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31.05.2013 09:49
Pondered a short moment peak antworten
Update: 2012-12-18 "big brother innocent?" See in the corpse is suddenly be startled at the peak. [] the original nine corpse with a strapping young face dull heavy tiger purpose is innocent. The original peak after returning the pure door Shichiku peak is heard that innocence is crooked Death Valley of the blood very magic handsome seize refining into blood very escort unexpectedly this saw him. With the innocent unexpected that the man in black identity is also called y ù. "I heard that is refined into peak elder brother this is similar to the zombie guard only Buddhist monks can once again to restore the X ì ng you should have no problem? Now we are in the first one hundred thousand mountains in search of the animal tracks have time can be recovered." Little witch is also seen the peak recognition directly leaned over and said. "The amount of some risk in the one hundred thousand mountains and want to make big brother innocent restoring the X ì ng i did not grasp the need in the absolute safety of rescue. So that the cable x ì ng one hundred thousand mountain line after the end of another rescue him." Pondered a short moment peak is decided by his fingertips,Oakley Sunglasses Juliet, flash innocent has income space ring. (to find novel material) at the moment of jade buffalo is located on the edge of the mountain in one hundred thousand hidden not leave here. In fact,oakley for cheap, it is not reluctant to leave except for the feedback force disappeared but because just swallowed a demon fixs a fight he was accidentally learned the killing of some of the J ī ng pulp has cut casualties qualifications. Practitioners no matter what types or animal as long as the Du rob success occasionally some insight or body power savings to a peak is able to have cut casualties qualification. Once cut casualties success only need a short time is can accumulate enough strength to reach the Mahayana period and then drew led by the light rise. Although at the moment has to be cut casualties degree but jade buffalo was still suppressed rapidly in the void flew up and looking for the best place to retreat was thinking about countermeasures. His hands at the moment is a like a bag general package which bulging obviously is that he caught four foot day level fix. "Although I already got rid of those damn practitioners but still can't let down quickly find a fabulous place cut casualties of success and then devour the four fix and to return them to a......" So thinking of jade buffalo general God is radial sh è. Cut casualties in general is some selfish ideas and personal considerations slay heart and keep heart only obsession then can make the soul a qualitative changes. [to] find novel material for practitioners who cut casualties actually the difficulty is not only need to find an absolute quiet hidden in a tea Kung Fu is successful. In the middle of if someone s ā o rejection is not the static under heart to cut casualties. In fact,Jordan 7 Sale, this road flight he had met three forces apparently were rushed to the strong. These strong people is also a few days level figures but want to see animal jade buffalo's whereabouts is impossible. "Huh? Where the >
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