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31.05.2013 10:40
Smoke snow really smart antworten
> Thunder air that group began to slowly decline, forced to come to relentless momentum. Cloud Peak, all sides have issued building among people Diange pressure acid creak, apparently too fast these buildings stand the tremendous pressure. "Lei do not know what tricks, actually led to such a terrible thunder, I see this time Zuyun Zong to Daoda Mei." "Yes, maybe we should look for another way out, even if the repair does not succumb to the Devil , also retreated from the battlefield to the continent up. "distant sovereign talking about the large door, they suddenly felt bad Thunder, apparently Benji move drew some of this devastating blow. Roar! Roar! Roar! Missy sky and roar, golden body panels in a circle, retaining hilltop above the clouds, thunder slightest fear of Granville. While everyone thought that this dragon to suffer, he suddenly heard Duan came in from Yunwushan. "Missy come back, which you can not resist the Thunder!" Speaker is Benji, I saw him fly from the crack of the hole, the black cloak draped over his shoulders, face a bit tired, but still revealing a confident smile . The air as if there is an invisible level, Benji gait walked up step by step, the Thunder have to constantly reflect divergent Dianmang purple blue one he was covered. "This is going to do the elders stone?" Seeing this scene, all of the Zu Yunzong disciples heart of a tight, why they do not escape this unknown Baishi Lei Thunder Road, it is often the case in winter anxiously shouted out. "Benji naturally he's going, what you are noisy, whatever the outcome is Yuan Ying repair, Zende so bad!" Liu Ruyan Qiao Mu Yuan Deng, scared often encountered a winter atmosphere could not breathe, and swallow after prattle Back to the stomach. At this time, the Thunder suddenly broke countless Dianmang heaven, all the bombers to go to Benji, but Benji not even no response, despite Dianmang penetrating into the body, did not resist. This situation, even Liu Ruyan also seen frowned. Benji Lishenzhichu instantaneously a bombardment of thunder and an explosion caused by layers of air waves, turbulent upsets, like an avalanche shoot in all directions. Red sky countless thunderbolt should be captured in this color. This Thunder of Granville, I'm afraid when crossing the robbery tenrai that is the case. Benji Thunder under bombardment in the body gradually crushed, like a broken vase. But he has not the slightest fear, because this is the period Hop Road will happen. Hop Road, monks have both the ability of destruction and creation, and now his body is to accept the destructive power of baptism, which is the impact of co-channel must go through a clearance. Thunder falling more hovering, the smaller the electric ball. When the last one falls thunder after Dianmang disappear, clouds close, whirlpool and void disappears, Yunwushan restore the fine, clear. But Benji was gone completely Xingshenjumie the air in addition to flying particles Dianmang, never the slightest trace of him. "Ah!" Liu Ruyan obviously feel Benji soul disappear, finally could not help exclaim out loud,Air Jordan Store, eyes quickly covered with a layer of mist. Zuyun Zong's disciples is stunned, Benji actually done so, or in a suicidal manner, a time Yunwushan on Wan Lai stillness. Major sects around the sovereign also around us, they could not understand, the result would be like this. Everyone is loving mind, do not understand what happened. But one thing we all unanimously affirmed that the Thunder Pide Xingshenjumie Benji is no longer possible alive. Everyone is baffled when air suddenly came Benji Ruoyouruowu voice: "Whew, after the destruction in order to create, I had the road is so." Liu Ruyan suddenly raised his head, eyes a naked shoot the rest of the people looked up to heaven, and looked between are all incredible look. I saw countless Dianmang particles come together slowly, turning to a humanoid, voice is coming out from the humanoid. Little while efforts Dianmang flash, Benji and from the void came out, looks no different from the previous figure, but his gestures, more an indescribable air of fairy Plaza. "Benji?" Liu Ruyan never seen anything like different things, but the feel of her in front of the person is able to judge Benji. "Let Liu sovereign worry, now I have Xiu Hop Road realm, but just in the process of destruction and creation, I'm still me!" Lei Liu Ruyan can feel the emotional ups and downs, and he spoke, the release of light element force so that the other party immediately relaxed. "Scared, Hop Road period! This ......" All the people are shocked, because they do not feel a strong body from Benji breath, and suddenly I heard him break repair, how can I not surprised. Hop Road period, even if the period of refining virtual realm, these monks Chou is also an insight into recently, this legendary realm is beyond the scope of their imagination. One has its own avenue of the monks, and that is mastered three thousand one demigod Heaven, so the monks in the repair