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01.06.2013 02:43
strength is strong again some antworten

The 294th chapter is ready time such as water, before they went seven days, in this seven days, daily peak is most of the time to stay in that heavy gravity indoor, as far as possible, to strengthen their own, and constantly thinking of this seven days to see many sword skill, perfect his fist and sword. In this seven days, every day until the peak is at seventh levels of gravity interior support to faint, strength is strong again some. Steamy bamboo house, a bath tub light green liquid, a strong peak was soaked in the closed eyes, the pale green liquid again to wash her body. He is enjoying the state, every day, only a short period of time, is the most comfortable. "Call!" After a long time, the peak that take a deep breath, dark eyes middle faint with a hint of anticipation and excitement. "A week, this week, my strength for improved a great deal! The gravity chamber and is worthy of one of the 6 top auxiliary equipment of Odin practice, especially for the exercise is a hard to imagine." The peak of binocular opened and closed with fine mans flashing from time to time between. Tomorrow. To my bones with the stars Miaoyan solution strengthening tomorrow, these days through a time limit practice my, already seven hours in levels of gravity room for nearly 1.5, hope can be bone strengthening to a satisfactory level." Peak grinned, then again slowly closed his eyes, comfortable lying in the bath barrel, enjoying a comfortable praiseworthy for one's excellent conduct. Also hope there are bones old man, he when I think that many extremely peak using stars Miaoyan liquid advantage, are unbearable inwardly stroked his beard, very looking forward to. The morning light white fog, such as white veil filled the Santiago college, the cool breeze blowing over a cold, taste. But at the moment of the peak of the heart is a fiery, eight layers of Guta standing in the body by Sapphire building, watching the sword Ge the three elegant words, peak deeply absorbing the couple with a touch of white mist in the air, this will be the hot pressing the chest down some. "Peak,Coach Bags Outlet, you just do your best, and after all, then." Standing in front of the old man peak bones hem fluttered, palm up, suddenly a palm - sized bottle will appear in its hands, gently peak toss, kindly ordered. "Is" a ritual peak respectful, stretched out his hand for the jade bottle palm size, full of hot staring at the strange liquid bottle the bottle, the bottle is the jade translucent holds nearly a bottle of liquid, Cecil silvery thread from time to time in the liquid is looming,Oakley Glasses Online, flashing,Coach Crossbodys Sale, like the sky twinkling stars. In this liquid, is a bit pale red like burning flame of liquid in the meantime wanton flowing, changing range, end of the magic. The stars Miaoyan liquid! "Ha ha ha stars Miaoyan liquid seems so magical! Really looking forward to!" Peak of ecstasy and intolerable, towards the old man bowed bones ritual, then strode into the gravity chamber. "Call!" "Rumble" has just entered the sword Ge, peak felt a >

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