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the giant tree house antworten

> Yu Yang door a few people settled after the meditation retreat in the house, they are painstakingly only chance to get this started, then nature will not let up. Because the door is already a magic number of quasi-disciples, so each person Yu Yang received a set of door door service, but no formal disciple armband only. White bear took off his years away from the ice silkworm clothing, had served the black door set in the ice silkworm clothes outside. White spirit by the yuan from the dollar did not rely on meditation technique to improve real dollars, the body of real dollars swirl in his amendments to improve there will not be any progress before it. Mei Mei's slept later, the next morning,Nike Jordan Big Ups UK Sale, Meng Yu and Li Jue came looking for him. "White Young, we went to Crouching Tiger Town Square City stroll, you coming?" White looked askance two from the kind invitation of the "brothers", said with a smile: "test around the corner, two brothers do not grasp time practicing it? "" Hey, rare to the largest city in the state to which Chen, do not walk around it is sorry for myself ah. Besides, but a few days away from the trials of time, then what else can repair heart increased. or to the Crescent City to buy some useful spells or cheap instruments is the best policy. "Li Jue apparently also started trials, the hearts of quite a lot of criticism, but also the tone with a hint of anger. Anyway, he is all right, and they go for a walk, too. White from thought, they agreed to invite two people, two people immediately smile. This Meng and Li although the Disciples, but cash-strapped, if there is a comprehension for the family of the young master went along Crescent City, how much can account for some cheap. A magic number of doors the door, it felt like the white out from the cage of birds, the whole world is a lot better, and the devil's disciples were inside the door did not just surrender Yu Yang door as one of us, between the words many have despised meaning, which makes the doors were not white jade from the sun is very suffocating. Although Turkey is comprehension say this world, but it is not like the white from the impression of Once upon a time, as uninteresting, if the removal of war and killing, so good here is a fast-paced world, at least here,Oakley Monster Dog Online, all of them female comprehension beautiful flower, put the white from the era when a star that is absolutely no problem. See a lot of beautiful women from the side through comprehension, Meng and Li Gee envy, a strange, feminine garden face, wondering their division side door and the perfect couple, he began fantasy up and looked at what they look like white from laughing, appears to be somewhat overestimated his two brothers up. The so-called Crescent City city bluestone paved the Crouching Tiger faithful Square, is the most popular places, there are a lot of no particular sect lower bulk repair all kinds of trafficking in refining their own immortality, spells and instruments, There's even captured the animals to sell, of course, are to pay, but they must pay all monks cents jade. Sin Yu both to the refining, alchemy has played a huge role, but also in real dollars monks when sufficient complement of real dollars, so it became the acknowledged comprehension currency. Sin Yu are thin as half a palm-sized round jade pieces, according to the different levels divided into: low gray fairy jade, blue mid cents jade, white jade cents higher order three. The Sin Yu in Middle-earth mineral deposits have been male shrine and temple two forces occupied the void, never expect others to meddle, so the more precious jade cents up. Standing in the square on top of the white looked around with interest from the crowds, and the surrounding scattered repair are constantly selling, thinking to myself: Now come, see if there are cheaper and more spiritual sword, buy a few back Lian Lei, trials are also a bit more time to grasp. His three Purple Lei Jin Yan Huang Yi is refining the spirit sword, powerful, not a last resort is not used, or some low-level evil refining Ray is better, although there is no fairy jade, but take a few spells should be able to change some. At this point Meng, Li two people even went in the side, white stroll away from the excuses they want to leave, leave alone, making the two brothers had originally wanted to take advantage disappointed watched him disappear in the crowd. Square, the city's goods, aside from the many stalls outside shops, if you want good things to just go to the shop during panning, but it is up to the net worth lucrative job. White reckoned from his spell should be for less than a few cents jade too, so wandering around in the stall area, at this time, an old man cry caught his attention. "Everyone arrives, the whole Crouching Tiger cheapest in town spirit sword sell yo!" Did not expect to encounter sleepy pillow, what she wants, then quickly came. White from the great interest among the crowd squeezed into the flock. Sure enough, the crowd surrounded a seasoned leather feet stood a large stall in a neat leather on the various low-level code placed dozens spirit sword, is in line with the white centrifugation bargains requirements. "You're much money a spiritual sword?" Crowd has already been asked impatiently. "Cheap, low-end as long as ten cents can buy a jade!" White