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31.05.2013 09:36
as if misfortune which happened antworten
> "So, no wonder Lang brothers will generate a swastika devil king came here. WwW, QunabEN, coM Thus, the odds would be much higher." Benji mind could not help admire Lang loudly careful thought, the original of this much below the seafloor at a spiritual eyes, while Lang is the way to kill wild swastika devil king came to the depths of spiritual eyes, unwittingly to the spirit of their strength now. Here, he can continue to force the yuan be supplemented, but also take advantage of the power of strength to suppress the opponent's strength, two birds with one stone really good trick. By Lang loudly and swastika devil king submarine deep holes drilled vertically into the sea parallel with the lateral tunnel, Benji three falls on the ground, due to the presence of vitality, head roaring waters which actually can not be poured . Liu Ruyan with Code Ann exchanged a surprised look, obviously this power, they have never seen before. Deep hole in the vertical direction in the bottom of a huge rock in half leaning on the wall above the saw Benji mind is surprised, it seems swastika devil king has emerged from the Lang wild magic of repression. At this point I do not know three people have been deep seabed how far, if the change in peacetime, where the strength of the strong degree of Benji can not withstand even after all his cultivation but only just LINGTAI base building only. Fortunately Lang wild spiritual eyes will be played here a huge hole, originally distributed accumulate a lot of strength, so Benji can barely withstand the pressure came around four. In the tunnel to walk about as small half hour, turned a corner in after Liu Ruyan trio suddenly exclaimed softly uttered. It turned out later in the corners, there has been a huge spherical cave, the cave at the bottom of two exudes red light, constantly violent collision with, and sometimes burst into a huge noise and air waves. Look carefully, the light in the shadows prescribe precisely swastika devil Jun and Lang loudly two. From the two grips of the situation, apparently Lang Wuji also got the upper hand, thanks to the power of strength here, just some restraint swastika devil king's strength, or wait until they come Benji, already a winner the. Devil king realized that someone broke into the swastika, they feint a move to get out and stood at one end side grow with gas, side Yin Cece laughs: "old stuff, you can not kill me. Do you think they can rely here strength to win me, hey, I could feel that power is slowly disappearing too! "Lang Wuji also saw Benji three, he had looked at some blame Benji one, then also jumped backwards fall on them beside swastika devil king heard the words, he was noncommittal light, said: "Before it disappears, I'll let you out of their wits, soul Zhumie, you believe not believe?" swastika devil Jun Leng Heng, black face no speak, he Jichuan a few breaths, removed from the portable storage bag thrown into the mouth of a few pills, then tightly pegged Lang loudly other four. "Young, dangerous here, how do you down!" Lang wild staring eyes, although it also swastika devil king,Air Jordan 13 UK, but in the knowledge of God, but with Benji acoustic communication, tone is quite upset. "Brother, I repair was low, not much help, but we are the same door, Besides, you saved me many times in danger, how can I sit back, smoke and how much Code Ann here can also help you spot Busy, at least some attention to the other side can be dispersed. swastika devil king said, well, here vitality dissipated fast, we still recover his full repair before it Heaven, or drag a toss. " Benji hear sincere words, Lang could not say what the words loudly, an old face showing a trace of moving, a moment before, said: "I am very pleased today with Young like you, even the devil king with swastika die today, but also the value. well, Liu Ruyan, Code Ann, and so will I attack, are you harassing each other on both sides, for as soon as the swastika devil king kill! "latter sentence Lang said loudly simultaneously on three , and Benji time has been retreating side, hands clasped empty-shaped sword, calm eyes looked a swastika devil king, and then to light disappeared into the darkness. "On!" Lang loudly thundered loudly, immediately behind the sword scabbard draw an arc in the air, soaring Jianmang turned into tens of meters below the long Zhanxia directed swastika devil king pawn. "Ha ha ha, old thief, I see you are running out of tricks, come a few shrimp do help, you think you can kill me?" Swastika devil king, laughing, relaxing escape Sword mighty sword, muffled roar, he was just standing in the position more than a few meters deep ravines, numerous gravel dust four lasing. He did not wait to voice down, Lang has come to him loudly in front, storage bag printed Wulei flying bombers to his forehead, the same time, Liu Ruyan and Safety Code, also from outflanking the two directions to, they were flexing their secret, without reservation to the enemy launched a most violent attack. "Court death!" Swastika devil king real dollars since the restraint force is the cave vitality, so when they