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> Hachiko very satisfied with the white from the shocked expression, continued: "You know this world the most powerful of the three forces is?" White from the loss shook his head. Www, quanBEn, cOM "that is, God of Thunder, matrix, artifact, Yuan Ling Island are three kinds of two former owners gathered in a weapon, it also allows them to become the sole supreme strong between heaven and earth."'ve Seen Guo Gang Feng Lie array shake Trick and powerful white naturally know these two things from the powerful, is not able to resist the power of the human, as this legendary treasure artifact, it is not that they can come into contact with it. So heavy nodded, then they upset and said: "But these three things I did not, I was a little Lianqi three monks, it seems that such a big triumph in heaven as being Lunbu Shang me. Maybe I'll become Yuan Ling Island most useless term master ...... "Hachiko soul swept away from the white, then unhappy, said:" how can you belittle? Haotian Long Huang first came here, but is a two order Wicked, but he still has a strong heart you want to change, so will be the strongest between heaven and earth. remember Cultivation repair the heart, as long as have an indomitable, tenacious up heart, you chance! think about yourself, your friends die, you go and see him one last time, right, you want to return Yuan Ling Island, just come in with a soul can enter. "white away want to say something, then feel a burst of distorted sight, dizziness, the whole room of people like being squeezed out. Then came a sharp pain, white from the eyes and saw himself back to reality. Valley, Huang Yi longer, and Zhang are also white glazed eyes staring pressure on himself, had died. White rolled away from the pain, if it is desperate to protect the white sheets also, I am afraid he is now also owned by their lives the life. Watching bloody friend, thought he usually many of their care and concern, past scenes surfacing. "You are new to the Young, do not know why, I saw you, I think you are very close to ......" "how do you lose on crying, really good for nothing, then went by me to protect you, you the repair is really bad ...... "" You asked to me and really live ...... "quietly cast a layer of white mist from the eyes, in front of all blur together. Zhang also white joke once again appears in the white from the mind, he cried kneeling beside a friend's corpse, covered trembled, all the muscles are in an instant out of the will of the manipulation. At this point, he had only one voice: "I must live, I want to become the strongest between heaven and earth!!!" Look Zhang is also full of bloodstained white face, actually had a hint of a smile, there is relief, there relief has been atheistic eyes,Nike Jordan 6 Sale, the white from even see a faint sadness. Bearing in mind the taste of blood, the enemy, and their friends, so it will not in the future in the face of the endless sea of ​​battle once again lose yourself. Now that the Shura, willing alone into hell. "One day, I want to kill you, Huang Yi! "White from the tightly clenched fist, heavy hit on the ground, facing sheets also white body, my heart silently be determined. The sheets also white hands clasped spirit sword to take over, the white from the silent tears in the valley dug a pit to bury friends simply up. Standing on the grave, crying loudly from white, to vent out the pain of losing a friend, after a long time, slowly admitted to tears, at this time there is no pain in his eyes, did not flinch, only perseverance. "Also white, I will become a strong, never shed tears, because my body is also saddled with your hopes and lives! If you have the Spirit in the days, had a good look at your brother standing proudly earth bar ! "At this point it was dark, in order to prevent as well pursuers, White had to leave off, find another hiding place. Leave the valley back a long time looked at the tomb alone, then resolutely turned away. Night, the White Sword darting away,oakley sunglasses sale, far away, there are several places ablaze, it seems male shrine has been a massive attack on the whole gale gun. Also looking at the small remote valley to find a white from a small cave, will be living in a small group inside the boar away, will seal the hole with a boulder, this settle down, you want to go back to Yuan Ling Island. But found element began have disappeared, hanging in the chest in the original location of the birthmark the size of a fist. Yuan began probably been with Stone as one of the reasons for it, did not care about these white from the soul unto birthmark entered,Oakley Sunglasses Outlet, the soul immediately appeared in the Yuan Ling over the island. "Bagong you out, I figured out that I want to be strong, I must become strong!" White island in the open away from the shouting, blowing waves surging up several feet tall waves at the shore Kuangpai on the rocks, as if in response to his determination. "Well! That you just do Yuan Ling Island with the masters!" One pulled suddenly appeared in front of Hachiko, white eyes staring from each other, sentence by sentence, said: "I want to become strong, I To revenge, you tell me way! "Hachiko nodded with satisfaction, mouth and said:" Do you now, although repair is not high, but the determination is available, in the future there will be something for their own. "fly away with white Prior to the white