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Benji side where there antworten

> Xu winds led the disciples desperately toward the direction of headquarters Sword mad fly, repair magic behind the battle cry for these who just escaped the crowd Xinchan endless,Jordan New School Shoes, when desperate determination to be replaced by the survival ** when the sound is undoubtedly the greatest torture. wWW! QUAnbeN! COm "We work harder, do not lag behind ah!" team up front Changfeng Xu is now out of breath, after all, just some Deathmatch has consumed too much spiritual power, also looked at the front of the scene Some shake. He did not change those cries fell on the final fate of his disciples,jordan online cheap, they have been chasing the repair magic to catch the positive with disabilities, and instantly he was drawn and quartered, grab body parts repair magic who are excited munching a , it will be steaming human flesh into his own big mouth. See this scene, Xu winds eyes sparkle, but they understand that now is not the time, grief turned around with the rest of the disciples to continue flying forward, because just flurry, the distance between the two sides so close a lot. Just then, a man suddenly appeared in front of the figure ...... all people are suddenly appeared in front of this man to overawed, and many come in the back of his disciples not see horror exception heart: Is there repair magic who arrived in front of us to go, which under the flank, I am afraid to be worse. The winds followed Xu Meng Ruqing already see the messenger, irrepressible heart ecstasy exclaimed: "Kingpin quickly to save us, to kill us who repair magic!" Who is the comprehension Union chief Yu Lei. See in front of everyone is covered with blood, ragged, and I heard the battle cry repair magic friars, Benji decisive speaker shouted: "You brisk walking, and here I come to resist!" "Kingpin, who many repair magic, we left to help you find one! "" off to long-winded, and quickly went back to base camp, where I am a man enough! "Suppression Xu Lei Yaoshou winds requirement to stay after repair Once upon a time everyone had crossed his sword quickly retreat to the rear, independent Shi Lei, a person faced with leaving pursuers behind. Looking at the back of the crowd gradually disappeared, Benji turned his head to face this assured of getting closer repair magic confreres. The two sides did not speak, who were also repair magic from Benji's body felt a powerful force, they roared waving weapons, various Ling Jian Qi momentum surging wave and he rushed over. Several hundred air waves and did not let the Spirit of Benji feel a little pressure, solemn face is still no emotion, just gently spit out the words: Ice Shield! An enormous ice shield suddenly appeared in front of him, it was Liu Ruyan's secrets, this time from the start to Lei Shi, it is extremely powerful. Completely from the ice shield can determine the size of the repair time Benji far beyond the realm of crossing the robbery. Ling waves have hit on the ice shield, although pomp powerful, but it can not pass through this barrier, not to mention the damage to the shield of Benji. "Brethren Charge, kill this person is great merit an immediate, numerous prisoners day adults will be rewarded!" Several leading repair magic who see men who have been shaken by this road ice shield, even winced, quickly aloud propaganda boost morale. Confreres a repair magic, eyes fiercely and filled up with another squeak wow barking rushed up, as one black tides. "I do not know either retreat, took command leaving it!" Lei looking at these repair magic who constantly attack his own ice shield, an anger immediately rises from the heart, burst drink soon, Ice Shield immediately broken off, turning to a myriad of ice pound repair magic with disabilities. These ice contains both his powerful element force, was hit with disabilities have Pikairouzhan repair magic, broken ribs fractures, more direct killed poor repair. "Everybody together, and kill him!" Companion blood stimulate repair repair magic Devil's congregation who Ferocious big time, this time to see the ice shield is gone, all roared and rushed up. See immediate repair magic who still act recklessly rushing to their own, Benji hands flick, two stretches Ray Mang go, into two mine sword. A Unit per force constantly throughout the body from leaking out of his hair is no wind automatically, the world suddenly darkened. Just then, numerous snow fell from the sky, the air suddenly cold anomalies, surging, thunder shock. Benji the sword! This sword bland, and not too much to find the correspondence, just in front of flat waved sword to cut out a cross. Just repair magic disabilities are still dreaming of the cut to pieces in front of the people, when suddenly while Jian Qi to! This Jian Qi Xeon incomparable, but Benji all meta force together, Jian Qi will be a power surge, surrounded by snow followed immediately swept away. Red in front of the repair magic who saw it hit Jian Qi, panic think back to hide, but the repair magic behind it is still unknown who is still forward, on a group of people went up to the buzz of Lei Jian Qi. Jian Qi flashed carnage Zhaxian, numerous black blood moment are playing in the air, nearly a hundred repair magic foremost scholar suddenly the bill, that hideous heads have rolled ground. Lichtenstein repair magic floundered