Once upon a rare, and mostly are illusory Mishima above, I did not expect to live standing in front of them A. Those little faster run faster than rabbits sovereign who now regret the intestines are green, they turn the eyeball, thinking about how to save just a big mistake. "Ladies and gentlemen sovereign, sovereign Willow and I have something important to talk about, now is not convenient reception, and also please their back to the mountains. Often encountered in winter, visitor!" Benji eyes swept those sovereign, mouth revealing a contemptuous smile, he brought with Liu Ruyan without looking into the hall. After just things, often encountered in these sovereign winter just a little goodwill built up suddenly vanished, he cold face, said: "Today this is inconvenient Front door, please!" This sentence sounds very blunt, is people have heard out of the Zu Yunzong disciples unhappy,Air Jordan UK, but since Benji are under the expulsion of these sovereign not dare stay. The ride from the magic had bitterly returned their mountains, but in the way they started figuring out how to make up for their mistakes it. The most unfortunate thing is those little sovereign, already before the doors of all the resources of this material are dedicated Zuyun Zong, the intention to join. I did not expect just a momentary afraid to die, but now they often do not hesitate to drive a winter event that will catch them all down Yunwushan. "Shi Lang, you really Hop Road repair has become of the realm?" Liu Ruyan Benji did not feel the breath of the body element force, as if in front of her just a mortal only. "Yes, it is no wonder you can not tell. Hop Road period, they do not release their monks Avenue, just like ordinary mortals." Lei smiled, fingertips immediately burst into a group with Dianmang white flame. "Good strong flavor!" Liu Ruyan Benji sat opposite, in this flame burst when she suddenly felt more powerful than that of the atmosphere Thunder enveloped her. As long as the other party is willing, this advice, she had no chance to even resist, it will flings, even this indicator can be within a hundred miles radius Everything ashes. "This is your road to it?" "Yes, I realize this is the thunder of the road, between heaven and earth has the greatest power of destruction, but also has broken the power of creation and then stand at this road not only with my practice of Hao Trick law coincide with my own path and magic is the same vein, just to play my greatest strength. "Lei Lei release Plough India, placed Liu Ruyan palm, and to let her watch. At this point all sides are printed Plough Ray Green, red, blue, yellow four colors, representing the wood, fire, water, earth four lines of the thunderbolt. And at the top is the color of pure gold, natural gold line represents the thunderbolt. The most strange is that in the four characters engraved stamp printed Plough surface mine, but presented with a touch of purple. Liu Ruyan gently stroking mine printed on texture, surprised expression on his face, said: "This is also printed as you do now, do not see the power of play is? '" Smoke snow really smart, this India has been reborn with me, with great power,oakley sunglasses online, if at any time to maintain the state of the release of breath, I am afraid we have Zu Yunzong including you stand up. "joke Shi Lei, Liu Ruyan heard him say have fun, hush chuckle. Beautiful smile hundred pro-life, especially Liu Ruyan so usually stern woman, even if Stone has the love and desire separation, but also feel themselves, quite seductive. "Smoke, last alike, you have not felt the repair has improved? Per force I've used it again for the purification of the flesh you should make your progress faster." Benji did not think this is a concern, then, Right now say it, listen to it in Liu Ruyan ears a lot more ambiguous meaning included, she blushed and whispered: "Is there some sense, but it seems not so obvious, and perhaps not enough purification it." Benji's turn this embarrassing, but his mind had love and desire separation, or face so full of suggestive words, already contain himself. But Cha female alike, it requires two people love and desire completely released, so as to be more effective, or just want to control the situation and to be separated, they have no time distracted. "Well, let's start from tonight continued spiritual development, I want you to break through on the repair of God In addition I have here an ancient monk left his secrets, I want to pass subglottic disciples to learn, you can also reference details about . "Benji discourse of a turn, from the storage bag to remove a wooden box. Liu Ruyan see the wooden box of the moment, his face looked awkward swept away, revealing a look of excitement. "This is a relic Xuanming sub seniors do?" To see Benji nodded yes, Liu Ruyan carefully holding the wooden box over, entered a real element. Just listen carbazole gave the Qing Xiang, boxes opened it. Inside lay quietly three yellow books that says "Xuanming supernatural" four black characters. <
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