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find a way to return to the clouds antworten
> Lang wild shot, faster than before, he still did not use any magic, per force between hands on white swirl down with both hands and shoved forward rotation flying out of one hundred meters after the burst, a few hundred meters Long Zhang Yin with huge blue water dragon which circled out. wWw.QUanBEN.CoM swirl element generated after burst like a force of little Sheban drill water dragon's body, constitutes its meridians and bones, had closed immediately opened huge longan, Bailiang Liang eyes exudes Senleng coldness. Then water dragon is heard Zhang Yin, Shan toss it to the other side rushed. After the water dragon attack, Lang will then loudly big sword wielding, while acoustic to Benji ears: "Young, who was with me similar repair, afraid I can not Wensheng, you and sister go first, the other person Never mind. "Benji heart thumped, Lang loudly say such a thing, apparently the other person on a high position, even even higher than his own, which I always liked, he claimed, it can be does not bode well. The people have been flying off the island looks can see, it is a middle-aged monk dressed in black purple, facial features such as angular knifed ax, a pair of dark red eyes revealed a deep murderous, he do not look at the island's clouds were monks, two eyes tightly staring at Lang loudly, facing the huge body of water is about temporary dragon eye almost never even look up. He held out a single hand gently waved, and drew a circle in the air, the air is now a dark red light, then hit the water dragon is like suddenly climbed mountains in general, "bang" sound, the identity of the bearer former squeeze to make a group. Then water dragon bones constitute the body element force meridians instant fragmentation, a huge water dragon whine loudly, body crashing explosions set off a burst of heavy rain in the air, return to the sea being gone. Lang loudly see each other easily resolve his water dragon, his face looked increasingly cold, he turned around and directed Code Ann several people shouted: "You guys, while not fight, and quickly go first." Code Ann not a fool, a few of them have seen the momentum right, this little old man riding Guaimang may not be the bearer of the opponent, where the speaker will now hear his gentle, bypassing the two sides have to drive far from the magic fly . As he turned around, he found Lei Liu Ruyan pulled in the direction towards Lang loudly behind him flying out of the way, we will know immediately Lang is to let them lead the charge loudly to attract attention of the enemy, he was about to pretend Benji shouting along, my mind actually came Lang loudly gloomy words. "If you dare my little brother's idea, I do not mind to kill you now." Code Ann's face is drawn, and had to put on a morally appearance, directed the elders shouted: "We break out separately, were door meet! "enemy of the current, even in peacetime and then cool man, facing insurmountable fundamental strength, will choose to retreat third, not without fear of death, but no meaningful sacrifice who would want to get there. Separately escape is a good idea, at least not let the enemy catch, but also the highest chance of survival. Few clouds Presbyterian did not even exchange a look, they each chose a safe route from that, the rapid feitao. After flying a full Barry, in Liu Ruyan's Royal Air magic on Benji looked back a distant floating island, I saw the sky, there is a two-edged sword tens of meters long Zhanxia from the air, followed by a burst of Numerous gold cross hit sound and little knowledge of the light. Because of the distance, Benji could not determine whether the wild Lang hit each other, can only be sure that he is now being matched with each other. "Shi Lang, why do you not let me break with the Code of elders with them, but had to reverse escape? '" Smoke, invading enemy today, those of us who are not able to resist, and moreover even return to their ancestral continent, I am afraid there Other repair magic waiting for us who can not live back to the clouds were still a problem. Dian elders which they passers more vulnerable to attack, we put aside all the line, but can get the maximum life. "Liu as antique tobacco is not pedantic, she also understands the critical matter of the today, the moment nod Benji proposal, they not only did not close the ancestral continent, but to the sea and flew deeper. And regardless of Lang who loudly and repair magic purple victories how, Shi Lei Liu Ruyan touches toward the depths of the sea and flew thousands of miles before around a big bend ED also flew ancestral continent. They did not return directly to where the clouds were Zhao, but a small country from another State of Song sea landing, which is Benji idea. First, here is the closest Zhao frontier country, followed by the number of doors here Cultivation few monks repair is also uneven, can only be regarded Zhao repair Once upon a vassal, even full-scale attack ancestral repair Devil Island, this place would not be who was stationed repair magic too strong, relatively speaking, security has also been the greatest protection. Shi Lei Song and Liu Ruyan walk in a small town along the coast, where most of them are toiling fishermen, fish traders also some businessmen, row upon row of shops on the street, between traders flock. Xiu Xiu Once upon between the Devil and the war did not affect where people's lives. "Shi Lang, in case if the clouds were