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> Back to his room, Zhang once again soundproof enchantment under the cloth, and then also entered the space Guiguzi magic, and that this is the first time Zhang magic into this space, so the opposite situation also some curiosity. WWw.qUANbEn.CoM But after entering, he found that the situation inside and before he actually spent time in the courtyard of the thatched house exactly the same, but at the moment, the Rams AROMARK they are sitting in the garden in the middle position, and Guiguzi discussing something, and several other women also have their own things, busy with their own thing. "Come." Guiguzi first discovered Zhang's arrival, but his words one, flew a few woman aroused attention, have stopped her things looked over toward Zhang. "How proofs into, nothing to do, right?" Ram AROMARK asked. "Can have anything, and if so, I am not afraid to stand here and tell you to speak." Zhang shook his head, then said: "Yes, how about you, stay here also used it? '" good, something fishy here predecessors pointing us millet cultivation, our progress very quickly. "Ouyang Qian Yun replied. "That's good." So saying, he looked to Guiguzi said: "The older generation, this time it bothered you." "Where is your kid says, I thank you a chance to do that with them to accompany me, I had the time a lot faster. "Guiguzi shook his head and said. "Oh, so much the better." Zhang Cheng This relieved, had he thought Guiguzi will upset it, now it seems his fears are unnecessary. "Yes, your kid in the end what happened, why they sent me to come here?" Guiguzi asked. "Well, I came to the ancient continent, and here master clouds, straight and strong continent lonely soul do not know how many times, I am worried that they will encounter dangerous, so they will be sent here." Zhang replied Road. "Ancient continent?" Guiguzi hesitated, then said: "But you said that the seal Chi ancient continent?" "Seal Chi?" Zhang listened to the words of Guiguzi Yi Zheng, immediately not believe and asked: "The older generation, you just said is the ancient continent seal Chi?" He also thought that before and ginger ginger dragon seal Shen refuses to talk about them, for a time his heart some prospect of a solution. "How do you not know?" It's something in that period Guiguzi where everyone knows what it is basically a thing, so he would naturally think that Zhang should know this. But now it seems, Zhang did not seem to know this. "I do not know, seniors, can you give me about." Zhang strange, not to say that the Yellow Emperor Chi had been beheaded what, how and rose again. "Certainly, it is no secret that." Then, Guiguzi thought for a moment and said: "It's something from the tens of thousands of years ago when the entire continent or one,Jordan UK sale, while the mainland by two large tribes living above, Chi is the command of a witch family, and the other is the command of the Terran Emperor. "" In the beginning, when the two tribes and not much conflict, and peace, but to a year, when on the Chi tribal leaders, and his thoughts and then Terran Emperor tribal chiefs contradictory, so the two tribes live in peace begins with the point turned into a small friction. eventually evolved into war between the two tribes, heavy casualties. "" and was still holding the Yellow Emperor and Chi You want to straighten out the idea of ​​a peaceful settlement, and they paid a heavy price band, and ultimately as a last resort, use the Yellow Emperor jujube of an outer Tien magic called Xuanyuanjian will Chi hit, and one family will also defeat the Wu family. however, still do not have the heart to the Yellow Emperor Chi beheaded, then put his seal up. "" But, in the middle Chi ran out once and kill countless people, then by the Yellow Emperor uniforms , in order to prevent further harm his world, he valiantly. mana the entire continent into five parts, one of which is used to seal Chi, which is the ancient continent today, and the rest will be placed in four continents around the ancient continent, four images form a large array, reinforced seal, while the four mainland continent is lonely soul, mysterious red mainland China and other four continents predecessor. "" So is the case, no wonder they do not reluctant to tell me. "However, Zhang Cheng and There is a question, then asked: "Guiguzi predecessors, I have a doubt, that since the Yellow Emperor Chi You know the future may re-break the seal appeared to earth,Coach Bags Store, why not directly beheaded him to never troubles, but with this palliatives This method to seal it? "" I knew you would ask this question, and this is something I have been puzzled when we guess that's a lot of people, saying that the Yellow Emperor Chi may not beheaded, but I speculation,Air Jordan Take Flight UK, it may be because the Yellow Emperor selfish, so be it deliberately did not beheaded, but its seal, but specifically for what selfish, I'm afraid of the people know the Yellow Emperor. "Guiguzi replied. "That's the last Emperor soaring yet?" Zhang Cheng asked. "No, World War II, when he and Chi injury to the origin, although the win, but the repair can no longer enter nothing, and ultimately die of old age in the ancient continent, presumably, the Yellow Emperor of ancient tombs on the continent at the moment still have time you can go to look at. "Guiguzi replied. "I have to take a look." Zhang also heard something before, he knew the Yellow Emperor Huangdi is a family of ancient ancestors on the continent, that is also his ancestors in this life. He is also the descendants of the last generation, so he Huangdi for here there is also a difficult implicit reverence. "Yes, why do you want to come to the ancient continent?" It's time to think of it Guiguzi ask this question. "Well, my parents are ancient people on the mainland, this time back to be recognized pro-bar." Zhang replied truthfully. "Recognize the pro?" Guiguzi hesitated, then asked: "So, you are a family of five families which person? Regulus family or jiangjia?" <
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