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Benji suddenly found each other antworten

> "Click!" Benji feel what is inside broken pubic region, followed by a fierce heat wave pubic region on the red, I saw him he took a paper towel and ran to the toilet, apparently well prepared. wWw, quanbeN,Coach Poppy Collection Online, cOM This is the third time this happens, and Benji know so much this time there is no free primary pulp washing Dan, currently own qi cultivation has reached the second floor, in the same batch of foreign Disciples have been far ahead of them, and many people are now just qi early, but also the highest level just entered the realm of qi. Cultivation using the knowledge of God see each repair is a very hostile act,Coach Online Outlet, if repair is almost two sides, this behavior will immediately cause a bloody battle. And Liu Qian Shi Lei does not seem right eye, always thought he was just the initial repair qi, so although he often met Benji, but never thought of going to see him for the repair, otherwise will be surprised Liu Qian . Feel the real element in the pubic region surging, Benji silent smile, only a few months kung fu qi himself has come to the second floor, if qi to seven state, will be able to join the inner door, that time itself Cultivation will be able to further realize the dream. Only now taking primary pulp washing Dan has little effect, it seems that they can begin refining the low-grade pulp washing Dan. In recent days, Benji addition to alchemy, Dan is serving practicing all day indoors never shut out in Dan, and today he is an advanced repair, good mood, decided to give himself a vacation, go for a walk. Just out of alchemy room, Benji was found to have late at night, in addition to nightwatchman disciples, the entire outer door has not a trace of the human voice, quiet to the extreme. Summer is long past, the mountain has entered the winter, and the snow-capped mountains all year round, Stone has confused the seasons. Reach qi period, for the cold mountain Benji has adapted a lot, I saw him only slightly the tightened collar, then move forward. Relative to the outer door and inner door, the disciples want to relax many, after all, not the elite disciples, most people are to mix point of repair, go back to the mortal world to enjoy life, the management is also very loose, Benji With an order cards you can access free. From the outer door lopsided, turned a col, into the woods to a quiet, Benji deep call of a night of fresh air, past all sorts, all my heart, compared to a few months ago just up the hill , he has Duoliaoyifen Cultivation of the elegant and tolerance. I do not know an uncle now flies these days, although only a few months apart, but Stone has some miss it. The depth walk, suddenly a minor and can not hear the voice, attracted the attention of Benji. So late,oakley sunglasses, who else would come here? Anyway, nothing else to do, he decided to go and see. As he quietly approached, that conversation was more obvious, and there are two people here speak! "......, Zhang brothers, pulp washing Dan brought you?" "Hey, do not worry, as long as you have the spirit of jade, I have here a lot of pulp washing Dan sell it to you!" Shi Lei, a, heart thumped, which not Zhang and voice? Listen mean, he even privately traded pulp washing Dan, but also with the spirit of jade exchange. Benji few months but no less inquire repair Once upon things, know that this spirit of jade but one of the things necessary Cultivation, refining, practice, a battle of wits, can not do without it, so Cultivation also use it as a circulation Currency used. Spirit of Jade-order goods sub-four, low-grade jade white spirit, the spirit of jade-blue, cyan spirit grade jade, jade Need golden spirit. But Benji just heard, never seen, Ling Yu is the Disciples of each month will be released. Shadowy woods, Zhang and watch the action with another person is not very clear, seems to have pulled out their own stuff to deal. Benji see the two sides only traded privately pulp washing Dan only, do not intend to continue to watch, and turned about to leave, when suddenly the body agile fast moving, and immediately found the wrong place. Logically, if not prepared Cultivation case of attack, the body of real dollars are hidden in the pubic region, peaceful and stable, but Benji felt the true element of two people who are very secretive force within the flow in the meridians, The two sides seem ready to hand look. Are these two people want to Stealing from Thieves? Benji mind just flashed the thought, heard one man said: "Hey ~ not right, Zhang brothers, not to say a good ten for ten low-grade low-grade spirit of jade pulp washing Dan for you, how is the primary pulp washing Dan! "" Hey, low-grade pulp washing refining Dan is so good for you, fitters quickly took drugs get out, or else it less a disciple of the outer door, but no one will go to care! "Zhang and voice suddenly cold, Benji feel the true element of two people who had almost irrepressible force, we must immediately broke out, could not help thinking to myself: this senior, usually looks Daohai approachable, did not think the heart can be dark enough. Only ten primary pulp washing Dan Ling-yu ah ten people would, it seems that once the other person does not agree, it would immediately shot to kill each other. This can be bad, he saw something like this, I am afraid that