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31.05.2013 10:37
Four crossing to snowy antworten
> "Young, I have this set of clean clothes, you put on it. WWw.QUanBEN.CoM" Benji took the ghost Chiaki delivery to the entire clothing and footwear, the concept of God a move, they put themselves to. Black cloak, black brilliant clothing, black shoes and socks, which is totally a ghost Chiaki style, now worn Benji body, chill a bit less, a little more power and influence, he was looking slightly Shen did not laugh when, even with the door Ghost Chiaki and Lang also feel a bit heavy breathing loudly. "Charm Sister, please hold on, here are my friends, I want to take him away." Four crossing to snowy areas, a Benji suddenly remembered a people, Manghan live Phantom, among others. At this point he has no soul deliberately looking for a powerful, spiritual force all here,Coach Bags Store, real dollars are faint reaction in the perception range. "Wait!" Benji soon to capture a familiar real dollars, flash stature, who has not seen, and then appears, beside the addition of a man. This person is the swastika devil king's only son, but also the swastika devil king's sworn enemy, Li Ling. "Dandao You, your repair seemed sophisticated it ......" Li Ling but saver of the repair, the Phantom of the monks and three imaginary refining side, they do not release the breath, then let Li Ling kind of breathing hard, struggling uncomfortable feeling. "Yes, I am now a big late peak refining imaginary realm, swastika devil king I do not waste Chuihuizhili can kill. Li Daoyou, you can rest assured." Lei smiled from ear to ear bar grabbed Li Ling, flying into the sky . Soon, a line of five people came to the full space turbulence outermost chase demons abyss. After the collapse of the inner space here, it seems imminent destruction, a Unit of a strong spiritual power fluctuations impact on each other, all of the space turbulence like wildly, looked rattling, biting each swallowed. I do not know how Leigong Fu couple now, they left here do? "This is a layer of space is also about to collapse, we hurried to leave, otherwise the magic will follow fall into the abyss with destruction." Phantom see Benji was still staring deep into the abyss, busy silent reminder, followed by intense black flame holding a large sword, heavy pixia . Jianmang off, the space black vortex turbulence have been swallowed. Others wonder why she is being hew sword out of thin air when Benji suddenly smiled praise: "Sister was amazing, actually found a space crack." Sure, Jianmang fly out one hundred meters after the bombardment in the seemingly vain place, followed by a strip of white cracks, as if it was a layer of black glass cover, hit the outside of the post-rift thrown light. "Broken!" Phantom soon light drink, Black Mountain burst a long absence of the sun fall straight through into the abyss magic. Almost at the moment she was forced to open the exit, the whole abyss also started falling Magic severe vibration, where people still do not know how it is, both awarded by the magic out of the fall into the abyss. Call ...... Benji grow breath, space explosion behind me as exports are no longer audible crushing, back to repair the Devil, and he had a kind of Geshi human feelings. A pedestrian but a place that appears above the sea, no one can determine the specific location, but looking at the gray sky overhead, Benji sullen said: "Devil repair is still here, we stay here very easily lead to the old magic prisoners day chase, but he was determined to win Stone III rotation, it is best to repair Once upon transfer to safer. Lidao You, you said ten continents so now in my hands, leaving you to join us? '" yes! I watched swastika devil king dead! "Li Ling teeth, seems to have seen the devil king's lifeless swastika. Benji nodded his head, no longer speak, from the storage bag will rocket dark Shizhou token taken out and looked behind the token raised ten dots, dot finger stuck in Yingzhou above. He looked around the people, other people see no objection, this force pressing down. He is the only one who can feel a tremor came from within the token, the token over and saw there were many positive token golden runes, they are arranged in a certain way character array. "The original is such a thing ......" When some of these runes final arrangement forming, arranged in a circle in a fixed order, the other runes then slowly faded, leaving only a character array. Pop! Qing Xiang after the character array token issued to the sky golden, light flowing between a gold rune emerging, such as disc the size of floating in the air. "We fast forward Chuan Songzhen!" Phantom see the character array freed black roll, they put everyone brought into the character array. Five people just entered Jinnai, runes around it burst sky flashed beam. Bearing beam only lasted less than three hours, then crashing collapse, gold character array gone, Benji, who also disappeared disappeared. Almost simultaneously, a wilderness Yingzhou continent over the lap Bright flashes, showing the five men. "This is Chou?" Benji looked around, and the sky above Azura, white clouds, day after day head is also exceptionally bright. Obviously, they have left the repair