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31.05.2013 10:34
such as Guan Yu Rushan head down from antworten
> Because Souhun surgery when displaying black ancestors, Benji did not find each other companions, so be sure the actions of these people in front, black ancestors did not know. wWW! Quanben! CoM As to why they come here, Benji can guess about, is simply to treasure here. If placed in peacetime, Benji naturally not complicate the issue, go with these five people difficult. But the two brothers unaccounted for, do not ask what was going on, I'm afraid to miss the opportunity. The other side there are a venerable yet appeared, certainly not hard to kill out. Danlei Si ago thought after the sudden emergence of a person head to heart, illegal channels: the success of the brothers asked the whereabouts of all this people. He crept backwards to a few hundred meters away, not only hide the repair, but the meta force put in a big kind of magic who went to five repair. Not out of a few steps, he was found, repair magic who swarmed him surrounded. "Ladies and gentlemen fellow, what are you doing?" Benji pretending to panic, looking panic. "Hey ......" is just the first chapter aloud monk named, he smiled and looked at Dan Leiliang strange grin long before they shouted: "Boy, if find any treasure on the surrender Come on, we can put you a way out!" Benji has long been expected to know the hearts of each other as there is a trick, hearts do not panic, awaiting to speak, but the interface side that monks Huang said: "Zhang Tao Friends, His Holiness the gods have commanded before, this line must not reveal the slightest wind, this person No reservations may be! "Another monk also Chen Sheng said:" Zhang Tao friends, this person is just the early Yuan Ying, how to be here, maybe near his teachers, must not let the bad events of His Holiness. "Zhang's monks Guaiyan stare, for Huang monks Hema said: "Naturally, I have to do things you teach? I just wanted to tease him about it, you then speak out of turn, go back to your pathetic life after careful." Benji turned to another strange smiles: "Boy, hard luck, to the following can not blame me!" he finished, fingers Qi Zhang, you should pay attention to Benji side door. "Daoyou Wait a minute, everybody does with Blackwater ancestors all the way, are all gods sent?" Benji see opportunities to make, hurriedly shouting, Zhang's brother really heard this stop, the remaining four are also a look of shock tolerance. Zhang's head monk shouted: "Have you seen black ancestors? Say who you are!" "But do not go the next island Roche family children, Luo Chun is next Zuxiong, My name is Rowley. Everybody Daoyou We are one of us ah! "see the other side remains into the urn, Benji naturally as I had prepared to say. "Roche family? Well, finally Luo Chun sensible you came here for?" Grabbing a little angry monk named Zhang, eyes are STARE Benji, his soul always firmly locked. The original soul from Blackwater ancestors come the news, not owned by a number of repair magic island who have promised swastika devil king, betrayal ghost future generations. Roche family is one of the leader, black swastika devil monarch ancestors are sent by contacts, exchanges between the two sides is extremely top secret things, unless very close to trust the people, otherwise never be known. As asked by chapter monk named things, Benji has long been thought of good response of the language, heard his face the color of pretending to be mysterious and said: "some of his fellow may not know, Blackwater ancestors came here in addition to contact the ghost of anti- Chiaki things, as well as an Events. uh ...... goal is Li Ling. "Several repair magic with disabilities to see him so nervous, phase, as the laughter, Blackwater ancestors kill Li Ling, which is under the swastika devil king orders They will know. This is ridiculous in front of the Roche family 'Rowley' thought it was no secret how they do not laugh, the hearts of suspicion and Benji drop somewhat. Benji bewildered, accompanied hollow laugh a few times, his face the color of grief, Chen Sheng said: "Maybe some of his friends do not know, Blackwater ancestors and his four companions, has ...... fallen! "" ah? "five repair magic who heard shocked, Zhang monk named Benji is a catch collar, anger asked:" in the end is how is it, give me that! "" fellow pacified, let me Detailed Road to. "Benji expression alarmed, he lay down upon the other party will have only slow breath and said:" Li Ling Roche had been in my city, afraid to go outside. reasonably Blackwater ancestors long shot, no doomed, but I do not know Zende, that Li Ling actually come before the ancestors, the temporary leave of the city, I was ordered by Jiaxiong with ancestors hunt down, did not think he actually fall into the abyss of magic, so we can only with the room. Just We catch up with him, and soon succeeded the occasion, did not expect to actually popped up the ghost halfway Chiaki with another one of the monks of God, ancestors of four Blackwater fellow even react too late to ...... ancestors was also seriously injured Although with my escape, but died due to his injuries, dying to give me a magic that is to come here to find a Venerable to avenge him. "Having something which looked Benji fatigue, as if being chased killing strength prostration. And that five repair magic Guests looking gloomy, mouth moving, which I do not know what to discuss with the acoustics. For a moment, he heard monk named Zhang Yin