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31.05.2013 09:32
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Update: 2012-12-07 in the Valley Road expansion crazy killing the moment of creation Jinbang also began to change violently. [] they originally nature Valley Road Jinbang ranked third name suddenly jumped like a fierce light R ì general dazzling not open directly is y ù to complete over all names with the top level of the general feeling at the sight of blood. And then find the number of beads of God is in the twinkling of an eye began a frenzied soaring! Nice. It is soaring! The original Valley seeking for God bead number is two thousand one hundred and ninety is the peak pushed into third place but is almost a minute is the direct again beyond the peak and then began to chase up the rankings for the first blood jianqing. Two thousand five hundred and forty for God beads! Two thousand six hundred and twenty for God beads! Two thousand six hundred and fifty-seven for God beads! Two thousand six hundred and forty-one for God beads! Two thousand eight hundred and one for God beads,oakley eyeglasses sale! In twenty minutes the Valley Road name unexpectedly again beyond blood Jianqing became the top name just pour still just the still slow growing that never seems to stop! Shocked! Shocked! The whole scene completely in shock everyone is aware of the changes of this terrible. If the Valley Road name is all of a sudden growth in many that killed some tough has also won't make everyone how appalled. [] but to find novel material on his search for God beads increase is uniform seems to be constantly to kill his opponent either strong or weak the execute speed is very breathtaking! "He just how fast? How can meet one enemy then killed so quickly?" "Evildoer! No wonder you can always feature in the top three once there is surprising,OP Art Coach UK! Look at his search for God beads number beyond the Valley Road does not seem to stop signs still increasing rapidly! Terrible! Really is too terrible!" Countless watching all nature's are shocked at cannot use any dissimilar energy situation can reach such a speed is really too awful even for some of the most sacred animal good velocity estimation but also that rely on! Two thousand eight hundred and sixty for God beads! Two thousand eight hundred and ninety-seven for God beads! Two thousand nine hundred and eleven for God beads! Two thousand nine hundred and thirty-nine for God beads! Two thousand nine hundred and seventy for God beads! Three thousand three for God beads! In all one's eyes valley was seeking for God beads in a rocket speed in increasing the last stop directly to three thousand three pieces of seeking God beads when it was a stagnant pause. No more. While the per capita is aware of its reason to stop but to obtain that the upcoming big good fortune. Now the valley Daozheng sit cross-legged on a walkway side lay a mummified like men as Valley Road situation is some terrible! Haramoto Amichino is a handsome man like youth but at the moment it is a patch of red face the body is a kind of horrible cold dark scaly black purple s è lips like a poison in general is a vice like general. ",Oakley Store;-! Wheezy! Wheezy!" Panting with Valley Road is exposed eyes look very smile >
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