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31.05.2013 10:26
this thing also must bring something antworten
> Benji moves can be described as potential, such as lightning, his hands together and all Talisman like Tiannvsanhua general, to draw a road to the surrounding each color Mans, the air immediately appeared fireballs, knives, ice and other numerous five attack spells, powerful attack, what will other people's offensive pressure down. Www, QUAnben, CoM "hero, what mercy!" One of them saw a few violent atmosphere Talisman came tucked front legs and soft, the whole kneeling on the ground, actually played a mortal arena with the tone of mercy , but Benji can hear, while Talisman can not hear, a heavy knives hit his chest, did not even hum hum lay down. Wang Yun and a helper, how dare alone did not expect the other party for yourself, but a shot that is nearly 100 Talisman, one would Attacking bombers were badly beaten by the crowd immediately, if it is not broad daylight Benji Under slaughter,Outlet Oakley Monster Dog, flying a bit biased when Talisman associate head, these people have to die semi-disabled. Wang Yun Ziya Liezui from the ground up, touched burned half of the eyebrows, and then resolve the frozen ice of the hands and feet, staring proudly, looking Senleng Benji, fists almost Niechu water, but look to the other hand still held hostage dozens of Talisman, had the force of teeth nodded nuji anti laughed: "Well! stone Young really worthy of the outer door to the elite disciples, today I Renzai brothers, Let Japan, longer! "he finished, leave without looking back yard, came far Lengheng. Benji scanned the rest of the henchman who lay on the ground moaning, cold eyes, how talent does not look like a teenager should have, straight see these people dare to breathe a fear of each other a happy, they will be deducted at the hands of the Talisman to hit his head, it really makes unexpected calamities. I did not expect Benji only his eyes slightly swept away, then walked slowly to one side, crouch down, just to open his mouth, he smelt Sao odor. "The Young ... oh .... no, great ... Lord, whatever I do, I am also forced to ah, you do not kill me! I have eighty mother, under the ......" Benji see each other wet crotch one in his eyes, flashed a smile and waved to stop the mercy even to each other, softly asked: "Do not worry, brother, I just ask that my room where Dan!" the man heard Benji just ask Dan Room where immediate relief, and to speak a lot of agile, pointing to the courtyard of the cottage area in a row Dan chamber, said: "These Dan room, as long as Young seen touched upon, self-management challenge is ! "" Thank you, brother! "heavy in the men patted shoulders, Benji stood up, patted the snow, to go under the gaze of the crowd to leave. Wang Yun's men who see Benji to leave, blocking the road to have back, let out a road to the other, and no man dare to stop, man is being questioned as being roaring mountain Crimping general, blankly sitting on the ground, nothing happens. Those people walked along the Dan room, all of them staring at Benji, although no one spoke, but his eyes revealing a hint of fear actually look, Benji mouth slightly upward, revealing a trace of a smile be refined. And finally in a corner, saw an unmanned Benji Dan room, his hands gently push the Shimen open, and then enter the stone door reflexive, involuntary shaking hands up, followed by the whole people sat on the ground, long- call from a long breath, no longer just a master of elegant style. Just really good insurance, if it is Wang Yun, who does not carry a spiritual device, can never be so easy to get out,Crossbodys Coach Online, I am afraid that even with perverted wire to kill him himself was buried. A compound full of qi of four, five disciples, do not immediately become swarmed their meat. Now regarded as the inner door of his house in alchemy set a trifled image, the only wrong is that Wang Yun will absolutely not let go, be sure to eliminate this scourge, if he does not come to their own, you have to find a the opportunity to get rid of him. A dishonest temperature is still around has enough trouble, the other hazards must be eliminated as soon as possible. Slightly pranayama for a while, Benji distressed open storage bags, nodded his remaining Talisman, I thought: this thing come and go too fast, but also not seeing inventory, and do not want wangyuan let myself down we go. Dan looked in front of room, the floor covered with dust and cobwebs tripod, are illustrated here have spent a long time no one, Benji want is so secluded place where no one, took out a fire from the storage bag character, all the cobwebs Dan indoor burned spotless, and then rinse with water breaks the ground, and immediately restore a clean room to Dan. "Bang ... Bang ... Bang ......" Dan came a knock on the door outside, Benji heart says: Oh, so soon the door came the morning? Hand on the storage bag, close to Shimen softly asked: "Who!" "I was sent elixir alchemy room Lu Kai, Young you open the door!" It was sent to the elixir, Benji heart slightly down, but hands still tightly pressed on the storage bag, will