Devil. "There are ten continents make ten character array, corresponding to the repair Once upon a ten continents Chuansong Zhen, each one has its own continental Chuan Songzhen. Absolutely can not go wrong." Phantom feeling the oncoming breeze, his face showing very comfortable expression, lazy answer Benji. "So it was very good and I now go to smoke, what you intend?" Benji time emotionally, eager to go home, anxious Liu Ruyan is at hand. Phantom of the Opera to see a lot of people obviously relaxed, giving them a touch of a pot of cold water splashed: "Prisoners days Laomo not rotate Stone III will never let go, this person will never bet on one, he certainly there are other ways Do not think to repair Once upon on the right, in my view, repair Once upon a time within ten continents there is no absolute safe place, who knows where he will attack. "Benji was taken aback, put away lax mind, Stern asked: "There are other ways to break the boundaries of the two circles? What is that? '" way to break the boundaries of the two circles, as far as I know there are two. III rotary stone is one, this World prehistoric stone but when refining an ancient monks practice magic, this stone allows monks reportedly more practice time III, the maximum extent, enhance the repair of monks. prisoners cattle now than I probably repair much higher, if he got III rotary stone, without too long a time we will have the strength to break the boundaries of the two circles. "much III of practice time, this is what the concept, equivalent to an extra three lifetimes monks life ah! Any one monk get this magic, the repair will probably reach a very terrible state bar. Phantom Here, swallow the eggs to see if everyone's face, with a wry smile continued: "Another way although the trouble, but at his current strength, it can certainly be done, and we have absolutely no way to stop. Ancient large array 'Dayan Zhou array', you may not have heard, but this array has the power, enough to break open the void, in the boundaries of the two circles to open a huge portal, repair magic with disabilities access to two community will be as good as their home the same. "" This ...... So, now we not fish on the chopping block? charm Sister, you are well-informed, if there is a way to stop prisoners days? "see everyone Mianrutuse, Benji also terribly upset, but see Phantom seems do not fear, then guess the other certainly had brain power. Phantom looked Benji and appreciated in the mouth formed a smile, nodded and said: "Fortunately III rotary stone in my hands, or prisoners days after enhance the strength of the repair, the entire world and no one can deal with him while Dayan week day matrix layout rare earth materials required to gather the forces of prisoners days it is also takes a long time, he was dormant for so many years neither collect all the materials, we do not need to worry too much about it as far as I know, which There is a lot of material in the repair Once upon a time only, so he will fight every effort to open two circles seal cracks, sent over some minor players, I think the purpose is to find these materials. immediate way is to grab in front of him, These materials will be destroyed, although it requires a lot of time, but it is not the way. "pop, pop, pop ...... applause came, Benji turned and looked and saw the smile on his face Li Ling, being forced patting palm,Cheap Coach Bags, as if the words on the Phantom extremely agree. "Phantom of the Opera is indeed, say good! Shizhou if not borrow your order to come here, I'm afraid really make your strategy to succeed, but I have come repair Once upon, but also let you get away with it? Ha ha ha ......" Li Ling trembling, laughing incessantly, seemingly insane, exude dramatic fluctuations in real dollars, as if what horrible monster drilled out from his body. Bad! Benji hearts already feel bad, see Li Ling suddenly like a changed person, this is by no means a saver of monks and some real element of the atmosphere,Nike Air Jordan 13 UK, was so powerful that he feeling of suffocation. "Prisoners' Day!?" Phantom face changes, long black hair storm moment, the large black flame sword fierce cross on the chest, vigilance led the crowd receding. "A thousand years gone, I did not expect you not only have not been locked in Kowloon Dead Man's Chest refining, amendments to improve the gall to today's level. Seems to want to pack out you really is not a simple thing, the deity is now no time to accompany you play, so I opened two community boundaries, come pick you now! normalized veteran child has been soaring, I see who else can stop me, ha ha ha ...... "Li Ling body in a very strange way twisted, like a no bones of snakes. Number of interest later, his stature is already stretched a lot, full two meters tall, torn flesh in Tangchu a Unit of blood, was covered with a red dye. But he seems to feel the pain, still in insolent laugh. Lang loudly and ghost Chiaki though Qiangdajingshen, but the repair is an enormous disparity in the ability to make their meta breath almost lax. If there were Phantom stand in front of the crowd, I am afraid this time would Jailed days the weight of the atmosphere emanating from heaven go. <
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