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01.06.2013 03:43
but now their strength on the table antworten

Update: 22--2 Ao Mu led all arrival, is naturally caused no small sensation, and the first of many information about them, are quietly in a crowd of people passing up. Tedious and family festival grand with the heads of the words of Kharzai, and all the members of the Kniss Laky family are respectful fell down on the ground, began silently pray for family ancestors. Countless minions end to all kinds of sacrificial offering, then the heads of caz speech, three main veins on the elders speak, the whole family a great sacrifice for the more than three hours, and that in the chief's announced that, close to the end. In fact, the family festival every year is so boring,Oakley Sunglasses Scalpel, boring, tedious. After the family festival territory division, is they really care about. Especially this time of pride for the first strong coming, the per capita is can see, they may be an attempt. "Well, gentlemen, family festival had finished, one other thing we need to do, is to divide the family city. According to the family rules, all the family branch members, as long as there is enough strength, in a ten years of territorial division, can get a reasonable city. Below, you can own offshoot strength for a show, if the sword King level, or more strength, the family will give large city. As for the other branches, to maintain the original city." Slowly glanced around one eye, especially in sight to the peak people, family caz long eyebrows is tiny wrinkly, but then said. Although he is reluctant to let the proud mu all strength rise again, but now their strength on the table, but at least the family also to give three large cities, only can be done by many small branch of the lengthy. But think of the three large cities, the patriarch Kharzai is the heart bleed like meat. "The patriarch, Karina died in a few years later, her pulse is no king, they branch of the large cities and city will be retrieved, then give them medium-sized city is." At this moment, a black man and a gift, then slowly road. "Well! The elders say not poor, flange! Then they gave back large city, not far from the city of goodman." The patriarch Kharzai commendable nodded, calmly way. Then, with the opening of the black elders, there are several Kniss Laky family elders speak,Coach Handbags Sale, or is that a branch of the king the strong, or prove a branch has no sword king is strong, the patriarch Kharzai is s è calmly cope with one one eyes, but is always quietly towards the Ao mu the people in the direction of scanning sh è. Not only is the chief caz, many other nice lacy family per capita is betting over eyes quietly, quietly waiting for developments. They don't believe, Ao Mu to lead such a strong lineup, will not ask for the city. Indeed, until all family per capita is no longer speech, Li Ao forward Mu that respectful, and Lang Lang's voice echoed patriarch in the void ", I am nice pull Mu Qi ao, now has six small family branch chose into this one, and we already have the first sufficient strength,Air Jordan 1 Sale, >

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