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01.06.2013 03:31
leading shares small hurricane antworten

The people concerned eyes, the vast blood maple forest in vain was fierce roar, then ten lay bare the acoustic transfer from more and more clear, is obviously to a behind-the to blood maple out. With the sound came, many people face s è immediately a pleased, is expected to continue to see. If not blood maple forest with the strange case, enough to kill the sword of honour the strong, many of them might have patience not to live, to enter the Y ù. "Ha ha ha... Is finally coming out!" All eyes were bright, still staring at the front of the blood maple forest, looking forward to see figure. Blood maple forest prestige illustrious, every open, there will be huge sword King strong entered,nike air jordan, and really can go out only three layers, it is no wonder that these people so nervous. This time, around one thousand people have access to them, if there is no accident, out of fear of less than three hundred people. "Whew!" The people concerned eyes, first flew out is actually a white sail, enough to ride the five or six white s è sailing across a white light, suddenly rushed out of the blood maple forest, also don't stay any flash, again, is disappearing in the sky, there is no the trail. This white s è sailing, nature is Feng Luan Ling Bai treasure island. With white s è sailing,Oakley Hijinx Outlet, unexpectedly is a Green s è fierce bird, wings show, leading shares small hurricane, suddenly out of the blood maple forest, also did not stay, body pierced the sky, disappear. See so big a fierce bird suddenly rushed out of the green, per capita is be startled at, but they see in the next scene, originally a mouth suddenly greatly open, full of horror, public protests, such as waves, implacable. I saw a huge monster suddenly rushed out of hundreds of feet, foot basin the size of a piece of golden scales,Oakley Sunglasses UK, densely ferocious dragon, is the golden dragon, spread. Golden Dragon as the Earth Dragon, in the upper reaches of Odin, from too many legends, and really see them, is not much. "This... This.... I'm not wrong? Unexpectedly, really is a golden dragon!" A middle-aged eye stare plump, murmured. "Is really a gold dragon, what seems to be seriously injured? Is a golden dragon strength, in blood maple forest cannot run?" Another man said, seems to be the Golden Dragon wounded surprised. The mainland has been circulating among terrorist, especially gold dragon, is the war, fierce matchless existence, now see it has a pair of injured fleeing in panic appearance, no wonder people a be hardly worthy of belief. Not to care about the people around the strange eyes, Golden Dragon low growl, giant dragon body a shake, instant rise directly to a high position, also disappeared in the distant horizon. Follow the Golden Dragon Figure, barut, high peak, PA, sword Chi, Berg, Dalina, caccaro, Kolb Lu, is neat appearance, and the powder of powder month little Lord is frightened follow in the final, to escape from the blood maple forest, then break up in an uproar, respectively from the >

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