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31.05.2013 09:34
and then one hit kill antworten
> Just Benji was able to attack a success simply because due to the effect of Konoha, and now his cultivation soared since taking nostrums and then use the empty-shaped sword to attack probably will not be so easy. Benji clearly know this, he did not play Report Error step, but stood beside Liu Ruyan engrossed in one hand and holding a sword in one hand and pulled out a crystal ball in hand, make their element force is always maintained at the most strong state. While certainly not the Konoha opponents, but relies empty-shaped sword of the powerful, as long as Liu Ruyan with the good, or give each other create a lot of trouble. "Go die, ye fathers continents rubbish!" Kiba black wind blowing around the body, behind long hair standing erect wind down, the image of extremely ferocious. His left arm wound had stopped bleeding, the wound appeared on a round black mist kept creeping in, and finally wound up in the bowl coarse appeared a black face, blood-red eyes Gu Lulu parades, exudes a strange bloody magic gas. "Stall him!" Benji no other words, just cold to say three words, people have disappeared, apparently once again performed Report Abuse step. Liu Ruyan seeing also understand what he meant, look a Su Qiao Lian, flowing clothes, the hundred root huge icicles eye and go straight plug Konoha. Ice Jian Zhen! These ten meters up the ice sword slowly spinning in the air, put into a formation, in accordance with a particular trajectory pressure from all sides come to Konoha slowly, silently, just imposing suffocating. "Hey hey hey ......" Leaves on the ice before coming Jian Zhen did not care, fully formed until after Kito on the left shoulder, his eyes suddenly opened his eyes and grimaces tantamount surprisingly, has become a blood red , the people look brightened somewhat murderous. He snapped smirking, suddenly waved his right hand, the storage bag to fly a grotesque fork, winding, cross body dark, like a long with double-headed Hydra. That fork arrived in the air will be moving up, extremely flexible snake forward, go into the ice among Jian Zhen. Meanwhile, the left shoulder grimace also issued Konoha extremely piercing shriek, his mouth a red smoke, wind and rose, wrapped in red mist into his, and the volume is growing, and the length will reach nearly instantaneous m. Benji in the air constantly changing pace, step play will star soul to their limits, but Kiba left shoulder Kito spit red mist seemed to have a strong corrosive, and air-shaped sword just quietly cut into them, they immediately Hongwu part is swallowed, but also constantly ablation, his heart surprised, sword out going immediately moved away, walk together in the vicinity. Besides Liu Ruyan, since the fork drilled ice Jian Zhen, her face began to become pale, Yinya bite rattling, followed by even breathing hitched. Although not see how the power of fork, but nearly a root Ice Sword has gradually stopped rotating, the entire Jian Zhen trembled violently, issued a buzzing sounds, it seems that with any great force doing the fighting. She cast their strongest forces in their teeth. "Pa ~" With the first issue under the ice sword Qing Xiang, a Bingzha crack down from above, followed by a burst followed by a burst of crunch, countless pieces of ice from the ice Jian Zhen splashing out. "Call out" the strange howling in the snake-shaped fork Jian Zhen leap out from the back to the front of the Konoha. "Dead!" Kiba's face extremely ferocious, fierce he shouted, again hit a fork, horizontal sweep, blood-red glow as sweeping. Ice Jian Zhen finally able to survive, crashed have broken off, the sky turned into ice, such as snow avalanches in general, rewind to Liu Ruyan, she Qiaolian Yihong then "pop" ejected blood, the whole person in spite of the very heavy internal injuries, but still released a few ice sword to resist, this Kankan avoid the deadly attack. Benji lovers could not withstand the side view, the hearts of a tight, stopping Report Error step, but also gave the other side of the dreaded red mist, hands sword, silent Zhanxia volley from the top of Konoha. "Boy, would like trick?" Just then, suddenly Konoha Hey sneer, grimace reversed on the left shoulder,Nike Air Jordan 8, staring at its crimson Guaiyan Benji,Oakley Oil Rig, "call" big mouth spray a mist of blood reds, branching as a blooming lotus, the rapid rise, seeing him would bump into each other. Benji already knew that hiding from each other, but just see Liu Ruyan critical situations before they shot you want Konoha attack on a slow slow, now see Liu Ruyan get out, naturally not stupid and monk Yuan Ying hard resistance. His body in the air, the body suddenly a flash, he just stopped falling stature, again disappear. Blood Red Devils fog almost in an instant with his pass, grimacing slightly surprised that the color, then reveal more crazy look, mouth creak issued blunt words, the tone was actually listening to Konoha. "Well, wait for me to pick up this little beauty again and you afterwards, forget escape from my hand!" Finish the sentence,New Arrivals Coach Cheap, goes grimace and a little bigger, has covered almost the entire left shoulder Konoha, face muscles surging, just