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colored spread in the antworten

> Article IX World KOF contest invitation "Boss Boss Boss, is not my armor somehow?" Zhang Yi ran yelled, fortunately mech manufacturing plant from the training field has a certain distance, otherwise have to trigger a huge sensation can not. WWw.qUANbEn.CoM bolted from a group of people, even with the Xia Chu Zi Yan Kee not backward, and when people enter the mech manufacturing workshop, everyone can not help but exclaim loudly. Workshop still filled with a layer of light colored smoke, so that the whole plant looks dreamy, Chu Zi Yan and even covered his own mouth, disbelief watching everything. "Boss, my armor in which it? Where is it?" Zhang Yi first recovered, eagerly. "In there, looks like you that Taiwan is." Meter easily pointed to the table where the thick armor, laughing: "his own blood drops in the mech forehead, can be completed to identify the main the. "Zhang Yi could answer m where,Nike Jordan Big Ups Shoes, swiftly rushed to his armor, and then directly jump up, bite the finger, the whole bloody finger exactly on the forehead above the mech. "Om ......" sound Qing Xiang, that sets out Baoshe armor suddenly burst into black golden light, Zhang Yi will be wrapped in one moment, the next moment, black golden light suddenly swollen, but it is another mech lathe encountered a layer around the lavender enchantment, which will block the light. M Where had expected to identify the main armor of the ancient devil will be the case, so early on in the periphery are arranged in a circle lathe enchantment effect is too brilliant to prevent unnecessary commotion. Long, Zhang Yi that Taiwan mech before slowly fading away, but had no armor on top of any color of the body, already surrounded by a layer of black gold, where a road Jinmang flowing at the edge also has a mech Road Jinmang shine, to open up the whole armor mighty statue extraordinary and durable ...... "I rely on ...... Boss, this ...... this is the feeling of ancient armor devil?!! too damn cool, this is simply is the high rich handsome and the gap between the wire ** ah!! "Zhang Yi excited voice which came from mech. "A name it." M where hands across their chests, looking like excitement Zhang Yi, m where also feel very happy. "Zhu Huai! That name, but I think a full three months ah, how, is not it pull H ah?" "I rely on, no, boss, I feel like vomiting ...... vomit ......" Zhang Yi's answer is a sound of vomiting, nausea and even m Where are spit, usually only know this kid look wonderful little film, but it is up to their own mech a name such antiquity, suddenly everyone can not accept large special spit spit together. M Where retching or two, suddenly remembered not let Chu Zi Yan identify the main it, so he stood up, walked in front of Chu Zi Yan, whispered: "Ziyan, there there is a mech, if ...... uh ...... if you do not mind, I want to give you. "Hear the words of rice every prevarication, Chu Zi Yan eyes widened in disbelief, she had no idea how, where rice has been reluctant to tell their own That lathe what it is, but it turned out to give their ancient devil mechs? ! ! "M where ...... you ...... you recover memories of it?" Chu Zi Yan eyes filled with tears, trembling voice asked, compared to the ancient devil armor, she hopes m Where can restore memory. M Where embarrassed scratched his head and said: "Not yet, but I do not know why, I just want to create a mech gave you, you should not ancient devil armor, right?" "Ah ......" Chu Zi Yan Where desperately threw herself into the arms of rice, trained, trained sobs, even m where lost her memory, but the hearts that love can never be forgotten. M embarrassed to put his hands where the air, I do not know what to do, but Chu Zi Yan also react, there's a lot of people, and immediately looked up, cheeks crimson sobbing and said: "Just like a ...... ...... Zhang Yi that can begin? "" ah, very simple. "rice every smile, do not consciously want to reach out and rub Chu Zi Yan's head, but embarrassment stop there, after all, he lost About Chu Zi Yan's memory, it is equivalent to losing the feeling between the two, let m Where do feel a bit strange. Chu Zi Yan wiped her tears, and then quickly went soft armor that sets next to her from the meter where long been setting up a ladder to climb up, with the side of the blade pierced his index finger, the blood drops In the mech's head. "Om ......" is also a gave the Qing Xiang, a road aquamarine light from the armor which took out the Chu Zi Yan stature will suddenly surrounded them, followed, light rose, the same impact in m Where were set up under the enchantment, and did not spill out. Soon, the light gradually dispersed, a dark green armor appeared in the crowd's attention among the whole body armor have been refreshing green surrounded by a channel such as dark green leaves blossoming lines appear on top of the body, so that the Mechs on delightful little more elegant meaning. "This ...... This is simply amazing!" Body armor in the ancient devil