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31.05.2013 10:06
only in seeking God beads whew antworten
Update: 2013-01-02 "ah ah ah....." a bear long man suddenly let out a cry of pain, seem to be hitting it suddenly hit the strange power,Nike Air Jordan 12 Sale, body one earthquake, directly fall down, then the body is in the space directly into a mist of blood, only in seeking God beads whew a fly out, disappear. Perhaps, this nine thousand days for some special genius of powerful strength is not too difficult, just need to adhere to the conscience, step by step forward, but, for some strength to be weak for some people, is tantamount to dangerous places, always has a fall hazard. Bang Bang Bang..... To ignore all sound around, the peak appears to now without the heart motion, the only idea is forward, forward. The peak of the tough no horse, those strange attack despite growing momentum, but the increase is very slow, can not stop the pace of the peak, he is like a statue of the eternal standing rock, step by step to move on. In addition to the peak, some other genius is all strong their respective means, toward the front road, just, that mysterious soul attack, coupled with strange powers attack, so that many people have a difficult feeling. In fact, if it is outside, perhaps they will be relaxed many, but after arrived here, and they are found himself seems to be in a majestic wild coercion, the coercion with a strength first charm, direct is pressed all the other in different energy cannot run any, it seems it is very fear, a weak saw the Imperial General feeling. These physical special genius, in fact,Nike Air Jordan 3 Sale, in addition to special, have some special code, is on a variety of cheats and energy, but now can only rely on the strength to compete, one can imagine. But,Jordan UK sale, even so, many people still very fast, even two people quickly, but also better than the peak. In nine thousand days on the road the fastest is a dignified man, the man wearing a bright yellow s è armor, wearing a crown of gold dragon, foot shoes, like the God of war in general and mighty, is the vast segments of the divine genius. At the moment, the vast segments on the Yellow s è armor was strange extends to the body, making it look like a gold casting gold s è Ares, great strides forward, can not see the expression on the face. "Kaka kaka..." gold combat boots in nine thousand days the steps above, issued by the crisp sound, as that is, at the moment is one mind still big "ha ha ha..." the Dragon God Zun Daren really SJMS, Qingtian gold body I bear the pain completely dead, in this battle armor, make it become a part of my body, perfect package every inch of the flesh and blood of my body, I'd want to see who can surpass me? Hum! Mu Lingzi's seven waste, thought to be permanent, God will watch, arrogant. Hum! You only special physique strong general some, how can be compared with I will, I will be the strongest! The vast heritage, must belong to me! >
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