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your task is as much as antworten

> White thrown from the other side took over a small pocket, opened it, containing five cents mid blue jade, jade enough to help meet the five hundred cents a low level. Www! QUaNBEN! COM then smiled in the hands of Shi Jian thrown in the past, almost at the same time, a strong soul piercing over. Want to test me? Well! White centrifugation sneer, although other's soul to be higher than the same order of monks, but compared to his practice Jushen strike is still a lot worse, quickly release a soul will always be squeezed each other's soul in the body, side also smiled at each other. Xu Jing attentively visitation has never been able to explore the other side of some repair, but it just looks like white Lianqi from five for the repair, what does he really have not hidden the key to repair? Xu Jing face even more gloomy, took Shi Jian, hand and said: "You are right to participate in trials started, when you do not want to encounter me, or be careful of your life!" Around people do not understand why the rather be Xu Jing Jae also buy this to Shi Jian,oakley eyeglasses sale, and after the transaction has verbally threatened a far less obvious repair his monks, but because he was born in a large school, so no accusations. White knew each other already from themselves as the strength of the opponent, but also often factions in the trials and Indiana with the door in order to kill each other's story, so will say so. But he had evil hearts naturally not worry about mine,Oakleys Radar Sunglasses, just smiled and said: "to each other, each other!" "Well!" With Xu Jing's stormed off, seasoned again before surging poll booths up, and seasoned it No appearance before smiling, and his ten cents to sell jade sword hands Spirit was sold five hundred people, how can they say he is not depressed it, to start a business to have some unhappy. "The rest of my all to the sword of the Spirit!" Sudden opulence white off-hand certainly will not miss this good opportunity to acquire the spirit sword, breath will stall the rest of the decade of the acquisition over the spirit sword together, loaded into the treasure bag. The way people see him taking on everything, and my heart to understand, in front of this man is a Erdaofanzi! White from time spent an entire morning City Square stall area to stroll over and over, much of the acquisition of a lot of low spirit sword, and can not wait to come back to their own homes among the long back Meng and Li said: "I want a good rest these days, little things you do not come to me!" Having one got into his room. Locked the door, no more movement. This unthinking, then let two people somehow, Meng Yu cold face, said: "This kid really regard themselves as our boss, only five of the repair Lianqi dare so to speak to us!" Lee let him pull his hand go on talking to him wink whispered: "Oh, do not worry, ah, a few days on trial, that's what people are likely to fall in place, if white Young unfortunate fall and wanted his family will not blame those of us brothers, hey ...... "two exchanged hint of mischievous eyes, simultaneous with a laugh. "Ha ha ha ......" white Yuan Ling from standing square on top of the island, looking at the ground dozens of the spirit sword back laughing, although these spirit sword in the hands of the disciples Lianqi power of small, but once Tempered evil mine, which was able to build the base master Huang Yi such a strong presence both kill it. Row a few days, White is in the room from just fell into a deep, this is only appearance, in fact, his soul Yuan Ling Island is busy. The "third ten up!" Is the fire of heaven Xunde eyes red from white, holding the hands of an evil golden mine, grinning in front of Hachiko laughed. "Congratulations son, and remove a few of the spirit sword scrapped, and the rest are smooth Make mine evil, but to rely on God's Way is always mine outside help, self-cultivation can not forget the sophisticated ah!" Hachiko's good intentions White did not waste away, he heard Stern said: "Bagong Please be assured that I will never give up their own practice, days Gentleman self-improvement!" Although not understand what is being said from the white, but his determination Hachiko still look out, they assured disappear. Ray has been away from the evil White Tempered, went to the seabed to practice Jushen strike, strong soul, this trial that he had a hunch, It will be a bloody journey, it must be in its state before adjustment to the best. After three days, there is the magic number to notify Yu Yang Disciples doors were immediately packed his things starting trials begin. I want to go get in white from Bangladesh when the door closed the door finally opened a few days, spirited away from the white room with a smile came out, the breeze, the skirts fluttering, an inability to speech The elegant sense comes out. Meng I was shocked for a moment, feeling the white Young seemed somewhere different, but still Lianqi soul swept away five for the repair, heart Anjiao surprising. Disciples of the magic number can matter so much, he saw such a small place to the monks have long impatient, urging the crowd hastened departure. Yu Yang, a pedestrian door Explorer came along before the Basilica Square, once a sight startled. I saw the open space in Dianwai, even parked