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31.05.2013 09:55
All around a brutal bloody gas antworten
Update: 2012-12-22 in Heavenly Sword plain zh ō ngy ā ng position with a body wrapped in a black robe of the man was sending out faint evil magic gas obviously is evil people. () in his hand he held a sword to two other ancient sword Hubei is shaped like a shark inexplicable monster hilt is an ancient dragon shape of the blade flow with a touch of blue s è Ze a winding shadow in which ascension ups and downs is very impressive. Seems to feel that the man is not to be trifled with his many per capita is chose to retreat but the man in black is ignoring anyone who is met immediately is to rapidly kill often hand odd sword a waving to facilitate tragically fell body soul and J ī ng China all directly by the sword absorption become an empty sack. "Dark shadow dragon sword you don't push me wait if you encounter the enemy and I will let you well eat several small spirit?" Soft tone at the swords of the man in black body as the flying scenes generally erratic flickered in the days of the flashing knife plain. In the days of plain one knife as a savage General Han is Mercedes-Benz rapid holding a piece of bone mace face has a pretty x ì ng not to wild eyes is a piece of wild s è whole man is kind of arrogant arrogant arrogance. He ran surprisingly fast often find others is excited with a howl fierce shock to. "Peng! Peng! Peng!" The momentum of live overbearing very savage man every waving out the bones mace is someone smashed hematemesis inverted with even will be a to the sky falls down big feet trample hematemesis died in the chest. Strength of violent it is air force Nukiyama come,Outlet Oakley Scalpel, no one is the enemy of him. Ha ha ha. This is the legend of the special physical genius? Waste material. It is a piece of shit! I Tianman Dharmakaya has small Wu God must be in one fell swoop kill all people get the last spot! It is invigorating!" Mouth overbearing cachinnation savage man running up again. "Hoo hoo hoo......" The wind whistling ear Wu day whenever I encounter the enemy can brazenly impact as the tireless hard fight for general killed eight people but no one can force him to play two strokes fierce Wei's y ù fate. All around a brutal bloody gas Wu day issued deafening roar seems to attract more powerful enemies. Ha ha ha. Who came to pick me up a bar you this group of waste?" What seems to be used by Wu days this roar like tongue blossoming ch ū n ray in a rumbling noise also is very clear suddenly is attracted many people's attention. "Huh? Good arrogance! Is sorrow hand object can not find it took you to sacrifice refining my dark secluded dragon sword." Listening to the distant and shouting with odd sword of the man in black to oneself in a voice as even gentle enough to look at the hands of the sword. "Buzz......" Seems to be able to feel the owner usually mean that weird sword in rising with the shadow by excited roar more cold dense momentum came to the outbreak has swept the world. Include void >
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