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covering the top of his wounds antworten

> Because just chores disciples, spare a lot of time away from the white, completing daily chores necessary, you can move freely in the halls of the magic number, of course, those who are particularly under a prohibition is not the place to go. Www, QUAnben, CoM Heart into the beginning of the past few days, knowing that out of the Church there is no magic number of security guarantees from the white, the magic number will be in the halls daily stroll. But he a disciple chores, no one is willing to pay him any heed, pour a few blood repair malicious accosted him, scared he fled. This day, the white from the finish chores, hanging out in their small courtyard near, she heard a rundown courtyard came the feeding fight condemning heart, illegal channels surprising, then quietly climbed the wall to see. Original in that courtyard, there are five or six tall are surrounded by a thin young boy beaten, start with an extremely vicious, the young face covered in blood, lying there curled up into a ball, already unconscious. White swept away with the soul from a little group of abusers found in cultivation medium Lianqi above thought: this group of people with this boy in the end what rancor, why so cruel treatment. "Ouyang Brother, let my blood refining this kid it, beating add some real dollars. Anyway just chores disciples, missing no one will be investigated." From a white, heart thumped, these guys are too bold , and even dare devil disciples were halls for chores start! No, not quickly slipped. Just rub down the wall, heard someone yard exclaimed: "Outside friends want to go?" I rely on, was found! White discrete open legs ran desperately, he knew he should not have seen the look of things, the gang grab yourself will lay violent hands. Fight is definitely beat, only run. "Wanted to run?" Yard immediately flew a few shadows in white from behind like maggots attached to bones, in hot pursuit. Fortunately, White has been weeks from wandering outside the usual environment, crystal clear and tangible, seven Shui 8 bend under, even with each other but also to maintain a certain distance. Several people from seeing would catch white, a turn but lost his sight, his face suddenly headed by a black man down, stop and stature Chen Sheng said: "Search!" Moment, but a few people gather in situ from their cold look can be seen from the white and has not been caught them. "This kid do not have any supernatural powers? How blink of an eye it's gone, Ouyang Brother, now how do?" "Well, count this kid luck. Skiles, you go back to the yard boy surnamed Kang refining a repeat blood, running This, I think he repair is not high, and certainly a chore disciples, Japan,Nike Jordan Flight The Power Sale, longer ... hehe. "Skiles called wretched youth bow shall be in his eyes, flashed a sly light. Several Xiongshen leave until long after their original standing position, corner sudden flash of golden light, emerged a man to, what they want to seize the white away. The white paper has become a stealth character scored from the body, the white from their small courtyard turned to fly aboard escape away. What are these people dare to kill in broad daylight with the door! Remembered that the blood from his face white boy, and gradually into his own appearance, the whole body could not help but called the Cold War. Although the cruelty of this world he would have had that experience before, but today things he had once again stimulated to become extremely sensitive nerve. Return to their small courtyard, carefully observed four weeks, did not find a strange white finally relieved from the courtyard to fasten after walked forward like open the door. This time, the door was suddenly pushed open from the inside, a figure appeared in front of him. "Hey, it really is your kid, want to escape your palm bye?" White Scarlet from suddenly nothing, this person is just the group of young people who are called Skiles, this time is directed at his grinning. "Just now you are using a stealth character it, I really did not think you have a little chores disciples in order spell, but still can not escape the discernment you bye, born soul who told me stronger than others do, you still obediently let my blood refining it. "Skiles did not respond from the other white, his hands in the Blood Mountain rose, with a burst of Xingfeng he rushed over. White is hard to know from the time, see each shot, immediately flew sideways away, while his fists Qi out, the number of road fist wave headed towards each other. A strike is not a Skiles, see prey dare resist, could not help but burst into anger, a wave will be that a few minor fist wave Zhensan after Jie Jie laughed: "Boy, since you dared argue, do not blame bye polite! "a palm-sized, colorful metal spider Skiles dig out from her," whoosh "sound, which he tossed in the air. "Disease!" Spider suddenly emit colorful light, stature also jumped up, only a kung fu becomes as large as the basin, eight legs twist up, as if alive. White looks like spider from one see to know that something turned wanted to run, but it was spiders suddenly ejected from behind a few white silk,Oakley Radar, and instantly took him wrapped around a strong, more struggling more tightly. Skiles seeing laughed, stepped forward with his hands on the glaring white from his head, his mouth said: "Do not worry, you suck, I'll be a house that Kang Xiaozai blood refining , and let you have a partner lives on the road,Jordan Spizike Sale, ha ha ha ...... "He did not find that in