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> Dan Leigang foot on the stone steps, we can see Leigong Fu fingertips Dianmang flash, the foot of the stone steps actually moving up. Blink of work, three more than two meters long majestic tigers jumped out from the stone steps in, crouching in front of three people. Look stairs, not the slightest damage. Lei Gongfu couple step onto the tiger back, Han Qiao Xian turn around in the opposite side of the Lei laughed: "This tower high, if not a day on the walk to the top of the tower, there is the tigers will be much more convenient. Benji are you waiting for What? "" older magical spells, juniors admire it. "Benji praise a few words, then step onto the tiger back, that cats like tigers as tame, but not any struggle. Lei Gongfu legs a folder, crotch long tigers roar, he made enough bolted on the stone steps up its pace fast, like a ball of white light shadow along the stone steps quickly, then to the head while a few hundred meters high Department. Benji seeing, but also follow suit, legs a clip,Coach Bags Store, crotch tigers really have run up. Although fast, but did not feel bumps, such as sitting Royal Air magic in general. Three tigers run like the wind, little after half an hour, finally, to the top of the tower. Only heard the sound Qing Xiao Lei Gongfu, three tigers uniform stopped footsteps, to be too trio came back, did I go back Fanshen. Benji falling tiger back, it just came to my heart silently calculating the distance, heart Anjiao: Boy, I'm afraid this tower several ten thousand meters high bar, really is rare in the world, I do not know how Leigong Fu is built into the. Once upon a time on the repair so towers have never seen, or heard, it seems that here is a realm created by Han Qiao cents pour telling the truth, or else so how can trick the eyes and ears of the Spire as getaways. Benji is his thought, Lei Gongfu already pushed in front of a wooden door, the door is a shocking thunder clouds surging sea, full of flashing Dianmang. Han Qiao Xian soon Jiaochi, clouds billowing, rewind back, exposing a foot size acres Xu Shiping come, seems to be prominent pagodas, floating construction. Shiping stocked with neat Danzhuoshiyi, surrounded by misty, electric snake dance, sitting in the meantime they feel living in fantasy in general. "You first take, I went to a pot of tea, the Spirit came." Han Qiao Xian finished, turned it into a hidden among the clouds. Lei Lei Gongfu sit down until later, sitting on the other side to find Zhang Shiyi ends up, they then immediately conversation. Of course, basically Lei Gongfu questions Benji answer. Not the General Assembly work, Han Qiao Xian also carrying a wooden panel from door appeared, stood on the disc fine teapot with cup tea flavor spirits will float all the way over, Benji can not help but exclaim: tea. Han Qiao Xian Fangding after the wooden plate, sections seated, three tea and talk, talking about the ages of the repair Once upon anecdotes. "......, Since seniors are old acquaintances and family division, presumably on the family division will understand. Junior apprentice days is not long, have never appeared in Master taught, and I can talk about seniors, family division is what a character ? "Gui Yuan zhenjun While Benji always have high status, but they always have taken mystery, except that the final element zhenjun repair is absolutely strong generation demon repair, but do not know anything about him. In the ancestral continent, the fear of asking Benji GUIYUAN zhenjun will invite unnecessary trouble, had to doubt hidden in the chest, while the martial art of books, he read could not find any clues. While resting place before the encounter had GUIYUAN zhenjun old friend Xuanming child, but the other was already a ray residual soul, just explain things after, then instant demise, which still empty talk past the old things. Today we are faced with a Master's old acquaintances, and now there are no other things, in answer to each other a lot of questions, he simply will issue raised. Leigong Fu Lei would seem to already know asked this question, he and Han Qiao cents laugh,Air Jordan Shoes, before slowly eyed look forward to Benji said: "your master is a very simple character, then Kocide Cultivation, repair Magic two circles littered with corpses, bloody ah good burst! "the other voice in the chill of the Italian words scattered into the ambient air along, so can not help the whole body sat Benji shivered, eyes appears to be a return per zhenjun stood Numerous monks bones above, proudly refers days scenarios. Han Qiao Xian also smiling slightly recessed, listening Leigong Fu added: "GUIYUAN zhenjun talent is not high, and the body without spiritual roots, the no Cultivation qualification, but did not think he could realize a return per unprecedented Heart, from a soaring rise of speed such as sunrise, no one can stop. soaring in my wife before he has become part of two circles in the repair of one of the highest number of people, but unfortunately ...... "Lei Getting his master so badly the heart has long been delighted, so the monks can worship as a teacher, immortality is just around the corner that's not the date you? But the last words he heard Leigong Fu, mind suddenly punched, busy and asked: "What a pity, seniors?" "Unfortunately, he killed your master mind too, with his brother and both are enemies ended in the tragic death Even then known