being revised Devil ...... I may not know how to do it!" Liu Ruyan even cover his face with a black veil,Coach Online Outlet, that bright moon general Qiao Mu still noticeable. Along the way, I do not know Benji jumped back with his eyes much wanted to strike up a conversation Xianhan, Getting her leisurely remark, while mind is bleak. Liu Ruyan grew up clouds of these is the place, she had completely sect as its own home, and the clouds were like her inheritance *, previously had no Yin Sang tube, and she need not worry, now Yin No Sang has went west, Code Ann, who unaccounted this burden virtually picked by her to their shoulders. If you can convince her with his fly with, Benji already done so, but how could it be. He had smiled and squeezed her hand real estate broker, Stern said: "Do not worry, even if the clouds were only two of you and me, it will never fall!" Liu Ruyan like to find a backbone, to Benji side by the by, gently sighed: "Fortunately you by my side." turned his head and looked at the brow Wei Zhou Lei lovers, light, said: "I will strive to become stronger, until it has the ability to protect your one day! "His words, Liu Ruyan whole body suddenly shaking a bit, and then head down she did not speak, but Benji seem to see a crystal drops fall to the ground. Two people in general as Shenxianjuanlv stroll on the streets of the town and the line, this time coming towards a person, heart, said Shi Lei, a saw to be worse, quickly turned into another one with a fork Liu Ruyan among good The man did not find the two men went straight to the beach outside the town. "Shi Lang, this is how you are, we all hide repair, general monks can not find us." "Do you remember there is a disciple named Liu Feng in both slaughtered?" "Ah? Could just past the man ... ... "" That's him! "blame Liu Ruyan stupid people do not even know, just flawless in her anxious moments, how can we kill this little thought in both roles. Benji is different, he is in the repair Once upon intrigues of the underlying struggle to the present, in order to cope with various situations that may arise, he maintained a vigilant at all times,Oakley Radar Online, especially in the face of events, when even the slightest negligence are likely to be his little life. Although I do not know why in both the slaughter will appear here, but Happy Devil conspiracy case was the key to this repair piece, I will not speak between the two holidays, Happy alone were sovereign Liu Yuan betrayed their ancestral continent repair Once upon a whole, meets Happy disciples were also extremely careful. Not to mention his two cooked for him, but no longer familiar acquaintance, Dan Leili that determine, in both the slaughter certainly have found two people, but fear Liu Ruyan repair is not immediately attack, which also can be obtained a small town surrounded by the forces of the Devil conclusions without repair. If we do not leave immediately, wait a minute can be said is not clear. Half an hour later, a group of black people suddenly appeared in the town over, their eyes fiercely sharp, all who exudes a touch of black gas, if it is their intention to hide stature, I'm afraid to see the town of mortal thought Is hell out of Erotic messenger. Headed by a black man against the side in both the slaughter of half-bent cold shouted; "in both the slaughter, did not you say that the elders were clouds Liu Ruyan and her apprentice in town what, people do? '" presumably they see through my first seeing them Kozo already, but do not worry, I reckon they'll find a way to return to the clouds were, hey, where are the boundaries of our people, afraid that they can not escape the palm do? "black men are clearly not satisfied in the slaughter of this interpretation,Air Jordan 10 UK Sale, but there are other ways to think, but to Lengheng and said:" If the counterattack ancestral continents who repair magic too, why would progress so slow, worth mentioning, let the two men for the time being Happy while, I have to bring the matter as soon as possible contact Taitou Ling, as surrender Song comprehension of things, you have to seize the time to do. "Although in both the slaughter because no two saw Benji The first grant people feel a trace of regret, but the thought of two people about to fall into the hands of repair magic with disabilities, but also can not help but hey laugh. Heard the black man's command, respectful line of a ceremony, twisting fly away. Black man looked away in both the slaughter, nose Leng Heng, said to himself: "If it were not enough staff, how you will use this repair Once upon a traitor, I Pooh!" Lei and Liu Ruyan Since in both the slaughter in the town after the encounter, all the more carefully together, they specifically looking for a no smoke barren walking, and regardless of driving from the magic flight, although the speed is slower, but fortunately a lot of security. Although repair Devil's minions are not in-depth Song, but in the way over, they also met several times a battle of wits between the monks are usually to the body to take the black magic who repair gas to win as an outcome, the losers without Exceptions are swallowed soul, reincarnation again lost the opportunity. Seeing Zhao border from getting closer, and who patrolled the repair magic more and more, they have to slow down, hiding by day Night, try to avoid those who patrol the route ahead. Finally, on this day, Zhao boundary line that long in their line of sight. <
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