addition to the white from the eyes of anger, there is something to look forward look. "Hey!" Blood Mountain soaring under Skiles started mixing white from blood, red instantly covered prey body, was about to play each other miscellaneous draw blood, suddenly found his true element is a powerful anti-suction The traction, constantly rushing to the other body. "How ... this is so, why can not the blood refining, my real dollars ... ah ......" white from white whole body suddenly Dasheng, it will be two people, including parcels, Skiles kept screams came, white Not only is not weak but more and more filled. "Pop", as Skiles limp body thrown to the ground surface. Feeling surging real dollars in the meridians of the white away, his face showing a smile of satisfaction. This meta surgery really powerful, although only one of two refining ten real dollars, but higher than the previous year's penance increase their cultivation should be much, but it resumed Lianqi initial repair. Xiao Ye life you want, I will kill you first! Skiles saw the naked eye from the white Baoshe came to their own, you want to drive issued multicolored Argiope spider trapped each other, but found that he was not even a little real dollars are not, taken aback and lay under the limbs and use, to the hospital Door climbing. The strength of the potential, instantly reversed. White came from the back foot stepping on each other, it has long been fiercely clenched fist smashed down, look, and look, I do not know how many punches hit. He seemed to vent, vent the fear, disgust, anger. Until Skiles became the head of a pool of red and white meat, white away before long out of breath, stopped his fists, it's stuck on fear more than a year, it seems at this moment vanished. One in the courtyard to find a dry well, the white one from the dead with clots of blood thrown into the wells, and some sand will be holding a blood covered the ground, this will not be the main revenue Argiope colorful treasure bags, move into the house . Just open the door of the room, saw the white lying on the ground from a juvenile, is just a group of people being beaten bloody, like blood refining the boy. White from cold smile, which Skiles probably want to own blood mixing together with this boy, and the idea of ​​playing very well, but their cultivation technique than the blood of the yuan stronger refining the art of it, really gained nothing in eclipse the rice, so I picked up a ready-made cheap. Although the law of the jungle in this world, no longer Furenzhiren from white, but when I see the ground unconscious teenager Shangqie childlike face, or a soft heart, put down a teenager wants to be refining the idea, bend Waist want to go help him. At this point, the white centrifugation suddenly emergent warning signs, stand in front of the boy shoved, a Wu Guang flash, runs through the chest. White from Jingnu under dodged, but still draw in the thigh by Wu Guang, and immediately blood, such as Quan, a closer look, the young man is holding a dagger, being looked frightened himself. Strong depressed heart wroth, white boy from the cold look and said: "You do not tense, kill your people have been killed me, you go!" Then without looking into the back room to go the. White from rummaging originally looking for some vulnerary putting himself, but unexpectedly a surprise waiting for him. Originally element began hanging in the chest suddenly broke out of the intense white light, white light that converge into the air became a band of light falling down, covering the top of his wounds slowly flowing, has been reluctant to disperse. Only one will be martial arts, in addition to the blood outside of the leg, actually see a little scar, the original wound, leaving only a white print, white heart Anjiao from seeing amazing. Yuan began even have such benefits, even let the injury recovery. This is really a baby ah, why I originally did not find it that good? White from the element began cautiously taken out from her, I saw this time element began surface Ambilight, as if something inside the flow in general. Looked for a while, see what no visions, White This turn it back from the arms, rejoicing hearts endless, with these things is not just dead, multiple injuries can be restored? If that is true, it really Miaozai. Now, with Yuan Yuan surgery began with two major supporter of magic, there is a want from white Yangtianchangxiao impulses. But he soon calmed down, Yuan began in the end be able to heal multiple injuries, he still is not clear, and even meta surgery is nothing but just started it, can be a threat to his life in this world there are countless monks themselves But now is a little stronger ants Bale. Also need a stronger repair, more real dollars down. Thought of this white stone bed from sitting cross-legged on top of another, and began meta surgery practice, constantly refined gas itself converge to the pubic region, and that a white vortex. When he opened his eyes when the true element that has changed a lot of big whirlpool, white from the inside, as the later, greatly satisfied with this rate continues, the upper reaches Lianqi Not necessarily impossible. Of course, that requires refining more real dollars job, but fortunately this is itself a jungle world. Since arriving in Turkey, the white away each day spent in horror, until today, only a few survive his self-confidence. Put on a black gown, white from out of the back room, but found that the boy actually still standing outbuildings, one is immediately turned to see him come out. <

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