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31.05.2013 10:14
the other three people antworten
> A total of four individuals, qi cultivation in five, all of them have no small murderous emerge, it should be directed at themselves a gang Liu Qian. Www, QUAnben, CoM Benji adequate out of the hall, has passed the Smart know Dianwai to four people, mouth revealing sneer. "Today I count treasure in the body, what are you to die." Liu Qian Dong Fu into four, was also stunned in front of the hall, not to mention the outer doors, interior doors sovereign hall is not so tall, evidently determined Dong Fu ancient fairy is leaving. Several people immediately think there may be in possession of treasures, mutual exchange of a greedy eyes, Liu Qian laughed and said: "Benji, I know you're hiding here, if fitters, then obediently came out, I look at you lead we went to this ancient immortals's sake, they no longer care about the death of Xu Jiao, and how! "Benji more than sneer at the hall, if someone believes it Caiyou Gui Liu Qian, what he is now quietly extend out the soul, to the perverted wire linked, as long as they dare to enter the illusion, would never let them out alive. Benji's soul is now not enough to make the repair wire perverted automatically attack enemies, must be artificially controlled, and to his current consciousness can only issue a strike, so he must fight to hit as many as possible in this killing enemy. See Liu Qian Dong Fu nobody answered, sneer, with a very playful tone directed at the side of a man, said: "Since we do not want to come out of the stone Young, you could go to find him come!" Everyone is a ha laughing, as if Benji even kill Xu Jiao, in their eyes still refuse a. The man listened to the words of Liu Qian, also speaker laughed: "Shi Young, Hast thou killed that Xu Jiao, will be able to deal with us? I'll let you know the taste of regret, hey." Having said that, but he look on his face is extremely cautious, from the storage bag and pulled out a Talisman, clutched in his hand, carefully Liu Qian et al gaze, the move into a fantasy world. Only one person came to see each other, Lei Liu Qian heart cursed old fox, so his spirit can not use wire that is too wasted,nike air jordan, only to find another method. The man one into dreamland, they found immediately around the scene has undergone tremendous changes, everything becomes a bizarre color Mans, can not see where the way out. Heart immediately filled with immense panic and want to backtrack, they found that no matter where to go, get out of this illusion of himself, and finally could not help but fear shouted: "Liu brothers, there is fantasy, fast save me! "Liu Qian, who from his one into the illusion, they found wrong, only to see that people have been marking time on the inside, is never half points ahead, there must already know where illusion. However, they repair is low, how to see through the final element zhenjun cloth under the illusion, only in the next anxious only. Suddenly, a golden light from the large hall as ponley generally out in the air across, brought up muffled thunder rolling. That person before golden burst flash, with screams, loud muffled resounded Dong Fu, the man was hit by bombers were direct flights out of the illusion and landed in front of Liu Qian, vomited blood, clothes do broken, which apparently also The inner spiritual armor is broken open a big hole in the chest of the Department a bloody, visceral also clearly visible, seeing is not live. "Well you Benji, dare Liansha senior senior sister apprentice, can not see me tell you a shaped inner door, so you Siwuquanshi!" Liu Qian saw repair and own almost Young, wearing a top grade within the A, even a recruit died in each other's hands, hearts Benji have got more determined spirit Acura's judgment. He cursed himself in the hearts of the effect, I knew Benji has such strength, it should do more to prepare for his many years steward of the people outside the gate pulse, get some strength from the inner door spiritual device, or do it. But has no room for him and then regret it, do not want to go to Liu Qian Indiana, but think of the animals as soon as possible to leave the valley. He waved his hand, and the remaining two people who also like to fly with him immediately from the screens back out. Benji also understand that the beasts of the valley with the door cannibalism is sovereign even know the inner door and the acquiescence of things, but also to enhance the combat effectiveness of the entire sect. But once people get it on your desktop, it can be is a great sin, in their own cases, but he is a fairy refining trash, is likely to be sentenced to death. Reasonable in the circumstances can not let a group of students from the Liu Qian. The paper has become a symbol of the BRIC treasure knead fly ash, Benji Shanshe naked eyes, mouth light drink. "Collection!" Perverted silk illusion immediately return from the body, Benji Report Error displaying step, quickly crossing from illusion, out of the light curtain, catching up with Liu Qian et al. There Smart guidelines Benji can be very clear judgment, Liu Qian et al burrow way forward, he smiled coldly, not followed, but from the other a fork to cut corners to chase. Liu Qian ran glanced behind him with a soul, feel Benji's soul does not appear, long out of breath, hearts illegal channels: "Benji, even if you have a big talent, inner door to the master, but also Do not take your life? "In his eyes, as long as they will kill with the door thing Benji reported inevitably will be held inside the door, to the time, Benji not only their own death, and could hurt the whole family. Liu Qian just thinking about how to make the vicious Benji Siwuquanshi when a burst of laughter coming from the front long, stunned him and two Young immediately stopped, staring at the front give full alert. At the corner of the rocks, a figure slowly pacing up and said quietly: "Liu brothers, you are not to take Young lives for you, noticing so anxious we should