centrifugation Anjiao really cheap, you know a spiritual sword Tempered refining creature is consuming a lot of effort, although these are only low spirits sword, but far more than ten cents jade so cheap, do not know where it came from so many seasoned spiritual sword sale. Onlookers may matter so much, the wealthy have pulled cents jade to buy, buy back their own hands have no access to even earn a sum, these people are not fools, which will control the spirit of the sword came from. Road to see their business is hot, smiling, said: "Do not crowd, one by one, the spirit sword a lot, but the immortal jade can buy!" Leather stall looked less and less on the spirit sword, white from no chance to know do not shot immediately before directed squeezed closed with smiling fairy Jade Road, said: "Here you can barter?" "Yes, as long as things come up Emergy ten cents jade, you can go for a spiritual sword. "Road to speak refreshing white from not hesitate from treasure bag took out all those charms enough to have more than a dozen pieces, together handed Road. "You're such low-level spells, each energy value of two low-Sin-yu, here are fifteen, just to change three spirit sword, you pick it!" White heart cursed Road from the profiteers, these spells in Square City can at least sell five cents jade, but cheap spirit sword in front, and only bite recognized,Coach Store, if so on their own to sell elsewhere will spell again, probably would have already been sold it. Anyway, they bought their own spiritual sword is also used to refine mine, so it does not pay attention to what the white from their spiritual roots with consistent casually caught three spiritual sword, to serve as his clutch to a third when the spirit sword, next to a nondescript gray Shi Jian appealed to him. White soul from the practice since Jushen hit, has been a leap of development, compared to the same order of monks, clergy over them several times already powerful. Only slightly a glance, it is found that the Shi Jian Ling sword converted into a Sino-order low-level spirit sword, the sword is significantly better than other spirits. When he reached out to grab it when the Shi Jian, next to someone and said: "give you ten cents jade, I want it to Shi Jian." How good things might give someone else, do not hesitate to leave it white stone grasping the sword in his hand, directed Road, said: "I want these three swords!" Road did not speak, next to the people who want to buy Shi Jian spoke: "The brothers, this sword give me, I give you fifty cents jade. "talk turned to look away from the white man, saw that the man was a handsome young man, face, such as Guan Yu, suave, gestures a demeanor, wearing the magic number of doors Black door service, but no armband on his right shoulder, also appears to participate in upcoming trials started disciples. Each other a look of complacency, as if his will definitely be impressed by the high-level, in the hands of Shi Jian sell. True when I was a fool, but comparable to the mid-range sword spirit sword goodies. Thought of this white complexion from a cold, quietly said: "This is what I look at the sword, and now does not intend to sell." The young man refused to leave the white did not think his proposal, the original look of smile immediately dissipated, but also put a cold look and said: "I never thought you also know what the people, the giant tree house Xu Jing rude." This sentence one, surrounded by many people exclaimed aloud, Chen states first handing out giant tree house in the name of the first anyone heard of this Xu Jing in the door is the elite disciples, this time to get started so that it is straight with the door a dozen people to get qualifications. This thing back in Crouching Tiger, spread throughout the city, only the white jade from this false positive disciples did not know before. White watch from a reaction of people around, you know each other's backing is not small, but since attend a three Xianshu, he had no longer any fear of the same order of monks, with the soul swept away, and the other is just Lianqi ten layer of repair, naturally not looked down on. "To give you is not impossible, but to increase the job!" In white from the eyes of a powerful thunder far bigger like a lot of the power of evil evil thunder smaller more lethal, while he did not need Before the trial has not yet begun to establish the enemy. Of course, to sell it to him comparable to mid-Ling Shi Jian sword, then have to pay a considerable price down. See White Xu Jing Shi Jian from the consent granted, thinking that he was afraid of the giant tree house name first, proud smile and bubbling to the face, then smiled and said: "As long as you are willing to sell sword, fairy jade aspect is no problem, you say How much would the transfer? "" Not much, as long as five hundred cents jade! "sell sword seasoned quote from a white, two discolor, heart cursed: This kid want money like crazy, a low-level spirits Sword dare cried spirit sword mid price came. Taunts everyone around is different, from all that is whimsical white, but also want to look Xu Jing how to respond. Obviously, Xu Jing also surprised, but soon followed gloomy face and said: "Well, according to you!" Two people mad while rolling his eyes all around, the two men are crazy, a low spirit sword actually value of five hundred cents jade, a dare to sell, one dares to buy, really served. <

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