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the Smart extends to the antworten

> National Day on the first day, I hope you can give me one vote and collections support! "Gui Yuan" can not go further, you also need the full support of books ah! ================================================== ====================================== magic pool depths, the silence of the dark, In this endless darkness, a mass of bright red light slowly falling from above, in the red is a whole body being impressively bloody large tripod. Corrosion of the power of the lake did not hurt it, but fear like let out a path, let it fall. Ding Lei lying, breathing breathing heavily, internal organs and meridians of the serious injuries that led to his breathing sounded like a broken bellows sound. In his body surface, per force is hovering at every wound, continuous decomposition faint trace strands of vitality, with that pure energy between heaven and earth for his healing. Today, he is naked, covered in even pieces of cloth to be found, but the most painful is to let him fragmentation storage bags, all previously collected in dark pools inside the baby turned into a nothingness, including also did not have time to open several storage bag. Silk spirit of God to protect him mine explosion also destroyed, and now he apart from a tripod Haotian, has nothing. Body suffered severe trauma to his listlessness, feeling slowly falling Haotian tripod, while his heart filled with sadness, his eyes slowly closed, deep sleep in the past. As long as I die, everything can start all over again ...... I do not know how long, "tom" sound muffled, Hao Tian Ding Lei immediately break tremor makes awakened, he found that even large tripod has stopped falling, seems to have reached the bottom of the magic pool. View down the whole body with a soul,Air Jordan 4 UK, under treatment in the meta-force within the body trauma much better, at least have the hands and feet can freely action. He tried to be clever extend out, they discovered the power of outside corrosion does not appear, do the magic pools under otherwise Cave? Excitement, he stood up, shook hands upwards pan cover, but found that as with Ding Ding cover cast as one of the general body,Oakley Scalpel Cheap, motionless. Do not want to wait for it to open their own do? Benji brow Wei Zhou, sitting Ding waited a long while, and have not seen tripod lid open, heart not cursed: Could make me dying in here? Could not help micro anger, an element force swarmed arms, palms also printed on the pan cover on top, but behold, the pan cover an exposure to dollar strength, just as producers generally go out every now and then, unexpectedly opened Ding Hao Tian ! Meanwhile, he quickly opened the element force shields, although this time after a lot of consumption per force, is running out, but just in case, this thin shroud better than nothing. Ding Lei, etc. in a while, did not see a body of water intrusion came in, but was above the exit tripod attracted to the light, and then a closer look, they discovered that it was a big fist lighting stone. This shows that no outside water, ah, but also another space! Shi Lei Jiling, flew out from the tripod stand inside, in front of all so that he was taken aback. At the top of his head, is a large jagged rock, covered with light stone, a central location in the rock, there is a ten meters square big hole, black as ink lake will be enveloped on it. Curiously, in the hole with a transparent film at the lake with Tandi space isolate stone shining in the light, that the film exudes a touch of colorful light, soft but not dazzling, but from time to time with gold symbols Man looming. Look living space, seems to be a great hillside, the ground bumpy, very uneven, obviously not immortal living Dong Fu, but rather a natural form of Dong Fu. Some faint stains on the ground, covered with a dark rock on unknown plants, but he was not familiar with an energy in four weeks free. This is certainly the remains of the valley fairy magic, but how come Haotian tripod? Benji hearts burst loss, head of tons of pond water can not enter the space Haotian Ding was able to enter, which is why? He turned and wanted to see Haotian tripod, but found that a large tripod do not know when they returned intact, turned into a small palm-size tripod, suspended in the air, mind could not help amazing. Was going to reach out to touch, a small tripod suddenly moving up, and then it turned into a deeper space Avision to fly. "Hold on ......" Benji see a small tripod to fly away, where willing, Emmanuel boots did not escape, only to display their light-weight patients, adequate bolted, but do not want a small tripod speed is also very fast, and gradually came closer and away. When turn around a dark corner, the red light emitted Haotian Ding suddenly disappear, Benji anxious hearts, quickly go to catch up, but found in front of a flat stone walls, no way. Could this small tripod can not go drilling stone? His groping hand cliff, hoping to find a small tripod to dig into the hole, but never found, he kept looking at the walls heaved. Oh, great, even your own tripod did not keep Haotian, really become nothing. "Hey ~" Benji uttered marvel, is groping cliff right hand into his unobstructed