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01.06.2013 04:35
we play in the Odin antworten

Cold star city these days, lively and extraordinary, the Duke proud scene constantly raise the whole city of dress, and know the real reason people are aware of the Duke's two son immediately to the wedding. The Rudge peak, the name simply in the cold star city declared that illustrious, even beyond his eldest brother, Rudge PA. "Rumble ~ ~ ~" thunder sounded continuously, while the rain cover the heaven and earth, the whole world a vast is full of rain, look around all feel a mist of the vast. In a big city is a quiet small courtyard, dressed in a black s è robe peak stands in the window, looked out the window of the rain line, eyes shining, not thinking about something. "He is really time flies ah! Still clearly remember when I judged five mottle constitution, each R ì hard penance, that almost dead R ì R ì penance, I would never forget. Can not think of suddenly to marriage, but also the strength has become a comparable blade emperor in order of the strong, 20 years old sword emperor strong, I peak is with their own efforts,Coach Kristin, to tell everyone, I rush not waste!" Self-deprecating smile, the peak of the eyes have the sharp light, then it is gradually slowed down, seemed to remember something. "I wish you now what? Is it right? In the family anxiously waiting for me to marry?" In the eyes of smile an idea thicker, peak head emerged again out of Aileen's elegant like lotus, like J ī ng spirit like ethereal attitude, not aware of the corners of his mouth turned upward. At the same time, the Tabula family palace complex inside, there is a small palace is beautiful, the small palace is a small area around the lake, from afar,Oakley Sunglasses Lifestyle Cheap, like a fairyland in general beautiful. The lake water is very clear, even can see the lake R ǔ s è pebbles and some small fish, came with a gentle breeze blowing, sometimes appearing a little tiny ripples, is very beautiful. In a small palace Lake zh ō ngy ā ng side, a lot of blooming five s è flowers, puffing fragrance of the fragrance, with the breeze swaying posture, to show their beauty. Lake Lake, a wearing a green skirt girl is sitting quietly in a clean piece of rock, matte white feet from time to time, tapping the lake, as elegant lotus face with a longing look. This is just like the J ī ng spirit Princess static beauty girl,Satchels Coach Cheap, is Aileen. "Alas, is really boring, peak now I do not know on what to do, miss a wonderful years" we play in the Odin, lightly sighed tone, Aileen's pale as Miss Lin face s è more full-bodied up. In vain, she seemed to think of what, elegant face is red, showing little woman blushes, alone muttered "another three months is the peak to marry my son R ì, later can and fool together forever, happy" beautiful eyes like two rounds of meniscus, Aileen at the moment is beautiful can not square thing. Peak natural not know Aileen now think, seeing of Zheng Zheng for a while after the rain, is returned to the house. Just go back to the house, the peak is y ù to sit cross-legged in >

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