among the Chu Zi Yan exclaimed loudly, feeling the ancient devil mech brings new feelings: "I decided, this armor is called sub- Where Okay, how about rice and whatever you say? "m where surprised a moment, and said:" Well, as long as you feel good on it. "Ha Kee prodding meters where the side, and a look unconvinced whispered : "people this is the name of the two of you together, ah, well, really want to get your head up the block to tile a few, forget who is not good, but why forget Ziyan." m Where embarrassed smile, heart is under react, Chu Zi Yan actually take the meaning of the name is a combination of two names. Normalized awkward embarrassment,oakley for cheap, some of the necessary work still to do. M Where will turn around and close the door workshop, where people rarely come to the delivery of some of the damage are also shipped out some new armor or armor. But who still do not want their rice produced mech ancient devil let too many people know about it,Air Jordan Superfly UK, just let several senior military know you can. After closing the door, turned around and advanced meters where shouted: "You now control their own armor to try to see if there any inappropriate places, if any, tell me, I then adjust the look." He finished, m where they removed the armor around the enchantment, armor manufacturing plant is very tall, standing on one of the points A fighter does not seem crowded. Both were to be a cry, and then two mech has stood up. Since ancient devil-mech operations needed very light, so they are somewhat excessive force sudden, two mechs almost lying on the floor. "This performance ...... it really is not an ordinary mech can be compared, is simply ** burst!!" Zhang Yi literally yelled, then control mech completely stand up. Until this moment, all the people to see, Zhang Yi of the Taiwan mech what it really is. The whole armor looks very sturdy, with the colors on the Ugyen more people glance there is a famous style. The entire chest armor looks like a huge cannon in general, inlaid in colored stone of God on which barrel. Mech's feet also made special treatment, so armor stand firmer, but also better able to recoil when fired solve problems. "Sunspots, barrel chest armor you can shrink, unnecessary when you can back out, will not affect the fighting, in addition to your arm, installed two HH-8 mech dedicated sixty-four Vulcan cannon barrel, there are two sides of the shoulder minicomputers A quantum gun, behind a building under Zhangbashemao melee weapon, I believe that is your favorite. "meter mech Zhang Yi who looked after standing up, loudly said. On the other side, Chu Zi Yan armor stood up, comparison, Chu Zi Yan child who would become much more feminine, streamlined shape, the proportions just right so that the whole flexible armor looks abnormal chest at The colored rock god showing a lotus bud-shaped, colored spread in the mixing chest, looks truly beautiful. "Ziyan, your mech I did not give you install too many external weapons, armor arms just installed at the two shaped laser run, but both sides of the thigh armor hidden Liangbing V8 concussion laser dagger left arm which built an energy shield distribution device, as long as you are able to stimulate the input side of the light energy shield. behind Ferrari alloy used to build a two-edged sword of the alloy, because I heard Chu say you have to attend your commander Chu family's well-known sword, so they given a free hand to help you create a Zhebing alloy sword, do not know if you like it or not. "m where very careful to explain the structure of the entire mech again, and Chu Zi Yan natural is very satisfied with the devil in the ancient body armor which she already was such a smooth operation feeling attracted to temporarily forgot touches those sad. "Damn it, Zange Liang seems to have to hurry from home to engage in an armor of the ancient devil on stage!" Zheng Yuan excitement of watching the two driving mech-like, can not help but said. "Ah, these two days to contact about it." Chu Jincheng also whispered. ............ Three days later, Zheng Yuan Chu Jincheng ancient devil mech also from the two families were shipped over, but being in the military warehouse for not extracted. But it is on this day, Chu Zaixiong all the rice and others who called to the senior combat zone, and even Chu Zi Yan and his father did not know these people to call themselves what is the purpose. When everyone arrived, I found a thousand people have been standing on the podium before the senior combat zone, while Chu Zixiong is standing on top of the podium, I do not know what is holding up a letter, high voice said: "No matter who is in what the purpose of the formation of this game, but we China is absolutely not retreat!" and others who see the meters after the arrival of Chu Zixiong slightly paused, then said: "This time we 'Senior' Legion 'received this a contest invitation KOF world, then we must attend, and we have only one goal, and that is - champions!!" ............ <

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