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31.05.2013 10:11
become a as the essence of a light sword antworten
Time: 2013-01-12 "hum! Power is strong, however,Jordan 1 Shoes, this young lady is not afraid of you! Thousands of Hui sword, condensation!" Her willow-leaf shaped eyebrows rose., smoke fly now also not want, jade means such as the pipa general repeatedly play in the void, then those he sent from sh è square light suddenly again convergence, a stalk shining sword suddenly gathered together, become a as the essence of a light sword, suddenly between the split to in front of the Vatican empty. (.) {} rainbow Literature Network Welcome to read the eyebrows is tiny tiny a wrinkly, feel that to kill him that sword of wisdom exudes all thoughts of breath, Brahma empty heart inexplicable rising from a fear of s è, knows this trick terrorist opponent. However, after a second, Brahma empty hard teeth, instantly made a decision. Thunder! Overcome powerful adversaries diamond fist mighty strength, all of a sudden severely impact on the sword of wisdom condensed and thousands of sword of wisdom, seems to be the general students rout. But, strange things happened, in the gold s è Buddha fist and the sword of wisdom and the moment of impact, the shining endless bright is all of a sudden flash, disappeared in the depths of the soul. Obviously did not expect the Vatican air so fresh, smoke fly now also be startled at the foot of the dance, hurriedly blinking rapidly, at the same time, palms down, a unit of light energy was again sh è out, condensed on the front into a bright gossip, all of a sudden out that escape violent atmosphere. Although the power the progenitor of the vast heritage in the land of a world power, any dissimilar energy are unable to display, but the smoke fly is body repair a genius, nature is completely through, quenching the belong to the flesh unique energy, is also a kind of strength, and is not pressing. She cast light power,Nike Air Jordan 2 UK Sale, is a similar peak and the practice of the original pale gold Gangjin general energy, but significantly more advanced and strong. Of course, not the only one of her practice out of this energy, Xing Yu, and even many other body repair a genius is to reach this point. At the moment, is to see the momentum fierce Brahma empty suddenly overcome powerful adversaries play king kong boxing, glaring eyes, like angry Buddha, then is the body suddenly one Zhan, seemed to freeze solid in the void. "Cluck-cluck... And the sword of wisdom." it is so good to break? The ancient god, palm, Ronaldo intendment, covers the heavens!" To see such a situation, the smoke fly first and giggling, sound like out of valley is generally moving, foot is a bucket, wear flowers blowing willow general graceful, quickly from the front, back to the Vatican empty. "Hum hum..." to drive myself to the ancient gods,Oakley Flak Jacket Sale, palm, the body repair a strong a mystic suddenly played a horrible Vaillant, tearing of the void is a clear ripples, as they will tear open to the general. For smoke flying ancient god Brahma, palm, empty is no time to ignore, because cut into his mind at that moment to sword of wisdom, he is being dragged into a as if forever endless dark world >
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