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31.05.2013 09:20
mood is very cheerful. " antworten
Update: 2012-12-03 "is just that bamboo is not my strength shock into powder? Well,Poppy Collection Coach Online, I just shot is not only a force even my best shot was just able to hit the fracture simply do not come to that! On the right hand just little teacher younger brother pat the bamboo and Zizhu moment is into powder. But the little teacher younger brother even gas phase did not reach seems somewhat unlikely. Why must be a ghost Zizhu into powder this guy was so high he has never looked back some weird! No matter so much to ask him!" Water Rou mind thought to rotate along with the even decided. In pat Zizhu after peak is even the head didn't also return directly toward their own bamboo to walk inside the house. Because even if is not back peak will also know what the bamboo certainly is not exist. In fact,Coach Bags UK, just the beat of Zizhu peak is not a simple beat spiral but a day of day direct force in Zizhu will be its internal shocks into powder. The peak has been several attempts to four brothers even he borrowed a J ī ng steel knife cannot cut his strength is a tyrannical matchless. Even at the peak of don't know how strong their ground. "Little younger brother Shi you quick replacement is to use what arcane or jewels spirit strong can be so bad! Quickly... To sister I have seen a lot of!" Water Rou people are not sound is already passed. Already seem to know the water will be asked Rou general peak remains calm was sitting in his bed watching the excitement came in water rou. "How can I guess that you have any and I?" Assumed a look of innocence peak heart is secretly laugh occasionally tease his naughty sister peak,oakley sunglasses, mood is very cheerful. "Hum! You guys think I I am a fool! Take out the baby. I can't believe you even gas phase did not achieve it so badly." Is cold to hum a water green jade finger pointing to the peak of Rou lift said. At the moment it is not completely water Rou grasp is a strong intuition told her this little fellow would have great secret. "Well..... I I really don't know what you are saying." Although the heart has the joy bloom but peak is face is very dull expression seems completely unaware of the general. "Hum! You guys if you it doesn't matter you hear all burst into powder Zizhu even head do not return it? Don't you think I would also like you stupid?" Murmured the small mouth water Rou jiaochen appearance a heartbeat. For water Rou charming appearance peak is the heart calm but is secretly complain and cursed myself for be negligent "Damn it! How can I forget according to common sense I am 100 percent should go back to. Don't look back that only shows that haunted." "Quickly.... out the baby. The amount of objects should not be such a powerful my red satin is the product from you guys have jewels? Jewels are said to have >
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