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01.06.2013 04:15
around on the side of the crowd said antworten

> Home main attack is very confident on their own, absolutely none of qi of monks under attack in his efforts to get out, did not think Benji even survived, but also to fight back, which surprised him! Benji mind is Anjiao luck, if not one step ahead of the body attached to the surface layer of the element force guard, had just one hit is enough to be his little life. wwW! qUANbeN! coM did not think perverted wire can not hurt each other, it seems that building the base of interim and monks built the base early on in poor repair is not one iota. In the mountain, that Hu die instantly but it can escape home forcibly suppressed the main body of the spirit-wire, which makes Benji's attack on the spirit-wire have a better understanding. "Thief, you kill my wife and children, today I will kill you, for them revenge!" Because the body's spirit-wire constant around the corner, there is no extra home main force to drive real dollars Lingbao attack, only with his own meat palm resist the whole body and petals numerous Talisman attacks, which makes him extremely petulant. Obviously much higher than the other to repair a realm, but because his body spirit wire and can not play my best, looks rather like themselves at a disadvantage in general. Since he became the master of the house since, ever so useless too. Benji gradually also see this point, a small smile more and more concentrated, do not stay in force when shot, as long as the other real dollars exertion to a certain extent, it can not suppress the body's spirit-wire, with predictable results. Moment, the stone interior petals with Talisman flying, after the outbreak of numerous light quiescence, may reflect space are strange light, but why the prohibition set outside Dong Fu, one can perceive what happened inside. This is home to the main protective measures, has become Benji's best disguise. Facing each other suddenly accelerated attack speed, cunning hometown main heart cursed each other, only struggling to resist. In his estimate, on the other side of the real element is exhausted, he can barely suppressed body that strange Black Mountain, to the time to kill this kid, think of ways to extract the black mans body. "Old ordinary man, you want to get back America!" Benji apparently also see each other's intention, heart sneer, and a mouth will feijian put out. Say this feijian, Hu Shi Lei feel really embarrassed now. Hu a dignified monks built the base, not even a Lingbao who are not, or qi actually used only with the spirit of Brother device. Then home to around four main suddenly felt the pressure diminished, he was secretly delighted, thinking that the other side has begun to dry up real dollars, shouted, beside flowers and Talisman immediately pour out a few meters away, haha ​​a chuckle: "Boy, I see you now how to do ...... "Before he proud enough, from the depths of flowers suddenly flashed a red light Mans, such as through the clutter in general, from the countless petals to blaze a path, went straight to his face door. A closer look was actually a feijian see also look very familiar, home to the master immediately wandering round eyes wide, his mouth like a stuffed eggs, shouted: "Hu? Him how you put up!" "Your Own go ask him! "Benji cold face, he is now the body is indeed real dollars that point is being depleted, so the two orifices bits per force within the same mobilization among injected into feijian. As a strong element force of the injection, the blade feijian began emitting a faint even glaucoma, see the main home beating eyelids, Anjiao: true element of force so powerful, how is this possible ...... time is allowed He think, feijian have to front only the first block again, that was true element side of the body force mandatory detention perverted silk, but also because of the gradual reduction of real dollars, and began slowly with signs of turning around. "Or underestimated this kid up!" Home master a bite, a film storage bag, flew out from the inside spiritual goods hundred block of jade, around his body around, constantly will be one of his spiritual power input to the body in order to meet their urgent needs. Subsequently palms flat push, just good against feijian, it can no longer carry an inch. Ling Yu rely to support the dramatic real dollars consumed it? Such a move Benji never cast off, but instead he did not want more than just the monks built the base from the spirit of jade that can only be heterogeneous among the spiritual power to extract the true element for transforming force. Qi of monks forcibly extracted if only accept peremptorily children are, I am afraid we must finally died as a result of the body as a result of spiritual power promiscuous big bang. For doing other qi of monks to this step only defeat of copies, but Benji practiced but repair Once upon return per Lingtai unique tactics, pure and huge dollar strength is his strong backing, the case of a war of attrition, even the monks built the base period is also the slightest fear. Time goes by so slowly, Benji and hometown Lord will consume with each other in the stone chamber of each other's strength, and gradually Benji sweat dolphin's head shot up,Oakley Radar Sale, apparently close to his limit. The home side's spiritual master is also a piece of jade turned to gray, exhausted the last vestiges of spiritual power, moaning helplessly broken apart. Home Lord finally smiled, he saw the eyes of each other that can not be reconciled, he heartfelt laugh. "Boy, you can say that I have seen the strength of the strongest qi of monks, however you want