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Spirit Sword Dance in antworten

> Bearing in mind the taste of blood, the enemy, and their friends, so it will not in the future in the face of the endless sea of ​​battle once again lose yourself. Now that the Shura, willing alone into hell. "One day, I will kill you, because revenge! "White from the tightly clenched fist, heavy hit in the sand into the face sheets also white body, my heart silently be determined. WwW, qUanbEN, cOm only way he can kill your friends from remorse, find live targets and courage. Pranayama cross-legged for a while, some endoscopy, the white from actually see that under exactly the inverse Mantras where hearts are not shocked. Is their future will be subject to this person? No matter how upset from white, now a done deal, only to go step by step. Has become a mummy looked Zhang also white, and distant piles of flesh and blood, heart Antan, in front of high-level monks, these high repair than their many companions so vulnerable, such as ants life in general. Want to save lives in this troubled times, only stronger than your enemy, only one way out. God, I can progress when repair Why ah, I want to die! White from Qiangdajingshen, will fly in the air and a cast operator, stumbled on foot to go, hand twist method tactic quickly fled towards the direction of Chen states. Missouri far they have depth, just in case, or leave this place is wonderful. Soon, in white from fully pushed under the flight operators flying forward at breakneck speed, but so instead brought drawbacks. Flight operators within the spiritual power quickly disappeared under the catalytic finally depleted the last of the spiritual power, so that the white border states from Chen fell down. "I rely on, how there is no spiritual power, and few of them Zaozhidaojiu flight operators will be brought!" This world can regret to buy ah, white volley from Royal Air desperation had the line, of course, than with flight operators to slow a lot. Real dollars pushed under the white away from Chen states already are getting closer, his mind boulder gradually put down, look around on the occasion, he suddenly "Hey," a cry. It turned out not far from the desert above, there is a faint black light is flashing, there seems to be something there. "Instruments?" White from the first reaction is to instruments used, and now he too needs something like life insurance, and their own cultivation can only rely on magic to make up for deficiencies. Apart from anything else the moment and flew towards the Black Mountain location. Came to Black Mountain sky, white is a foot away from the discovered cave swarthy, like monster Zhang's mouth. Black Mountain is that comes out from the inside, after thinking a while, white teeth from a bow on the fled to caves. Whether there are any danger, as long as there is treasure, I will try again today! This cave but Shiyu deep, white already fell just moments away from the bottom, catch herself after the illumination from the arms pulled out a stone,Cheap Oakley Polarized, after the input of real dollars, that stone suddenly broke out of the ten- light, the entire cave glance. Cold and damp cave, surrounded by black walls very uneven, bumpy, at the foot are also some gravel, it seems there is a place in the end of the Shimen. Spiritual power fluctuation seems to be what came after from Shimen, it seems treasures on the inside. Bai Ling pulled away from the sword, holding a light stone cautiously walked in through the narrow cave passage, Shimen that road out there in the front, there are no decorative pattern on Shimen, it touches on the door two broken talismans, closer scrutiny seems to be some kind of a seal, but seems to have lost a prohibition role. White noticed a hint of danger from the atmosphere, but the lure of treasure stone interior eventually prevailed,Air Jordan Shoes, he made an effort, real per aggregation arms and shoved out of power will go Shimen pushed inward. "... Carbazole carbazole carbazole ... ..." continuous muffled,Nike Air Jordan 2 UK, a faint shock spiritual power after spells on the door torn off, Shimen slowly inward receded, revealing a sarcophagus. Just a walk holding illuminated stone sarcophagus, see the white from the surrounding scene suddenly "ah" sound exclaimed again. This sarcophagus Chang Shu Zhang, however, walls smooth compared to many of the caves, but creepy is that in this small room made of stone lying even leaning against a black teenage mummy, sarcophagus in the middle of Sitting cross-legged on the stone platform also wearing robes of a mummy, the volatility is the spiritual power came from his arms. "Gurgle" white from swallowed, Seeing nothing strange these mummified after they put a spirit sword away, sit cross-legged holding illuminated stone toward the mummy, the hearts of meditation: "predecessors, sorry, juniors by one with your arms treasure. "trembling hand Qutao explore things that mummy's arms. Mummy's skin hit go like sandpaper, rough and have a toughness, I do not very sick. Touched! Made of the skins like a bag stuffed inside things seem filled with white centrifugation thrill, look busy pulled out. This is a yellow bag, do not understand the above is full of some patterns and mantra. See it from a bag of white hearts is a joy, this is not a favorite with the monks treasure bags Mody. Speaking of treasure bag, white for a