laughed: "Loredo, ghost Chiaki repair ancestors whom Blackwater is not high even a joint enemy, Zende but why can you live alone? Gather that you pretend to seek refuge Luo gods, but in reality ventilation messenger with ghosts and the future, so in order to catch the Blackwater ancestors and others, so you live now? "Benji heard chuckle, these repair magic Shi Mingming believe and 80% wielding tempted myself. Present a positive face, a look of fear against just put your face Biede angrily: "How can doubt my fellow Luo loyalty for gods? If I really Chiaki collusion with devils,Coach Store, you also need to come here to die? So I can be spared, all because I'm taking the worst in people, when Blackwater Li Ling ancestors discovered when I arrived there dozens distance, and when I arrived at the time, is a messy, before things are black ancestors told me, if you do not believe they kill me, they do not embarrass My brother can! "" Do you think I will not? "Zhang monk named Guaiyan a turn, hands should take . Beside a person Mangquan said: "This man is talking all confidential, outsiders could come known, will be one of us no doubt. Now Roche family gods but important piece, fellow non-reckless ah." "Ah ...... Well, I for the time being I believe you, but from now on, you want to follow us and refused to leave, or blame me ruthless! "This monk named Zhang withdraw his hand, glared at the Benji one. "Ladies and gentlemen fellow, ever seen a ghost Chiaki with another monk through here? Oh, gotta be careful ah, they are ruthless, I'm afraid ......" Benji will hold in the hearts of the problems long throws. "Humph! Coward, I'm afraid he does not come, he came to let him Siwuquanshi!" Monk named Zhang sneer heard again and again, as if he would ghost Chiaki one finger crushed in general. Benji see him look, heart Antan: It seems that their mouth is near the so-called Venerable must, otherwise this person would not be so overreaching. Soul swept four weeks, a few kilometers there is no other person within the scope of the true element of force reaction, as long as five people can instantly kill, Benji 60% certainty that His Holiness came in before you can escape. In this way, his mind could not help around the corner: the front of these repair magic highly commendable given not seen the two brothers, as while it is not prepared to catch them. Mindful here, chest LINGTAI start crazy turn, Plough Ray has also been secretly preparing printing only, five people turned back, they have to hit shots. Side at the moment, a very strong reaction real dollars came from afar, and to the twinkling of an eye. See five repair magic disabilities while showing a smile, Benji knew was that His Holiness arrived and had to rest from the mind immediately hands. A group Huoyun comes from the horizon, flight, such as electricity in the air to bring out a long Firetail, blink of an eye it to the front. Zhang Lei monk named a pull low shouted: "Fire Dragon met Venerable predecessors, not kneel down to greet, prepared to die?" Benji a look, see the remaining four already knelt down, and looked respectful, heart cursed: shit statue person, but a virtual refining the initial repair, saw me brothers not escape death. That having been said, but now he was alone, naturally had to face Fufei, along side kneel already in the hearts of the Fire Dragon Venerable criticizes discredited by a few. Fire Dragon slowly lowered, while Huanpei phase attack came the voice, I saw a young face, such as Guan Yu Rushan head down from the clouds. This person looks handsome,Nike Jordan 14 Sale, cool demeanor, mouth smiling, people to see heart close. But closer scrutiny, was able to find a trace of his eye brow hidden between Yin Zhi cruelty, people feel palpitations. Benji see in the eyes, scared in my heart: "Why Venerable was originally covered domineering Wei Wu Xiushi, never thought that such a frail youth." Fire Dragon Venerable looked knelt six people, finally looking to stay in Benji who asked, frowning: "Chapter I, this Who?" Chapter I is that Zhang's monk, Venerable Getting verbally phase consultation, busy smiles replied: "This person but does not Roche family owned the island of Loredo, Bong Blackwater ancestors came here to the order of His Holiness the messenger. "Fire Dragon Venerable Oh sigh, asked what, Zhang Lei Mangjiang I just said the words exaggeration to say it again as if he immersive. When he finally finished, Fire Dragon Venerable again Oh bang, not the color of anger, he let everyone get up, just smiled and said: "Blackwater is that there is this robbery, Chiaki refining virtual ghost interim repair, even if I am not an opponent. want me to avenge him, and wait a hundred years to say it,oakley sunglasses sale, ha ha ha ...... "" This man is pretty self-knowledge, much stronger than these Jiunangfandai. "Benji little disappointed, he took his anxious party Chiaki went ghost afterwards, so that we can meet and brothers, but now appears to be temporarily hopeless. So he started thinking about how to get out of mind. "Rowley!" Look to the Fire Dragon Venerable Shi Lei, Yin Zhi eyes that more dense. "If you swear allegiance swastika devil Luo Jun, then the deity will tell you the truth, we come to have a very sensitive thing to do. Blackwater ancestors they did not have you, too, you can be willing to help me accomplishing this do? "Benji stunned, not knowing each other even to him, but the hearts filled with an uneasy feeling. <
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