as there are numerous bugs in the tangled, facial expression looks more distorted, and more evil. With larger grimace, his face slightly exposed Konoha painful look, but then they were replaced by more frenzied excitement. Haha mad laughing his mouth, blood red mist overflow from his mouth, watching appearance has no difference with that grimace. "God of gods gave me drugs really the power of infinity, I now feel that the body is power, ha ha ha ... I bring you this or repair Once upon offal all kill ah!" Benji see that he had sexual disorders, heart cursed loudly idiot, at the foot a little fast, just the other side showing surprising flaws, will sword chopping off. Liu Ruyan also be seen here Konoha once again raise the repair, has reached a peak, a lot more than Yuan Ying Dzogchen realm of God from the life of only one step away. She dare not act rashly at this time, for fear of the other air-launched under the waves of offensive traction only frowned careful vigilance. "Little beauty, let me eat you now!" Was originally forces are enjoying the pleasure brought a sudden upheaval of Konoha, and grimace while yelling, Hongwu two groups were ejected from their mouth, either side of the rotation, becomes a pattern similar to tai chi, exudes a monstrous magic gas forced to come to Liu Ruyan. Ice Jian Zhen fragmentation resulting from the melting ice instantly, an indescribable rancid flavor overwhelming. Tai Chi in the air gradually enlarged blood red, blood-red glow of the sun almost always covered, Liu Ruyan forehead finally appeared a glimmer of sweat, she desperately wants to resist gather real dollars, but the results left her shocked . "Hey hey hey ......, magic blood round natural restraint real dollars, once cast out Shui Yebie want to run away, you obediently subject go die!" So no way to smoke shot because they were the magic blood round the restraint ...... Benji see Taiji shape magic blood round momentum increasingly Sheng, Liu Ruyan although hard to resist, but due to being restrained real dollars, barely given a few ice blocking blood magic sword right wheel is just drop in the bucket moment hesitation, shouted from the Star-Soul show step stature, holding an empty-shaped sword attack Konoha again. He does not expect to be able to hurt each other, just want to give Liu Ruyan fight again some time, after all, he was a full two other higher realm. If not Liu Ruyan to tie him down, he would be able to escape by virtue Report Abuse step, but the lovers are in danger, how can he threw each other escape alone. Worth mentioning, life today would fight. Situation changes again, had been covering the Konoha suddenly moved to the left shoulder with a grimace on his back, directed Benji Hey sneer, but also silent, and then diffuse out that grimace behind countless blood red mist in the air of as a hair, like General Lee stabbed stabbed. This latecomer numerous hairs will Benji surrounded from all sides stabbed, he immediately cast Report Abuse even step can not escape this undifferentiated round of attacks. It turned out that damn thing has been wary of their own, apparently attempts to bring their own after coming out, and then one hit kill, good deceitful repair magic with disabilities. Death line, although Benji seeing complexion change, but there is no panic, as the vast ocean deep eyes showing a trace resolutely, now no longer anterior, posterior and must, even if he has great means of escape death. That being so ...... Only a desperate battle! But just cut out empty-shaped sword, he was wrapped in a myriad of hair got me to the side, under tremendous force, Benji did not even have no ability to resist, empty-shaped sword instantly killed by these hair, thrown into a grimace that Among the strange mouth. His face was pale under this together. And compared to high-level monks, he is not qualified even desperately, only to turn a blind eye to die. Liu Ruyan see Benji suddenly appeared behind the outstretched Konoha has been attacked by numerous hair, seeing is not alive, and anxious hearts, the original is a little reluctant to gather instant collapse of real dollars, wow she's a bright red spit blood, blood magic wheel immediately came before her. Kiba's face twisted grimace behind while and grinned, seeing the two continents has been entangled monk about his ancestors killed, one was breaking his arm enemies, that carefree feeling indescribably cool. Must not let people know that they are being hurt a monks built the base, otherwise also harm people how to see what! Kiba still secretly contemplating, suddenly heard behind him a big laughter Benji Haha, he turned round said coldly: "Boy, what are you laughing! Do you dare to break my arm, I do not put your whole body and blood pumping dry, soul refining, would not be called Kiba! "Dan Leiqiang endured countless hair tied into the body, blood marrow cutting pain, the speaker said:" I laugh at you in vain Yuan Ying have a repair, but I do not know death is has come to take someone else also delusional lives. Hahaha ... really ridiculous to the extreme! "Kiba's face emerged simultaneously with angry grimace, about Hema, I suddenly felt an icy intended to kill as coming like waves lapping the shore . <
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