have to face Wulei playing twelfth Indian spirit, and Liu Ruyan two offensive though not hurt him, but but also so that he can concentrate on the enemy. He roared, throw in two groups Xue Wu, wrapped them go. Liu Ruyan seeing Ice issued two swords, a little one block Xue Wu, who has later flew her purpose of this war is not to defeat the enemy, but the sidelines harassment, so no need to want to fight with each other lives. In the blink of an eye the moment, India has Wulei volley down, Dianmang woven into such nets in general, actually want swastika devil king trapped. Heard him screaming, a grim grimace mask suddenly stand in front of him, like a hundred gray ghostly soul body from the mouth of the mask appeared, hit the top of the grid creaking sound. But a moment, Wu Lei issued out Dianmang Body and Soul offset by these clean, and not left the slightest. Panasonic breath swastika devil king just beside Liu Ruyan sides with typical safety and rushed to embrace, at once swords and dozens of ice clouds regiment to attack, he had re-shot attack. And they saw him shot, in turn Feitui back, before leaving, also issued several Jian Qi, let him troublesome. Just turned his head, Lang wild attacks and the ensuing, then broke out Wulei printed Dianmang more and more, they are intertwined into a monster composed by the Dianmang, claws to him lunged. Swastika monarch wielding devil grimace mask, a steady stream of soul body gush from the mouth of the mask, waging rushing to Dianmang monster. After they meet, crackling of voices, numerous flashing light group in the cave, and instantly bloom of fireworks as the secular world in general. He did not feel the slightest appreciation of the Sword and loudly because Lang Liu Ruyan two attacks also arrive swastika devil king suddenly shouted, a group Xue Wu immediately poured out from behind him, and put him wrapped up. Meanwhile seventy-eight stout ghost hand sticking out from Xue Wu, of which few have grasped a sword, it can not fall, while others were blocked a few ghost hand Liu Ruyan two attacks. "You two go to hell!" Finally unbearable harassment of swastika devil king roar up in Xue Wu, Xue Wu from dozens of red in the shot, straight Liu Ruyan two. Quanliyiji of the monks of God, a blessing for the two of them could resist the monk Yuan Ying, Liu Ruyan and Safety Code, although soon found, but after all, a difference of one state of repair, hard to resist under could barely avoid open, but there are still a lot of red in catching them. Lang loudly Wulei India is working with the grimace mask stalemate, Sword was also trapped the devil's hands, and the vigor of the hole in such a violent battle seemed to radiate a little too fast, over time, Lang loudly his face showing the anxious look. Swastika devil hidden in Xue Wu Jun, he sent as a ghost as charm laughter, as if to restrain myself also felt the power of gradually disappearing, as long as another stalemate for some time, these monks cave no one can escape his palms heart. "Ha ha ha ...... you these wastes ... ah ~ ~ ~" being proud he suddenly issued a scream, wrapped the body of Xue Wu violent twist up, catch up with Liu Ruyan two of red and clutching ghosts Sword hand have retracted Xue Wu, as if misfortune which happened. As long swastika devil king pain cries, Xue Wu shrinking rapidly, and finally disappeared on his back, re-exposing the face of his fierce look absolutely shattered. "Boy, I want to personally refining the soul of your day, forever may not bounce back!" He roared turned away, to stand proudly behind Benji rushed. But Benji just revealing a hint of ridicule, followed into the darkness, a time he was not able to find his trail. And Lang,Coach Purses Sale, who loudly and Liu Ruyan attack has made a comeback, so angry that he had worked hard under the wah-wah barking. "Luck, finally succeeded ......" Benji Report Error displaying step to move quickly into the distance, only to stop. It turned out that he had just been in the dark staring at war, with his cultivation do not like Liu Ruyan harassment of the same thing, so he chose to wait for opportunities, waiting in the wings. When the swastika devil king cast bleeding fog, not only to kill Liu Ruyan duo with red,Oakley Sunglasses Polarized Cheap, but also withstood the attack Lang loudly, over time, to control his strength strength is slowly dissipated, the outcome of the trend reversal may be in the near. Benji With a keen sense of God consciousness, knowing that although they can not kill him grimace behind, but hit it can be done. So Benji waited until he thinks the situation completely in hand, on the occasion of elation was finally shot. Xue Wu Jun swastika devil cast out with Konoha indistinguishable, so Benji inference on his back must also have a grimace, but certainly more powerful than Konoha. To rip Xue Wu, re war back in favor of one's own side, it is necessary to get rid of face. Empty shaped sword right of God has great monks of less lethal, although the repair swastika devil king of God has reached the realm of the Great Perfection, but eventually broken by the sword Xue Wu, making him into a bitter struggle again being. <
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