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01.06.2013 03:20
it shows complacent expression. " antworten

The 402nd chapter it -- in another seven days passed,Air Jordan New School UK Sale, the peak always chose to follow in the rear, is in the vicinity of countless hidden in all of the fight, finally got the big advantage, get the weapons and space in the ring left many died of the strong, which is also the wealth so amazing, so that the peak almost excited close not approach mouth, is also increasingly keen on this. No pop-up tofu novel now peak more aware of the importance of the great wealth, so always follow the crowd behind, but also more aware of blood maple forest strange scary. Blood Maple a huge, a blood red robe peak quietly hidden in the eyes, and stared at the front of a fight a voice thunder of battle, smiles more and more brightly. In his view, it seems that one crazy fighting in weird miasma under the influence of the sword king, has turned into a heap of astonishing wealth generally attractive. These days, he always choose the trailing in the end, get a lot of benefits, for this kind of behavior is always enjoy it. "The king a pity ah! In Odin, not a high-handed character, some of these young even genius children some big family, but is now in the five series wins bead temptation, entered the blood maple forest. Of course, there are also many is fighting mad, if no accident, nine people are buried here. But these are not I should consider, as far as possible to get their wealth accumulated, as the basis for the future we that a rise. In addition, although they lost mind, but display moves and skills is not weakened, to the Budo touch me deeply, can not miss this good opportunity! These days, I for his understanding, rapidly improve, it is a good thing." Peak binocular bright, flashing eyes, in front of many a battle moves is falling in his eyes, was inscribed in the hearts of. "Good! The old man is indeed the king of higher-order strong, alone and three sword King started strong also do not fall ahull,Outlet Oakley Hijinx, the swordsmanship set display is also very subtle ah, seems to have some water power remain unbroken taste, which is contains a heavy flavor." The peak quietly hidden in the blood of maple, heart secretly admiring. On another line at a distance of more than ten meters blood Maple him outside, a blood red figure is also quietly lurking. This is a skinny red youth, had a somewhat treacherous, exciting stared at all the crazy fight below, the right hand unconsciously in her neck hung a lustrous jade stone touched, it shows complacent expression. "Ha ha ha really day to help me! I Samb though only king Zhongjie strength, but with the treasure of my neck, it can be not afraid of the strange black miasma attack, you can safely hidden, waiting for the king of swords fights all die, and then reap profit at other's expense, is really cool! As long as I can collect the legacy of these people's wealth,Air Jordan 6 UK Sale, I can rely on these to buy massive >

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