walked!" Come what Lei, Liu Qian three pairs His sudden appearance, apparently not ready, there is a person actually exclaimed out. Liu Qian see Benji or qi three for the repair, heart barely calm down, the speaker said: "You have killed a senior, a senior sister apprentice, do you still delusional take our lives what, but all three of us than You repair strength, even if you have a spiritual device in hand, you thought we were naked yet? "This is some ass, then listen in Benji ears, is simply a joke, if there really kill Liu Qian death of his grasp, but also remark on their own right,Nike Jordan Son Of Mars Shoes, it will directly take up their lives. Today, kill those being hunted identity swap, Benji was the first time in the lives of others in their hands the feeling that this is a pleasure, a supreme positions of power have the feeling that he liked. "Since the words to this sake, gentlemen, brothers, do not blame Young rude!" An oppressive atmosphere throughout the body emerge from Benji, although Liu Qian could not see in the end what happens to the other side, but he obviously felt , Benji whole person momentum changed, becoming even his heart could not help speed up the beat, it's not a good sign, he immediately shouted: "two Young, today evidently not good, we will go on Here kill him, do not let him pull out a spiritual device to! "rest they also know that it is no way forward, and only one of them to lie down in order to throw in the towel thundered have pulled out the sound of the Spirit, and Talisman, overwhelming hit in the past, a time within each color Mans hole strobe, a Unit powerful blast rocks overturned the cave, the cave shook momentum mad child uttered sound dull echo, the momentum is extremely alarming. Benji Kuangmeng which shares seem to have been shaken by the attack, the hole in the ground kept shifting maneuvers flash, to avoid attacks. Liu Qian impressive to see one's own attack immediately and restore confidence, cursed himself too timid, which Benji Need spiritual device even pregnant, how Dide Guo herself, together. In addition to this thorn in first, and then return to take the treasure later immortals. Thought of this, he has the heart of Indiana sinking up like an oven. Three together, the momentum away people really just not an attack play in Benji's body, he found his escape Report Abuse walking boots with Emmanuel, in the case of Gongshiruchao still can be done with ease, the reason is not a sudden attack, arrogant enemy's heart is to strive to win the trio simultaneously. Seeing where Benji Dodge smaller, Liu Qian laughed himself the hearts of proud, Yin said: "Shi Young,Nike Jordan 11 Shoes, and your spirit is not the best play did not empty, and it does not matter, to be brothers took your life, it belongs to me, then I will make good use of it, ha ha ha ...... "trio was originally collusion, hear the words of Liu Qian, the remaining two know this is to pain killers, and immediately take each other's life implied. So attack more closely together, as stormy general. And Benji is like a boat in the high sea, as you storm how Kuangmeng is safe. Of course, Liu Qian and other people's eyes, he was already in the wind Huozhu, life in a moment. See each other has a full, there is no left hand, Benji sneer, affects the soul under stand around for a long time already perverted wire immediately attack, sudden bursts of intense intention to kill, Liu Qian, who actually makes the attack a lag lag . Thirty-six perverted black silk brought up frenzy, as nether demon Souhun blowing of the wind, making the hole in the ground filled with Guikulanghao actually fork into the sound, is very frightening. Liu Qian three people will die suddenly had a feeling of despair, and immediately realized something bad was about to joint defense, spirit wire is at hand. Just moments work, wear black mans head and over with blood from blossoming flowers, the other three people even what is not yet clear Shazhao, it had fallen to the ground, eyes open round, wasted step. "It's really powerful spirit-wire power, but too expensive soul, and call ... call ..." finish casting perverted silk, Benji's face slightly pale, and quickly recovered the body of these fairy treasure, rummaging on the corpse up . If the first kill Zhang timely Benji virtue there is a little luck, this could be so perfect annihilated, that is, he carefully calculated results. Unfortunately, Liu Qian three men are still a few pieces of bad spirits is not used, then died in his negligence and greed above. Now that you've killed a man, it is essential to take a step up treasure, storage bags do not ask, were all taken away, and the three individuals who have been A supporter inside him off, although no body Grilled down sheets together good, but it is also rare top grade, should be able to get the Crescent City to change a lot of the spirit of jade. Poor Liu Qian trio, originally thought to take Benji heads as Tannangquwu, but how did not expect anti-planted in the other hand, did not look at each other to death in the end what kind of Acura spent spiritual device. Benji finished packing everything from plundered one storage bag, remove a fireball character, the trio corpses incinerated to ashes, just give up. At this time, the body agile flow and found to have a hole much spiritual power is rapidly came to the side. Could hear the fighting sound piece of Monty Python, drove up? Benji not stay long, he has not so arrogant as to dare Wicked singled with one point of the top order, and immediately cast Emmanuel escape hole boots Gravitropism teleport. Just out of the hole, not enough time to breathe the breath, and suddenly heard someone cold and laughed: "Young, tour Shouhuobuxiao it!" ==================== ================================================== ===================== seeking votes votes collection yo, what advice and suggestions, you can leave a message in the message area, but also add a group discussion, <
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