once found, could not escape death. Zhang qi is already five other people probably pretty close, otherwise Zhang Ling Yu certainly long shot to win, and where will and the other long-winded. Benji being tense moments, he heard another person smothered exclamation, cried: "Zhang brothers, what are you doing, why shot hurt me!" Zhang and this time both voice sounds horrible and ghastly, he laughed Jie Jie said: "The Young King, you may wonder me, you do not just have been put his hand on the storage bag it, if I had the first shot, I am afraid to hurt it in your hands." woods coldness flash, clear Zhang and pulled out what weapon, then heard him and said: "Hey, let me give you a ride brothers now!" "Someone's coming!" mouth of another person suddenly exclaimed, almost necessary from hiding scared Benji jumped out of place, do they find themselves? At this juncture, the woods golden flash, Zhang and surprised a moment of God's effort, one has a violent atmosphere Jinmang playing in his chest, and then he screamed, Koupen blood, sprawling. "Oh ... Ahem ..., Zhang brothers, you did not think I still treasure it breaks, even chi complete state also could not stand it a shot, you still good to go now!" The man stood up unsteadily , hehe smile, walked beside Zhang's corpse, squat want searched. Suddenly mutation was underway, originally a motionless Zhang, suddenly stood up, coldness Moon, carnage Zhaxian men Canhu cry, slumped down, Zhang and stood up, and stabbed several consecutive sword, until the other dead enough, just give up, one side whistling breath and said: "If I have a python scaly armor is almost on the road with your kid What is this symbol treasure, so powerful, can escape shook my real dollars lax, you gave me hell! "Then from Fu Bao won the men's hands, but also severely stabbed a few swords, moonlight sheets and that is full of bloody face, looks so scary. "Zhang brothers, you quickly go on when the younger brother did not see anything!" Benji from small to large, has never seen such a bloody scene, but is much Cultivation intrigues between a layer of understanding, he knew in his Now in any case it is difficult to repair and Zhang and enemies, so pray in my heart each other quickly took things away. Who would have thought, the unexpected outbreak, perhaps just two fights awakened sleeping beast in the forest, a bird shrieking from Benji hiding place to fly out, and immediately attracted the attention of the sheets and over . "What people!" Benji immediately jumped out from the bushes, do not answer, haste and ran outside to the forest. Zhang also caught up, see the front of the figure, a little pondering, he smiled and said: "So is Stone Young, quickly stopped, brothers I would never hurt you!" To see just sheets and with the door carnage, Benji how someone can let themselves will believe, I am afraid that if he stopped one that died on the spot ending. Turned, it was discovered from his pursuers behind getting closer, seeing ran out of the woods would be unable to catch up, mind could not help big hurry. "Hey, Shi Young, since you see, but also want to leave?" Zhang and seeing we must catch up with each other, no longer disguised, that Yinhen face reappeared. Smart circulation under Benji suddenly found each other and the true element of force lax not gather, repair apparent retrogression. Then I thought immediately understand, is certainly just that Fu Bao Zhang was hit, though not the spot of his death, but it must be a great deal of harm, so, he himself did not have the opportunity Yipin . Thought here, Benji immediately took out a small bottle from her come, pour a few grains of pills, a swallow, and then stood still body, back pleaded: "Zhang brothers, I will never say things out today, I saw nothing! "" Hey, you still forever shut up I will feel reassured! "sees no escape Shi Lei, Zhang and sneered, toe point, one-handed stab Tingjian up. Benji flashed right shoulder just in time, "pop" sound Qing Xiang, Zhang's sword had pierced his left shoulder. Despite the sword penetrated the entire shoulder, Benji did not hesitate, and immediately stepped forward, fists perfusion real dollars to Zhang H to both sides of the temple. "Relying on the initial repair your chi also want to hurt me? What ... you did ......" Obviously Zhang and soul swept away, only to find the true Benji repair, sound immediately becomes frightened by the vicious, shocked the Next you want to regress, but it was too late, Benji fists heavy hit on his head, scream came to an end. "Bang" muffled, Zhang's head like a ripe rotten watermelon in general, burst open, red and white splash scattered over the ground, seeing is not live. "Whew ... call ..." Benji frowning, will also inserted in the shoulder sword pulled out onto the floor, looking at the bodies of Chang and whistling breathing, heart Anjiao luck, if it is repeated each despise myself, How can I easily succeed. In this way, he will be more determined to hide facial capabilities play pig eat tiger determination. With the experience of killing, Benji was found, in fact, is also thought to kill so difficult. ================================================== Today, a third more ========================================== your friends, everyone There vote for you, please also have a collection of favorite look! Writing a book is not easy, want to support! <

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