open a Shimen slits, a look at the door, is a handsome boy looks, age and their similar, repair about four in the qi, is holding a basket elixir , hands trembling, his face slightly pale, seemed very frightened. Wang Yun really is not just a group of people, Benji This fully open the door, let the other in. "Shi Young, I have come to give you a drug delivery come." Miss Kay's voice sounded soft, down elixir after the loss of standing where, it seems that such Benji's instructions. Benji see in the eyes, heart chuckle, it seems just great Caesar himself Talisman look deeply printed in this man's mind, a repair to be higher than they actually afraid of the monks, are the strength alas ...... angered disaster ah. "Lu brothers, but what else? Do not worry, I'm not vicious, just gas, but it was that Wang Yun bullied." Lu Kai see Benji and speak for themselves agreeable, this is not so nervous, wiping his hands on clothes Cahan, turned the Shimen lightly rope and murmured: "Young, you can mess with the big trouble, which Wang Yun inner door, though a modest role, but in the alchemy room but we never acts, today you will offend him Be careful in the future to avenge him you did not before, and not against him, but eventually disappeared from here, you better of whom. "Having these, Miss Kay said something like a big secret, Ji Chongchong Open Shimen, Dan quickly left the room. "Retaliation? Hmmm, I was frantic, he does not come too!" Benji looked basket elixir, gently smile, will cure a Zhu Zhu being thrown into the tripod. ************************************************** ************************ "Damn, this hatred I must be reported, an outer door to the garbage would also like alchemy room earthshaking not? "In a separate cottage areas within the compound, Wang Yun lion-like roar shook the roof tiles are tremble slightly. House, a few were fireballs, ice struggling with men, being bowed his head, and let Wang Yun saliva hurricane, splashing in the head, just do not say anything. "You guys actually have a word ah, I usually follow the popular hot drink, others to play today, how it was served!" Wang Yun roaring louder,Oakley Active Sale, and finally another person ventured, looked up and said: "Brother, today we did not take but a spiritual device in the body, or else the guy can do spared the palm of your hand? "said, and his face bitterly man of color, is clearly planted in the hands of brooding Benji . Echoed again and again along with other people, dancing, an impassioned look, say can not put up the new kid, be sure to let him know who is boss alchemy room. "Teach him a lesson? Hmmm, I want to make him disappear from the alchemy room!" An murderous discourse emerge from Wang Yun, icy chill let a few confidants, a shiver involuntarily. Such things they did under the leadership of Wang Yun less dry, think about the things he did in the past, which Wang Yun, perverted it really is not what people! In fact, Wang Yun also did not say a word, Benji wearing armor, and that within one hundred Talisman, were indicative of this new kid net worth of rich, people kill this thing also must bring something, as though there is still warm some trouble, but it is not a big problem. Then came in from the outside come in a trot, a saw Wang Yun stepped forward, Fuer passphrase, after listening to Wang Yun face a cruel smile. "Some people find him so quickly up? Really think of him as a savior of the way, you did not get too long, itchy skin probably some of it!" Everyone saw the smile, heart cursed: This metamorphosis again remediation who had ! For several days, Benji Dan chamber in alchemy, turned over after constant daily basis, as part of the more into the storage bag, he is not yet rely on drugs to hit the qi of the fourth floor, but Dan familiar spirit in daily indoor silk cast and Report Error step with Emmanuel escape boots combination. Wang Yun day does not get rid of the hidden dangers of this close proximity, Benji could not settle down to practice. The two sides are waiting, waiting for a chance! Time in the past two weeks, this day, as usual, Miss Kay will elixir to Benji Dan room, after a period of coexistence, Benji had come to know the Lu brothers actually selected for the outer door of the disciples, and Wang Yun battle of wits with the date when it was he reminded himself to the side, so they are also friendly and up for him. On the one hand, through observation, Lu Kai is indeed a good and cowardly people, do not have the ability to threaten his other hand, Benji also need a person familiar with the inner door to tell what interests me. "Shi Young, I go first, I will talk another day!" Lu Kai talked a little conversation with Benji, they leave out, I did not expect, just go out, next to pull out a hand to him in the past, a In his memory, a nightmare voice sounded. "Miss Young, we can be a long time without making out!" ====================================== ================================================== ==== man of few words said, Let each vote and collectibles ah! I stay up all night to everybody, but update it, always support what I! <
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