stone, Hachiko Nianxu leisurely said: "If you want to become a strong, between heaven and earth Xeon addition to the three forces, thunder, array, artifact, but also practicing meet Heaven's Heart job." " then so what, are passed to me! "did not like the white away from the present moment so eager to become strong, so ask the public to play eight. "There's two previous owners left some of the cheats that you can see for yourself." Hachiko hands lightly on the ground Yifu, a purple box on the two men appeared in front of white from walked forward like To open, but found that it does not work hard anyway, and had to go back to Hachiko. "Oh, you are too impatient, and you did not let the Yuan Ling Island recognize you based, how to open the treasure here." White away embarrassed smile, according to the commandment of Hachiko monument road before biting the finger the blood dripping on the stone, and immediately there is a certain attraction to blood sucked again burst into white stone, white jade surface immediately from the name of the white, tight ranked Yuan Ling ancestor with Haotian under the name Dragon Emperor . This was finally able to successfully open the purple box, the box put the layers do not know how much this Xianshu Heart, the top also stood a small jade box. Opened it, there stood three neat yards texture of old books I do not know, it seems like a silk paper. White picked up from a closer look, these three books are "Shenxiao Tianyi Thunder", "Jushen hit", "dollar spirit by Element Method." "There is no FIGHTING how the book?" In the face of questions from white, Hachiko smile a while, quite a while, said: "The original is there, called" Heaven and Earth method ", but was Huangtian Long Huang went to get the secular , so will lead to a reign of terror, and he himself was a mischievous person framed, fallen. alas ...... "I can not be so stupid, good things must be in my possession, this ancient treasure, went out, it was not pregnant bi incrimination, waiting for someone to kill it. There is no artifact from White asked, Hachiko firmly shook his head, so he went to look for their future, then let desperation Bagong leave, study and understanding of their own separate method from three cents. Ray Shenxiao Tianyi law practice, is divided into three steps, namely: Wu Lei evil ways, Wu Lei positive law, Wu Lei Road Act. Thunder repair the beginning, starting with the evil ways from the repair, because no good and evil of the law, the key is to grasp how people use law. Repair this method, the repair person's personality temper became eccentric anomaly, evil ways repaired, start taking "Wu Lei positive law," repair this method, the person's temper became abnormal bursting, the positive law repaired , to attend "The Five Thunders Road Law" At this point, personality becomes dull and peaceful This process, which is "evil into being, with positive monastic order Doctring true" comprehension process. And Jushen strike is Haotian Dragon King's original practice and attack the law, is divided into nine, general practice is to grow your own soul, to face the enemy, will be gathered into a little soul, violently attacking each other's soul. might seem like nothing, but it is not true, imagine if faced with a powerful enemy, the other party's soul was a fatal blow, losing control of the body and magic can only either performer mercy. reaches the highest layer, all things are within the scope of the attack, absolutely powerful Xianshu When White saw Yuan Ling borrow dollars from surgery when, could not help but smile together, which is where the Heart is what practice is simply extortion Well, it makes him remembered the repair Once upon a man despised by the blood to repair the so-called blood repair, which is by essence and blood to absorb the other monks to enhance their cultivation of the monks, though never reach the end of Dan, can only stay in the base building, but it allows a monk in a very short period of real dollars power surge, eliminating most of the meditating ascetic time just this crazy practice of law, requires ruthless killing a large number of other monks, so the low-level monks both afraid of a tiger, another many people flocking to it. "Yuan spirit by Element Method" is the Yuan Gong spiritual ancestor homemade, consists of thirteen of the increased cultivation has extremely powerful help, ignoring the existence of spiritual roots, as long as the individual will be able to practice, but scary place more than blood worse than repair. this power law turned out to be true element by drawing others to increase their real dollars, stronger than blood refining not know how many times to go out, and there is no end Dan restrictions. practice to the highest level, the world of strength, Reiki, and both can absorb real dollars, is to become the most powerful presence are essential fairy. since become strong determination, you do not hesitate. know white from , these three books, no matter which of the spread to the world, are absolute treasure, he now has three, if it is not strong, it can only be their own problems. absolutely can not allow this situation to happen. anyway, has can barely do refraining from eating grain, three months without eating does not matter, the white from the stop, all three kinds of spiritual practice are used among Xianshu. knew it, more than a month later ...... <

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