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Below ground about small antworten

> Vote in seeking seeking seeking Favorite Click friends ~ ~ ~ ===================================== ================================================== === Ngan sprayed mist ice fog falls on soul food did not respond directly to the blanket of darkness was coming swallowed, while Dominic Jian Qi is also a dead letter of no news. Three turns under attack, the God of Thunder Benji also touches some effect, you can push back some of the fog soul food, but that is nothing but a drop in the bucket. "Brother, magic fog invalid for soul food, we still think of other ways!" While three people have never seen fog soul food, but just made some attacks can already be seen, this is not unusual fog bloodshed magic can stop the . Liu Ruyan recover Ngan hairpin, gently insert it into a bun, and then one foot out, one foot of ice will appear immediately lift her,Coach Handbags Sale, then she actually volley walked forward, every step will be the foot Ice appears. Soul food with fog like that feeling, immediately surging to Liu Ruyan coming, but she never saw such general. Benji see an emergency situation, although I do not know what she was going, she would never have expected to send Yangruhukou, hands clasp two God of Thunder, tight blanket of darkness staring sullenly without saying anything. "Shi Zhi, was not to worry you, your teacher has a magical trick, though not eliminate fog soul food, we wanted to play a way to escape is still possible, you and optimistic!" Watching beside Dominic Yin Zhi's face faint smile, I do not know why, Benji actually feel the touch of dark flavor, underground passage in mind: my uncles feels even better than that black robe Shen ancestors who hope he will not go bad heart of what Ann, Otherwise I'm not a vegetarian this fight mine. Liu Ruyan soul with food over there has been less than three meters away from the fog, I saw her light drink soon, palms shoot several hundred handprint, every paw print on both junction Ice, all shot to the front of the three layers Black Mist, then suddenly Jiaochi "Ice Sword", the ground under the blanket of darkness suddenly arched up. But the blink of an eye, emerge from the ground up a length of about five meters, the size of a thick icicles with a bucket, the sides of the blade, sharp as swords, and abruptly out of a fog in the food gap to the soul. Then, pick a Bingjian a thorn out of the ground, through the forest, but so many Bingjian suffer together, like a wall of ice wall in general, see the food on both sides to make every soul fog, not connected together. Soul food mist turned face again, stop growling, to squeeze the ice wall, while the acid makes teeth creak sound, Bingjian immediately appeared on numerous cracks, getting worse, thanks to Liu Ruyan desperately cast real dollars restoration, otherwise this ice wall must barely ten interest of time. "Lei child, you go first, here I am with you brother Dominicans wore!" This is no longer the acoustic Liu Ruyan speak, but shout back,Oakley M FRAME Sale, watching her expression seemed to hold it long look. How Benji leave her alone escape, awaiting mouth to speak, academics that Dominicans Hey a sneer, toe point, leapt on top of the ice blade, and fled out at breakneck speed. "Brother Dominic, you ......" Liu Ruyan if not yet finished, already know how it is, her face white, Yinya biting, a pair of pretty eyes glared at each other's backs. Just at this point, the ice wall on both sides of the soul food fog suddenly launched a violent crash, a root tall icicle immediately broken off, she saw machine early, quickly flew back from its place. Almost at the same time, Dominic figure disappeared in the two eyes, the ice wall slumped and fell. Dominic escape, while immediately behind him a puppet may not be so lucky soul food outstretched fog mist consisting of more than a dozen big hands, grabbed the ankle puppet, will he got me down. Only puppet saver of repair, than those who die in the woods monks still bad, just a little one struggles are drawn into the mist, that would eat at the soul of fog churn up immediately. While little effort, I heard the sound of dead wood fell to the ground, apparently those puppet body mist has residual soul to eat. At this time, has been carefully positive Benji, a trace behind him suddenly felt strange, quickly looked back, but found that I do not know when that soul food has been around the two men behind the fog, and now all sides are murderous mist , is slowly coming to two. Ice sword attack suffered after the fog like soul food by any stimulus, it becomes even thicker than the original, into two ten meters range, sudden acceleration, such as overwhelming pressure to normal. Liu Ruyan Qiaolian pale, Benji clasped hands, both eyes actually pull off, she came again want to play ice sword, but that he had a pull back. Benji see an emergency situation, in the hands of God of Thunder clasp of two simultaneously thrown behind each front fog attack, and he is now a film storage bag, there are two God of Thunder to the left attack. "Humming humming ......" continuous tones loud noise, then rushed to the front of the original soul food fog was again driven back more than ten meters, but also grow a lot