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01.06.2013 04:15
is a club to catch the R ì antworten

After the unexpected breakthroughs to pale silver Gang Jin, the peak is rushed toward the club go, y ù in the mysterious little saint in good a practice. Ten R ì, club, million Renfeng,oakley sunglasses cheap, wearing a black s è robe fortitude youth is a beautiful maid lead, toward the million Renfeng peak main palace where to go. This strong young handsome face revealed a strong, eyes flashing from time to time the J ī ng mount, especially in his body, come very naturally exudes a strong momentum, behavior can reveal a strong smell, the person, is a club to catch the R ì after the peak. "Call! It is to be achieved! Fortunately there is a big brother to the detailed map of my, coupled with the purple misty to reason,Outlet Oakley Monster Dog, in this club is unimpeded, it is easy to come to the eldest brother man million Renfeng! A club and is worthy of standing four super powers in Odin mainland, it is horrible, just I see strong has reached an appalling. While this scale, but also is only the tip of the iceberg." Long out of the tone, the peak in the distance looking at the clouds towering peaks piercing, huge straight, heart secretly sigh. Seems to know that her identity, and patrol guard and not too much to ask is the direct release, the peak is in the lead for travelling for more than an hour, across the palace a size not less than thirteen, it is in a huge palace is magnificent and stopped. At the peak of sweet smile, the maid that crisp to respect "peak, a club to a handheld purple misty, claiming it is my club core authentic disciples who, he calls himself the Rudge peak, to see you, and I will bring him." "Whew!" Her words just finished saying, peak felt that at present a flower, a fuzzy shadow suddenly to the palace Biao sh è out, stopped in front of him, showing his. A magnificent Zijin s è robes, coercion of the country word face not anger from Granville, was filled with an arrogant to work properly dint motion, is the high Ba master, once the peak and had several side of the edge of the Eric. "Huh?" See also don't see the maid, Eric suddenly appeared, they are all looked at the peak of the body, then the face flashed a surprise, after a while, it became calm again. "Well, I already know, you can go back." Casually waved his hand, Eric even her face did not see, toward the peak waved, then turned toward the palace expert to. Eric now almost all of the mind is the peak attracted in the past, until now still is set off a blast waves, implacable. Eric once again sit inside the palace throne, overlooking the respectfully stand peak, dignified face even rare reveal a kind, waved his right hand, suddenly a gorgeous seat suddenly fly to the peak behind, then it softly "peak but,Air Jordan 8 UK, you sit! So, you since big brother is my favorite disciple, you is his brother, I will not accept you as his predecessors, lest cause bones >

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