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31.05.2013 10:01
I will think about it." antworten
Update: 2012-12-28 peak body all at the moment all flesh torn again and then into the magic of the Xuan Huang s è Ze energy makes its obtain a kind of mysterious too wonderful for words contact now peak is really occupy the body and become was mingling with the soul. No pop-up update soon after the completion of all the changes in the Xuan Huang s è Ze energy is completely disappear immediately a matchless commanding voice suddenly rang through the peak head "I am force progenitor has given you by yellow gas helps you control the body given progenitor Sigil a shake the gods. Yuan Gang can not exercise if you are really the inheritance of final victory will take you and give you a big fortune... "" rumble..... "Is almost as the sound of voices sounded Naha prison tank with liquid is suddenly boiling up crazy towards the peak in vivo rushing away in the void that belongs to force a great progenitor power is once again came with no peak in vivo. It all happened too suddenly peak until now still somewhat foggy feeling but then he is s è ecstasy to know I met great good fortune. These energy accumulation is very quickly fired off between is at peak body into a stream and then go forward with great strength and vigour of the rush to the peak of the between the eyebrows and the mission god Buddha into liquid together... "Ah!" Couldn't help again issued a voice miserably the Hao peak is the feeling that a burst of energy to do a mission in the sink is condensed into rapid a blazing energy as the true fire sun terrorist directly is tearing apart the between the eyebrows and then into a strange mark. With the formation of the mark of a great fluctuation in peak heart suddenly flowing seems to is a human X ì ng continuously waving fist Zhaozhao is j ī ng absolutely wonderful to imagine and finally is gathered into a moves a display of a to shake the world dashed all taste. "Good"! This form of ascension than Dragon Fist better countless times only resort is an infinite variety of!" Peak heart crazy roar to curb. Then his chest slightly ups and downs peak at the moment the eyes is full of joy in just his between the eyebrows together that mark after he is feeling seems to control the forces of a hard to imagine the majestic power dormant easily can not drive in his between the eyebrows but each driver is enough to ruin a sky to put out ground general horror. Hung head with colorful liquid peak that only less than 1/5 of the vaguely see his brow imprint tiny tiny one Leng seemed a bit surprised. At the peak of their eyebrows at the moment unexpectedly appeared a simple such as dragon general trace infinite sense of taste smell it seems that a trace in which is composed of infinite great strength from the general looked very extraordinary. "It is a father I do not know what that means? Take me as a disciple,Crossbodys Coach Sale? I will think about it." To oneself the peak didn't know myself this a series of actions is so amazing,Jordan UK sale! At this moment the void a gigantic forces again >,Oakley Lifestyle Outlet;
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