in a row of a dozen long black wooden boats Qiba Zhang, bow carried high, the side there is a big golden Dragon logo, but the ship did not masts and canvas. Door dressed in uniform clothing factions disciples are ordered on board, evidently there are many hundreds of people. "Also Shaleng doing, do not hurry on board?" Magic number in the side door disciples rebuked, the jade yang door disciples were driven like sheep, one squeezed into the wooden top. Two ship's magic number Disciples saw Yu Yang doors were cramped like, laughed out a whispered: "I did not experience, even fly lightship never seen!" "Little place to come, to have any Insightful ...... "Yu Yang Gate crowd saw them Ruji door division, are Numuxiangxiang,Oakley Sunglasses M FRAME, only the white matter of the four looked away, after all, he is a disciple authentic herring, and Yu Yang door half dime had nothing to do, there must be Chang is also white hatred, and he buried this line there is a plan in mind. A disciple went to the bow at the helm, clear drink soon, palms together at the helm of a central trimmed with black semi-circular stone. While many people looked at each other, I saw that the disciple palms burst into white, penetrate into the stone, black stone surprisingly slowly revealing a white light. After a while another child, black becomes semicircular stone exudes pure white light of the stone. That disciple This release your hands, and turned back to the crowd behind the proud smiles: "The ship is only our sect will be some magic fly lightship, no oars, masts and sails do not need as long as There are enough real dollars will be able to drive it to anywhere you want to go. "original flight instruments ah, so what we have ah Yu Yang doors, but this is not the appearance of nothing, which is what a good show off. Yu Yang in the door everyone for their gaffe just ashamed, when the whole ship violently shaking a little, slowly moving up, gradually increased, all queued lightship fly, imposing majesty to fast speed and flew into the distance. Not much time to fly lightship speed and slow down, put the white from head stuck boat to see. At this point it was still no big bright, In the gloom Big Yin towering physique to show it off in front of white. This is an endless rolling mountains, lush everywhere vast forests, and in the middle there is a mountain towering peaks stand high above the hills, through the clouds above the base of the surrounding mountains like it usually firmly hold up, the more its steep spectacular! The Big Yin Reiki sufficient number of high-level monks said Chen states are spiritual pulse selection in the mountains, the construction of Dong Fu, alchemy practice, is also regarded as a state famous Chan mountains. Little while later, a huge flying air fleet came to the tall peaks of the mountainside, where there is a broad platform above a dozen people have stood up. Fly bareboat have landed, and factions led by his disciples also down from the boat, came to the front of a dozen people. It is not the head of the Explorer Yin Sang, he saw all the assembly of the people, pointing behind a huge cave broke into, said: "This is your time trial of the burning hole, there are a myriad of exotic herbs, your task is as much as possible and bring some Lingcao treasures, one month, if, when someone came out empty-handed, it had to ask him to leave the magic number of the door, but before I go on to tell you, there is Wicked many want removal Lingcao not so easy, and even the risk of losing their lives, so if someone wants to give up, you can now roll. "listened Yin Sang deadpan without warning, white from the start looked at from the front of the cave, the one person tall cave looked from the outside, the hole is a dark fog, I can not see how deep inside, the chill of the air blowing people could not stop playing the Cold War, such as a bite people monster mouth. People are able to come here factions new generation of outstanding disciples who know trials are more or less made preparations, there is no one to back down, just waiting Yin No Sang gave the order, we must grab the spirit hole grass. See that no one asked to leave, Yin Sang nodded with satisfaction without, directed behind more than ten people a hint, that more than a dozen people immediately arranged a strange formation, while shot, offering a variety of instruments used by the roof, issue gorgeous light, constantly playing in the blanket of darkness above the blanket of darkness that as soon as boiled water roll up, roll to the side to reveal a passage across the gravel to. All participants disciples of trial ordered in a row into them, while Yin Sang no sound came again. "The Mist will open a month later, when a disciple through trials can come out. Blame I did not warn you, if someone wants their own way through the blanket of darkness, that is the kiss of death." White from the soul swept away, found shot to open a dozen people are Mist build the base for the repair, heart jing, this magic sect's strength really is deserved reputation. Behind urging sound came, white from time to think, and Yu Yang disciples together into the blanket of darkness, stature disappear. Staring crowd disappeared in the hole of the figure, Yin Sang face was emerging out of without a trace inexplicable smile. <

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