more. "Is it not more attacks more powerful?" He finally realized that the forest Yuan Ying monks is how to die, in the face of this not eliminate opponents, even in a powerful attack can only make each other more powerful, it can be said Those monks finally died in his own hands. Since I can not Lidi, I would have to find ways to escape the current situation, even if Liu Ruyan again cast Ice Sword probably will not have the same effect, this is how to do it! His tight frown, look up and see the top of the air also began to appear the slightest wisps of black mist, gradually more and more concentrated, and looked down at the ground,Oakley Sunglasses Cheap, the black mud still in the fog soul food under pressure boiling bubbling his mind suddenly flashed a Emmanuel, facing Liu Ruyan shouted: "Quick Open prohibition!" They Ever since the couple's real, too, I do not know whether it is because Cha female power relations, Liu Ruyan with him as much as the subtle hint of telepathy, his words before export, a pale golden mask put both to protect them, such as an upside down bowl in general. At the same time, because there is no food soul fog also immediately stop the attack welling up, surrounded by the ban, but also began to squeeze them. Surrounded suddenly become dark, even illumination light stone step also insurmountable ban prohibiting the golden runes began intense flash and front in constant dim. Liu Ruyan seeing anxious shouted: "Well brother, you will be immediately if there is any way to play out of it!" Benji although his face is slightly pale, but it gives lovers a smile, which seems to have a contagious smile, let Liu Ruyan irritable mood quickly calm down a lot. Meanwhile, after eight kings A huge wings open, the first time I saw this scene of Liu Ruyan greatly surprised. In her gaze, Benji came up to her, hugged her powerful arms around the narrow waist, Liu Ruyan felt a black eyes, covered have been kings A wrapped into a ball. Benji holding lovers, leaping after Bianxiang rotational ground down, a time of mud-spattered throughout mask. Into the ground, extending out Benji soul found no food with soul fog come from the King A sticking out a hand to the body element force blossom, beat back to shake off, muffled rumbling constantly digging behind immediately out of the tunnel collapsed down on the future Ludu. Liu Ruyan against Benji's arms, feeling the warmth of his chest and forceful heartbeat, mood settled down a lot, his hands clasped against his waist, gently said: "Good brother, thou exceedingly powerful within the body armor , I also thought had just escaped from the ground, but floating island of the land ye are all things, and how easily excavated move. presumably is the final element supporter predecessors gave you treasure it! "" ah ...... " but the Devil King of kings A sign of how many years have not seen eight kings A winged, Devil in the repair of high-level monks mouth with the course, it is only hearsay. Once upon repair is rarely heard, she then who would have thought Benji a monks built the base can put King A? Liu Ruyan whither Actually, I'm thinking, just feel curious about it. Benji heard muffled had promised, neither said nor say it is not. Below ground about small half hour walk through, Benji did not feel fresh soul behind fog chase, tense mood was relaxed slightly, the speed gradually slow down. "Smoke, we safe." Liu Ruyan very comfortable in the arms of lovers, heard nodded, clasped each other no longer speak. Benji is also in accordance with the previous memory, dredged out to the woods. Muddy black gradually disappears behind, outside the King A fantasy gradually become a rock, Benji guess should have been out of the scope of the Black Forest, was about to break up, mutation regeneration! Overhead rocks suddenly hit a powerful spiritual force, Benji Anjiao bad, I did not expect too dangerous in the ground there. Fortunately, he was on the island since then, he always maintained a vigilant clergy in vitro glance at any time, he shoved forward suddenly jump out of ten meters, behind the rock, such as being hit, suddenly collapsed. "What is this monster, so much as ability, evidently soul food than that fog also strong on a lot!" Hit on the head, one after another, constantly forcing Lei Meng dig forward, it seems that the other party do not want to let the two out of the ground. Liu Ruyan arms have long felt wrong, soul stuck after they call softly: "The front of the meters have a huge cave, we went there to take a hike!" Benji also found a cave where, simply force the yuan steady stream of input to the King A medium to maximum speed forward. That thing could not keep pace attack King A, followed by only two people, constantly dug tunnels to get collapse, Benji and even spiritual power from other violent fluctuations, feel attacked his Monster has been angered, underground passage in mind is not good, but it can only continue to escape. "Crash ......" a cliff rupture, from the inside out of a black whirlwind come, then still in the air when the whirlwind, he opened his eight Big Wings, Lei Liu Ruyan Jizhui holding down, heavy falls cave bottom. Head on along came the muffled pound, there are many stones Zala down immediately. <

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