as the Devil first repair ghost monk Venerable and repair Once upon a first surface of a large faction head Huang Yuqing also failed in his hands through ten rounds. finally kicking two circles monks against the common enemy, the United nearly one hundred thousand two monks elite circles siege to him. "heard here Dan Leiming GUIYUAN zhenjun last known certainly safe, but still could not help but worry about them, tight asked:" What result? "Lei Gongfu situation at that time seems to think, his eyes even jump few, Duanqichabei drained, this slow and deep, said: "You master the face of so many enemies, there is no fear, or that he is like the face of a strong challenge in the days of absolute peak , he and two circles monks battle ten days and ten nights, and finally kill all the invading monks give all, no one left alive. cents both me and Joe Battle Master is also in this fallen! "one monk picture of war in With Lei Lei Gongfu words in front of the show, Getting Master elite and undefeated World War one hundred thousand monks, when his heart jump for joy, wished he could join forces with the final element zhenjun enemy. But when he heard the last one, the rude awakening, Anjiao bad, actually jumped from stone benches, covered with bursts per force, several hundred Quanfeng immediately issued. Thunder couple face Benji suddenly soared, not surprised, nor even the body moves, the formation of side winds Quanfeng wall just flashed in front of them, then a burst of breeze to dissipate away. Then I would see Leigong Fu sad smile, faint, said: "Benji You need not be so nervous, and if I want to take your life couple then why wait until now? Your master Wu Chou not only with us, but there is grace it, otherwise I would not you from five large array rescued., and sit down and listen to me finish it. "Dan Leiming know that they are not two opponents, just attack just want to secure for themselves a trace of living space, and now see each other only no hands, but also warm words persuade, they had to re-sit back skeptical among stone benches. Then with Han Qiao Lei Gongfu phase, as a fairy, both showing a trace of smile, or Lei Gongfu first spoke and said: "Even if it is the final element zhenjun kill our Master, I am afraid now you can not see the two of us. "" This is why ...... "Benji hear each other discourse seems to have hidden the one hand, carefully insert the element force across the skin surface, forming a layer of protective layer concealing the one hand, to ease this tone asked. "At the time ...... my love affair with Joe cents no one knows, but I also spotted that happens to her master, actually regardless of their own identity, stronger apprentice marry his wife. Though despised as a martial art disciple, but he repair of high-strength, Even the head and elders let him be, say to a female student who embarrass him? And although I desperately wanted rescued Joe cents, but ultimately fell short of success, being old thief caught, trapped fairy prisoners in prison It turned out he already knew our relationship, borrowed a lot of powerful magic, I had more than his cultivation even higher, but there are mental arithmetic mood, I am still with his road. alas ...... " Benji did not think Lei Gongfu couple with their scores this layer remains between the master, heard here can not help but feel sad for them. Lenovo's own heart, illegal channels: if someone snatch him Liu Ruyan, Needless to say, even if it is not to fight to their lives, but also to maintain the lovers in the end. Han Qiao Xian situation at that time seems to have remembered, Qiaolian raw cold, biting Yinya said to himself: "If not the final element zhenjun kill Na Laozei, I got it and how can Rego." Leigong Fu Wen Hold the Han Qiao made light fairy palms, Chen Sheng added: "At the time, desire to kill old thief GUIYUAN zhenjun after me secret death, then married to Joe fairy door. just did not expect one hundred thousand monks a fight Tu, where he was also folded in. Then head I know the relationship with Joe cents, not only did not set me free, but listen to the villain calumny, that we should rebel outsider collusion, the desire of our two Mingzhengdianxing put to death. partial in execution that day to return element zhenjun revenge killing, will all be sent down to kill a obliterated, leaving me only that two cents with Joe, when we think will die, and did not think your teacher is not only for me Two solutions to the body prohibition of all sects will be magic elixir with a gift, if not so, how can we achieve today's repair for the state,Coach Store, so the final element showers for both of us, the only not enemies, but still benefactor. "Benji heard here finally understood why, in the face of the person really is friends nor enemies, just think of doing, could not help a little ashamed, busy up and salute amends:" The younger generation of ignorance, but please forgive seniors! "Lei Gongfu Shake the waving, exclaimed: "I am for you to do, just have to surprise, but martial art, leaving only two cents I live alone with Joe, if spread out, is bound to provoke endless search for other sects, so we had no choice but to seek seclusion, efforts to improve cultivation. Fortunately, there are a lot of elixir supply, and finally attained soaring, but your teacher because then war consume too much strength, but after we had landed soaring enlightenment. "<
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