walls actually go up, he immediately react, do here illusion? Something of a turnaround, he flew spirit up, his hands groping to four weeks, and she found a hole contour, and stone walls kept intact from beginning to end, like a complete rock in general. If no Haotian Ding suddenly disappeared, and who found even among the huge hillside there are other space. Since there is the illusion here, it would mean that the space inside is a senior expert Dong Fu also perhaps, Haotian tripod since fly into them, said to myself not to look inside. Anyway, there are clever in the body, not afraid of finding a way out. Shi Lei, head down, bent over groping since the hole drilled into it, immediately appeared in front of a deep dark cave, before that kind of free energy more dense it. This is a low cave seems very long, he walked half an hour yet small enough to have found a way out, which makes him some apprehension. Haotian Ding does not have any energy, so he could not find it with clever location, only to continue to move forward along the cave. Fortunately,Air Jordan After Game UK, this cave does not fork, otherwise, he can really be a headache. Then, after a moment, in front of which the winding cave there was a spot, Benji heart calmed down, hands and feet, quickly rushed to the spot. A little while, one only one person through the hole appeared in front of him. Lying in the hole, looked at from outside the cave Benji cautious environment, outside shimmering waves, coral everywhere, in a variety of small fish swimming around, turned out to be like the splendor of school undersea underwater scenery. Benji heart chuckle, this becoming immortal valley where's the water, clearly is illusion. Determined there was no danger around, he crawled out from the cave, settled on the seabed sand surface, has really came a foot into the feeling of the sand heap, surrounded by seawater flooded him instantly, under enormous pressure His eyes, noses and mouth are oozing with blood, even so, his mind could not help Anzan: This illusion decorated really realistic. Although it is known that illusion, but that the harm is so true, his heart could not help a little wary, per force will guard opened. Seabed place, an oasis, and then go back when it disappeared behind the cave, only he's a man standing alone depths, surrounded by the blue one, do not know which direction to go. He did not dare step by step, clever sense told him that turned into a sea here is a very powerful energy, once their wrong step, this energy will be extruded mess. Must rely on clever to guiding the! "This arrangement could be so powerful illusion, I am afraid even those high priest came, and not be able to find a way out." Benji heart was glad that she was pregnant with Smart, will not be fooled by the illusion, was about to close my eyes when Suddenly the waves coming from all directions whispered roar, countless sharks swim rapidly even from a distance, the dark one, see people tremble with fear, the sea suddenly lit up. "Illusions are illusions!" Although he kept encouraging myself, but that the genuineness of oppressive but in my mind, he had to immediately close their eyes, the Smart extends to the limit. Sure enough, rushing in that direction menacing sharks, he did not find any of the energy response. In the Smart sensing range, it suddenly becomes turbulent waters contain numerous great power energy wandering around in his body, as long as the wrong step, they utter. Benji swallowed, glanced around with Smart carefully, gradually, one only one person through the energy gap between the dense revealed. Found! His heart burst of excitement, although the foot is still coming into the sand foot feeling, but he is still in accordance with the guidelines of Smart first step. Without any energy body to attack him, surrounded by the sea is still very quiet, his heart secretly took a deep breath. I hope not to have what other unexpected situations, and Benji gingerly walking through the cracks in the illusion of being, and always maintain a high degree of vigilance. At this time, the distance as much as one hundred energy body suddenly become distorted, as if to find an intruder in general, usually an arrow immediately rushed him from energy body began to change, slowly closer to the center, and that small gap suddenly becomes more narrow. Benji heart called worse, a look back, behind the cracks do not know when it has been closed, immediately scared out of a cold sweat, it seems no way to retreat, only to go in the end of a road. Thought here, he Xinyi Heng, foot speed, very quickly from ever smaller cracks in passing. Far, he has sensed that the end of undersea fantasy in front, looking smaller and smaller cracks, his heart skip a plan, they discovered that they can not close until the energy body through, chill rose from behind onwards. Fight! Benji foot speed limit has been reached, he has been able to feel the energy body extrusion front and the enormous pressure, there is a maximum five-bearing time, cracks will close. Five interest rate ...... four ...... three, two, one ...... "Do not ah ~ ~ ~" Seeing the cracks will close up, under tremendous pressure, Benji, could not utter a cry! <

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