long time from but be envious. This treasure bags regardless of the size of things, as long as it does not exceed the design capacity when making that big things can be re-installed it, turns out to be monks home travel, carry magic necessary product ah. Unfortunately, only the qi of the top of each martial art disciples able to have this treasure bags have been missed with their own. White holds treasures from the excitement of the bag, can not wait to open wanted to look inside in the end what good things installed. Suddenly of a heart burst of gratuitous fright, it seems that what was about to happen. I looked up from the fierce white, they stunned Annealing a few steps, turned out that the mummy sitting, do not know when he had opened his wizened eyes, blood-red eyes are keeping a close eye to see it yourself! "Shimo!" Heart of a bolt of lightning, in front of the terrible creatures name immediately brings to mind. Some monks died, due to refined soul refused to disperse, continues to hover in the carcase in practice, will produce such a monster, although there is no soul, but powerful repair and invulnerability of the body, but let them become a low-level monks nightmare. I did not expect so let the white one from the encounter. At this time, the rest of the black stone interior mummy, had stood up unsteadily, obviously, just take the treasure from the white bags to disturb them. Startled from beneath white, quickly retreated towards Shimen place, then I thought they stopped. This Shimo cultivation far above their own, in their own narrow cave certainly not running his hands go, he turned to his own death to escape only accelerate it. Thought here, stood at the white from the Shimen stature, stared at Shimo, hands tightly grip the sword in the spirit above. That Shimo down no response, still with blood-red eyes looked at before the monks, it touches those mummified body began to shake with broken, sobbing by the ranks. "Damn, the first addition to the group of minions you say!" White made up his mind away, "Clang" sound spirit sword scabbard, sword, such as rainbow, a Jian Qi chopped out most forward suddenly several mummified body of the first inconsistencies, lying on the ground not to move. See a strike success, white from no longer hesitated, Jian Qi frequently shot, one another mummy fell in front of you. When the last one after the fall unwilling mummy, stone platform Shimo finally moved, I heard a terrible roar like metal friction sound, Shimo jumped up, waving like withered claws in general he rushed up. "Fight!" White also roared away, his sword to cut in the past, is cut in the top of Shimo's withered claw, "when" bang like a cut above in the Gold and Iron, sparks were flying. White felt an enormous force from coming, in the hands of the sword of the Spirit will take hold live almost scared he hastened to fly out of the sarcophagus. Shimo is white from the sword cut was paused, roaring also washed out, a big mouth, an stench black gas will spray out. "Oh!" White centrifugal know if this gas jet black, the crowd will be like most of his mummified flesh have been drained as real dollars, becoming one of them. Grand Rapids under the hands of the Spirit Sword Dance in general, such as windmills, body surface also opened his pale white shroud real dollars. Unfortunately, once the piercing black gas Jian Qi will be a dead letter, without the slightest sound. That black gas as a conscious ghost, swallowed after Jian Qi turned into a black python, circled it wrapped over. White wants to escape from, just a move to feel the foot of a tight, a staggering, almost untenable, looked down, a black gas, of snake, I do not know when it has wrapped up his ankle, mouth to come to bite. White from furious sword Zhanxia snake head, but still was Chansi his feet, can not move a half minutes. Head Xingfeng masterpiece, looked up, and that the black python ten feet from a distance, but they have the huge python body to the surrounding air exudes a strong black and white from just a hint of absorption into the nose, suddenly felt Touyunnaozhang , nausea, vomit. Spiritual power beyond the flesh of that layer shields blocked the only black python bit, then "pop" sound, broken apart. Seeing the black gas as a clean sweep over, from the heart of a tight white. From hatred because it was spared the lives of the old bastard, do not even take off here? At this point, the white from behind suddenly someone Jiao He heard a burst of fragrant wind hit, a figure instantly moved to the front, before the red light flash explosion, the black gas, of Monty Python hit blocked out. "To go behind me, this hunt let me beheaded!" Was originally white eyes to die away, suddenly saw a savior immediate concern, rejoicing immediately beneath obedient stepped back, to watch the shadows as the Red Light broke into the black gas being. Just a moment of effort, the original black gas filled cave suddenly shook violently, dozens of red light from the black gas blasts out of the black hole at the gas will disperse the spotless, revealing Shimo stature to that hideous. Shimo case squat body, staring eyes crimson, black gas emitted continuously, but more than just light, a plume of black blood mixed with black air constantly dropping to the ground above the issue " "sound, the ground was immediately out of a small pit corrosion. <

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