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31.05.2013 09:25
When he started thinking that antworten
> At the moment, sitting on the bed sheets into a trance, his hands involuntarily put a few gestures, but these gestures just forming, it has been forced to release him, his face flashed a trace of hesitation of color, mind thought: "in the end or not to stick with ah?" He is now in the end but also do not hesitate fingerprints, he accidentally got a child on earth that group magical fingerprints. Www, QUAnben, CoM that group handprint was his previous life in the orphanage when accidentally picked up in front of the above without any text, it only records the nine fingerprints, the middle is also sandwiched a do not know what material golden paper. This golden piece of paper above it only portrays a strange statues, the other nothing. The statues on the screen that is very strange, though, and others look like statues, are full of kind. But the Buddha and the general difference is that these statues on either side of a total of eighteen a long arm, nine right arm, left arm, nine, eleven relative, in the chest, neatly arranged from top to bottom. But more surprising is that this eighteen arms have no hands, just like being abruptly cut off, like stay out of the middle of the empty. At first, Zhang got this book, I saw a long time did not see anything of what they were, just think fingerprints lot of fun, so he painted according to the nine handprints that practicing the play. Later, with the increase of age, have begun to go to school, come into contact with something new, and he will be lost in this book aside for several years did not see it, even to the end, he had forgotten it yet book exists. Then later either because one thing, he also paid attention to much less than this book. In his eight years old, orphanages burst fire, the whole orphanage were burned to ruins, when he returned to his room, the entire room is burned into black carbon. However, just as he was about to leave the room, but have no intention of them being found in a black carbon had caught in that book goes on golden paper. He found that only some of the above, this paper gray paper, does not seem to burn. So he got up and casually put it tapped, but let him shocked that not even a little above, this paper did not leave burn marks, and the new identical. From then, this piece of paper, and that group has successfully attracted fingerprints Zhang Cheng's attention. Later, he also specifically done experiments,oakley sunglasses online, he found that this paper is not only resistant to fire and is quite resistant to fire, but he will be placed in the boiler burning paper for a few days and nights, did not burn at all distracted bad. A few days later, Zhang Cheng turn it on the water, but also soak for a few days and nights continuously, but thrown out after a few times, but it is dry as above, and did not go into the same as before. Moreover, the pressure needle knifed ax smashed cars, etc., Zhang Chengdu personally tested, but for this paper, but it did not help. This completely subverts all his knowledge, after all, invulnerability, water and fire does not invade such a thing, in his consciousness, but only mythical novel to appear. So, when he speculated this paper may be a magic weapon. But this paper, in addition to hard and tough, water and fire does not invade outside, but not any other capacity, here let Zhang denied this speculation. Later, no matter how he studies, have not the slightest clue, desperation can only give up once again, but also the subsequent thing happened to him pondering some opportunities. It was a school-sponsored outing, just come to a temple. At that time Zhang Achievement found that the number of Buddhist temples and some, their hands on their chests, a strange form of a handprint. While these strange fingerprints and handprints of different exercises before him, but it gave an inspired Zhang Cheng, so that he will be portrayed on the paper, and that nine statues that fingerprints linked to together. Nine pairs of arms, nine pairs of hands do not exactly correspond to? He more they want, the more that makes sense. Then back home from school that day, he could not wait to try it, while his hands like bear by fingerprints, while sketched out in my mind goes like statues,Oakleys Polarized Sunglasses, and then turn the bottom of one pair of wrist with the first India padded. However, just the beginning, he felt a Mongolian brain, then the whole person lost consciousness in the past,Oakley Holbrook Sale, then you know nothing. When he woke up, it is already the next day, but he woke up, he obviously felt their spiritual extremely good, just like the whole sleeping like a month, but the body also feels comfortable, but also a lot of light. See tangible benefits, he began to study and then, over time, Zhang Cheng really have received. He found that taken alone would Buddha or forged fingerprints when simply do not feel any effect. But when he formed a concept like statues and fingerprints together, he felt very tired body simply can not stand for a long time, it must be stopped, otherwise it will fainted as before. However, each time after practice, Zhang achievement can feel yourself getting better and better physical and mental, attention is also quite concentrated, can even do Yimushixing, never forget the point. But also by virtue of this reason, it makes him a refining ten years. Later, as he grew older, know things can have, he gave this handprint played a relatively good name, called "Tantric Mahamudra." He also found over the Internet, the real "Tantric Mahamudra" also has nine fingerprints, but that nine of those nine and his handprint handprints vary considerably. However, the names of those nine handprints left him to copy the fingerprints above. From the first to the ninth India India are called: Fudo India, a large Indian diamond wheel, outside India lion, lion within India and outside India tied, tied inside India, Chile fist India, Japan round India, Aquarius India. But this nine handprints practice together provoke difficulties, a full ten years, did not let him really excel at the first printing, moving toward the second printing. However, even though this also makes him less than two years old, it is with considerable honors admitted to Tsinghua University, and is the kind of lodging and free special school enrollment. However, in his junior year that year, once outside so he came here. When he started thinking that this set of fingerprints can be the same as before, to make him feel comfortable. However, when he really practiced, he discovered that the spirit is good, but his body is getting worse, up to now have been sent into outrageous proportions. Only recently, he discovered that his body may exacerbate the condition he spends his time practicing this handprint inextricably reason. So a few months ago he had stopped practicing, the body continues to deteriorate slightly courier also ease some, but his condition has not been improved. Of course, in the middle, he has seen a lot of doctors, but they that their body is not the slightest way, even some people say they live, but old. Now do the math, it is about to hang himself. So, now he is very difficult to resolve, in the end is to continue, or completely abandoned. But to say give up, he really somewhat reluctant, after all, it was his practice for a whole decade of the power law, and that nine fingerprints, he changed his life. Another point is that, after they receive this power law, has not yet got to the ninth fingerprints, so his heart, there are also some unwilling. But if he continues to stick with it, I am afraid that his body did not last long, and that time, he will re-crossed. Of course, for him, crossing is not terrible, terrible is wear into a Sicko, it may be thoroughly reminders. "Well, I said God, ah, you really gave me an international joke ah, since you get me to this world, gave me an extra life, then you should give me some advantage, instead of good family, at least they have to give a decent body, let me put handprints head office had finished it. now good, did not survive for days to come here, they have to hang it off, you do not take me make fun of you What do you say Well I say. "Zhang sighed, lay down on the bed, looking at the sky through the window, he looked a little bitterness and frustration. After a long pause, Zhang Cheng and sat up, looked at the sky and said: "God, you know, I really want to give you a word ......" However, Zhang did not say the word, but the sky put up a middle finger, its meaning is self-evident. <
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