when the congregation, that several small head did not expect such a powerful rival, to see heads chopped companions jing mind is endless. Benji did not allow them to gain a strong foothold, and then again a few Jian Qi, full of God to kill hundreds of the above repair magic disabilities Later, they fled terrified panic. Watch repair magic friars fled after Benji This spirit sword back into the sheath, the wind stopped immediately sky snow breaks, between heaven and earth has responded to some sunny. At this time his cultivation if the return per zhenjun seen inevitable surprise. The sword that just has been completely beyond crossing the robbery for the repair, even Mahayana is also greater. This is likely to have the power of fairy talent! Benji know, now he can have such a repair, thanks to the help of Stone III rotation. In the stone, he practicing III, before the repair after the upgrade to Mahayana people Wonderland world, and now as long as he is willing and ready to soar! Haotian then also came with the Phantom behind him, the two looked at his eyes seemed strange, after a moment, before slowly Haotian said: "I feel imprisoned day has come, and how are you going to do?" If the repair Benji did not break, naturally do not ask, and Phantom of the Opera by Haotian shot, but now the repair Benji actually break into people Wonderland world, is also comparable with Haotian, Phantom of the Opera is better. In such circumstances, Benji can be left alone to face the ancient magic of prisoners days. "Repair the Devil into the army already attacked Feng Lin Chau Inland, please also two for me to destroy them. Prisoners days I go alone would be him, and my three brothers are dead in his hands, this hatred anyway should be reported. "Benji tone though plain, but he already sensed Lang loudly and death, only one thought in mind at this time, is to prisoners days Xingshenjumie prevent this human catastrophe. "Well, do as you say, the other repair magic by us to deal with disabilities, prisoners days let you do it. Hey, Benji, you can not let him die too comfortable!" Haotian looking Senleng, and Phantom of the Opera Meanwhile recede. Benji without looking pale, said: "As You Like a" Phantom of the Opera Haotian and just left, came from afar the sound waves of applause, from far and near, but the twinkling of an eye. "Dandao You did not expect so many people want you to kill me, I can not seem to live up to everyone's hope not appeared! Ha ha ha ..." Prisoners days marching air a walking step by step, at the foot again in bursts black air, like the devil come. Lei Lei sword from the cuff gently stretched out, tip thrill issued a "buzzing" beep, then distribute such coldest general Blade debut coldness, fell prisoner's eyes just feel kind of day terrifying chill rises from the heart. "Good sword! Did not think you can comprehend the thunder of the road, well, I admit you enough to do my opponent!" Prisoners days looking for a cold, the first shot, in the hands of the black sword flick, majestic spiritual power crazy spewing out blade instantaneously green flame parcels. And Benji failed to action, but the air flashing Leiguang but more violent. Wind, snow, wind dancing mad, ground frost condensation everywhere, only less than ten feet radius around Benji side where there is no wind Piao into. Dozens of green Jian Qi with any real whistling at breakneck speed and headed towards the Benji, surrounded by winds with snow every now and then too scattered lasing. Benji shouted "to well!" Whole person suddenly squatted down then soared straight up the air, swords horizontal push out. Jian Qi flash of green flame was still unabated speed rushed to the ground, which Xu Li Jian Qi but rather as a prisoner day, the ground was suddenly blasted a few hundred meters deep groove. Prisoners days Jianying look up and see the sky in front of pretty calmly and spiritual revolution of the sword in the chest, there appeared a grimace shield, when the shield broken when the big mouth He Sheng, play again sword and rushed to his opponent. Fly to halfway, struggling to throw prisoners days will Heijian out, constantly absorbing the surrounding frost snowflakes attached to it, Heijian only became a huge moment Bingjian straight from Benji. Prisoners days also followed palms Qi out two braved the exciting light, mouth shouted: cage palm! Benji will be several hundred palm shadow enveloped him like a cage of wild beasts, even if much will be useless. I did not expect to have such powerful rivals even palm method, Benji forehead sprout some cold sweat. If that road Bingjian cut real, was enough to beat him, and now the opponent is not yet resorted to his own cage seen palm. Yuan Li Lei repeatedly roar will increase to the highest level, swords one, turned into an equally powerful Leiguang sword. Must as soon as the opponent's spirit sword Pila, or behind the cage palm can not endure their inevitable. Quickly after the launch of an ice shield, lightning sword with great whistling sound mixed with snow and ice has been fiercely Zhanxiang far Bingjian. Prisoners days Spirit Sword Ice Shield encounter a lag only slightly after they penetrate through, while the ice shield suddenly broken into pieces fall to the ground,Coach Bags Store, but also because of the hindrance Bingjian slow a point. Just in time! <

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