to kill me, but it is presumptuous, if you bow obediently died, I can leave you all dead! "" old stuff, do not dream, have the ability to take my life! "home main sneer, reaching once again took to the storage bag, in this moment, Benji suddenly shouted, covered glaucoma fly, a powerful element force suddenly injected into feijian among the two to maintain the balance of the original was immediately broken. I did not expect the other main home to this point even further left FLAC, hurriedly under wanted to resist, but where in time. Feijian cut his palms,Air Jordan SC 1 Sale, cut straight to the side door, if not withstand, inevitably will split his head. Home main instinctive real dollars Qi irrigation arms, "ding" sound Cui Xiang, he just would have to fly out feijian top, before he breathed, I heard Benji Hey sneer, heart suddenly dawned dark called bad! Thirty-six perverted silk, like Prison Break demons, freed from his body, restoring the original appearance of the vicious in his meridians within the melt to make a group of black whirlwind, a pulpy twist from top to bottom. But the moment, his eyes glared at the main home, a large group of prominent reconciled visceral debris mixed with blood, this soft fell down. Benji recover perverted silk, this wiped the sweat from his head, looking at the ground pale wasted step home owners, heart Anjiao good insurance. If it is not made up his mind to stay at the outset of the unused portion of per force, in order to fool the enemy, the end result really can not tell what will be. The monks built the base medium seems that they have to deal with the highest level of monks, before the fire, and many treasures Taoist spiritual son, it is among the lucky fluke, if it is their soul from the body, plus the respective but also by varying degrees of injuries, he probably would have made at that time and it became a dead corpses. Thrust the home to take over the main storage bag, took out a fire breaks Benji the corpse incineration, as his soul has long been perverted to the twisted wire to pieces and disappeared without a trace. Finally saw a sarcophagus, Pro jump authentic when, a few pieces of spiritual device blasted waving, loud rumbling sound, the entire Dong Fu turned into a rubble. Such changes, how can men and women Hu imperceptible, not work, the air there have been dozens of shadow, is headed by Hu Xuefei. "Father Dong Fu how the? Why it happened so dramatically, but I can not find where his soul!" Faced with his questioning, Hu parents around the old no one can say a word,Air Jordan Womens UK Sale, home owners have is Hu Xiu highest monks, and no other opposition near Cultivation family, which was razed Dong Fu, who also disappeared, that they could not think Xiangponaodai which in the end what happened. At this time, the other side of a figure flying to Dong Fu, Hu Xuefei a closer look, it is his good brother Benji, Mangying approached and asked: "Xiandi, you just may have noticed in what Dong Fu movement not? "Benji look heavy, gently sigh, Chen Sheng said:" Hu Xiong, I just sensed a repair is not weaker than the home owners who insist forcing his Dong Fu, and both Also moving from the hands, fighting is very intense, the last two people seem to chase an escape, left the place and you know that I'm taking is not high, a closer look at the situation did not dare go out ...... "Speaking of the end, his face shame was red, there seems lost Hu Xuefei general, but only to each other just patted him on the shoulder, turned around on the side of the crowd said: "You go down the mountain looking for their home in the Lord's whereabouts, a news bulletin immediately come back!" These elders are home to the Lord with the total death old brother, even without his orders, will go to do so, the moment they each darting away in one direction, for fear of late, they never meet in general. Benji looked at other people leave the back, face expressionless, but made a motion mouth slightly. Hu Xuefei looking at the collapse of the Dong Fu, folding hands slightly trembling, whispered: "Xiandi, you see, have a chance to come back home to host it?" Simple sentence, but reveal a taboo and excitement of his mind, home owners do not like the second son, Hu Jia has been up and down all know things. Hu Feng is now dead, it is dead in the hands of the monks he invited the two irreconcilable contradiction between. If we say that Hu Xuefei is not worried about his home again after the main exit to take home the master of the place, it is odd that once the right to sit on the throne, who can easily let go of it? Shi Lei Hu Xuefei understand the concerns, closer to him, and then with a very low voice: "By brother seems that struck the monks cultivation is much higher than the main home, and had just fled his home which is easy to master, I'm afraid ...... "Benji did not go on to saying that he has given the other information, Hu Xuefei heard brow a really comfortable, it seems took a deep breath, and then he said:" It bothered Xiandi, you go and retreat practice it, Do not delay the practice. hometown main missing, this time to the next and my burden light ah! "Benji bend line of a ceremony, the mouth, said:" abler Well! Hu Xiong Hu must be able to flourish! "He finished , then leave to leave, flying into the Dong Fu, no longer the slightest sound. ================================================== =========================================== sorry, this two-day sick has been bad, update is not stable, I hope you understand. As each vote and collections, we also requested, if any, to continue to support me, I will not let you down! <

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