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The 349th chapter War: "ha ha ha... Baby, just thanks to you." Is the smoke as fog Jingying white fog wrapped in central, peak pie eye the three hemophagocytic bone wing collapsed to the ground of the anaconda, feel is the number of hemophagocytic bone wing Anaconda crazy killing to face again, appear dignified look. While the baby is also a pant for breath way, seems to consume much. To destroy the three hemophagocytic bone wing anaconda, only this time, he is showing my terrible and extraordinary. "These hemophagocytic bone wing Anaconda attack too weird, I should be more careful..." Mind so thinking, with more high peak is war. "Ha ha ha big, you may rest assured, I in this layer of defense arrangement around you, but my little one unique energy, though not as just me against the three big guy when using a small equity life essence as strong,oakley sunglasses outlet, can be in this diameter range of three meters, but the great interference on them, although you enjoy and fight them!" He grinned, baby is very proud. At the peak of pupil contraction, the number of hemophagocytic bone wing tighten cautious staring straight ahead culling the anaconda is sweet, tender voice in vain at peak head ring. Oh? Ha ha ha. Is really very good!" Peak eye one bright, gloom away and scattered. The original peak for hemophagocytic bone wing python that uncanny attack is very afraid afraid, just want to quickly get rid of hemophagocytic bone wing Anaconda group entanglement. Can be heard the sound of him in his mind, his mind is in vain again,jordan online cheap, another idea flashing heart, very heartbeat. The taste of blood bone wing Anaconda strange attack, is clearly a good use for the peak, this is a strong temptation, want to understand why, but my words but let the peak of heartbeat again. "Anyway, rob the Ancient Soul emperor tomb hid not anxious at the moment, I'll make good use of this opportunity, if can take the opportunity to understand the hemophagocytic bone wing Anaconda how running attack, then so much the better!" The thought flashed in my mind fast peak, four or five hemophagocytic bone wing anaconda is carrying a vicious attack has come again! Compared to just panic, at the moment of peak has been stable many, have good help, as long as he's not too careless, should not have too big problem. "Ha ha ha! I want to have a fight with you!" Peak hearty laugh, all the sporadic terror overbear the hemophagocytic bone wing anaconda is very fear, attack can not feel weak many. "Hiss - hiss ~ hiss ~" acts to accept wrapped in around the peak meter crystal clear air, hemophagocytic bone wing four clouds like hit the anaconda is in vain without stopping from time to time by the needle piercing of flesh and blood in general, Li Si again and again, big body be overcome by one's feelings the sway back and forth, a moment to endure help the many not suitable, again open one's bloody mouth, toward the peak of malicious to bite. "Bang! Bang! Bang!..." The number of bump, a hemophagocytic bone wing anaconda is peak sword cut to fly,Nike Jordan 3 Shoes, the other three are with that strange twist dodged the blow, but its state is in a number of interference, speed down, never to peak fatal injury.

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