is the first to recover very excited at the hands of the jade bottle that voice trembling asked "so you say that as long as I took five jade bottle from the beads can be in a year or so time to break through to the king of swords high strength even sword God realm? This.... how is this possible? Five wins bead is not only a few what are they taken directly. How do you have?" Seems to be difficult to believe but were still watching peak very eager affirmative nod to prove himself not ears had auditory hallucinations. "Elder brother you said when I cheated you?" Some helpless shrug peak danxiao affirmation road. "Ha ha ha...". At this moment a cold oligonucleotide language by actually uttered a excited laughter seems to be the only this loud laughter to the interpretation of his heart at the moment all suffering and excitement. "In a year or so can be reached to King high-order even blade emperor realm! Is really very good! The third you this can help a brother!" Monnuri gently with your breathing face have to disguise the expressions of ecstasy. He has been all these years by family that such as pressure forced Taishan like the breathless even for their own future Meng is a confused feel desperate. So it is not reconciled to Meng desperately practice want to break this kind of situation but he still feel very despair. But now this one ray peak line five line wins beads is to make he again saw the boundless hope and light heart at ease and comfort hitherto unknown. Years of pressure in the heart heavy managed to sweep away! Once again look to the peak of the eyes is more what Meng heart has a deep sense of brotherhood in the flow of a cold in his eyes was slightly moist. He knows this sunflower treasure what value and peak is now directly gave him the love he won't forget! "-! Wheezy! Wheezy!" At this time William this just suddenly react generally looked at the hands of the jade bottle like s è ghost to see the vast s è nude general excitement and even breathing is unable to control. "King of higher-order? Ha ha ha.... so thank you so much! I did not expect William one day can become so strong! Really expect me to become king of higher-order even blade emperor the others would be what facial expression! And the father if... "In vain. A great guffaw prestige Lian hands are shaking up and dragged the small jade bottle like dragging a mountainous general. Although they have many doubts but according to their own understanding for peak peak is really their own hands is five priceless wins bead. Five wins bead is one of the most precious of Odin,Coach Bags Outlet, no major forces have. Did not expect peak unexpectedly know how storage and a hand is two. "Now the day of good news was shocking enough? First you will collect it at night when no one J ī ng good care feeling many > repair psychic powers

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