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31.05.2013 09:19
we can also repair is antworten
> "Ah, you say actually very appropriate, I have this major capacity matrix is ​​also slow down time, and I hit the matrix being not just have time to slow down, there is time to accelerate, I used this Ways to foster Aralia meters, to know Aralia meters per century a cooked, if I wait, I am afraid to eat less than a few will be dead. WWw. qUanBen. COm "very satisfied Guiguzi Zhang gave him from the name of the matrix, so the analogy and say the time to accelerate this word. "The older generation can be really powerful, so you are able to matrix Guards finding out that I do not admire all die." Zhang Cheng heartfelt praise. "No way, I do not study it, then I will die of old age, I can not live enough, I want to die, so I can only continue to study the matrix method, use this method to prolong his life, in fact, from a sense, I am now practicing this situation and, like you, but to enhance the matrix to prolong my life, and you are upgrading to prolong the life of the repair, the ultimate goal is the pursuit of immortality, venerated. "Guiguzi said. "The older generation talking." Zhang Guiguzi think and speak, always able to get some inspiration in life, and now he is considered initially understand why people practice is to seek eternal life. Although the practice has changed the taste, but no matter how the starting point to the end will point to the same point, and that is eternal life. However, although Guiguzi easily, did not show anything special with, but Zhang never hear his discourse a little helpless. Although he felt Guiguzi said yes, he was indeed such an approach is an approach to the pursuit of longevity, however, this approach is doomed to his lonely life. After all, accustomed to life here after, and then want to return to real life it may not so easy a. "The older generation, why not use the time you break repair it? It's not more simple some of it?" This is Zhang doubt in his heart, you know, practicing to the rear, are likely to increase per level or even hundreds of years a thousand years of life. And this is where you want to go to the middle there, do not worry about this problem, than Guiguzi hidden in this place, much better. Then ghosts millet After so many years, and still have time to slow down here, matrix, equivalent to a year outside of a hundred years, used to practice, I am afraid you can not take soaring Once upon a time a few years. "I also want to break the realm, but I can do nothing, because my pubic born damaged, infuriating saved to a certain extent it will dissipate, so I was able to practice qi period has been very fortunate, and then again I do not dare to think. "Guiguzi replied. "So this is." Zhang Guiguzi come to understand why the repair is so low, then asked: "Is there a way that can make up for this deficiency it?" "I would have thought so, so I hit the alchemy, you want to find some immortality to fix their pubic region, however, have tried for many years without the slightest effect, but my time does not allow me to spend too much in it, so then I gave up alchemy, Research other methods. "" Then I created a refining technique, because the alchemy of the law can not make up their own pubic region, so I want to forge a kind of magic can replace the pubic region, however, refining technique break out, But the result is still not satisfactory, I finally have to give up this path. "" Then I transform according to nature, thus sentiment out of the front road, so I thought of a another way to approach it is to use the matrix method to build a time to slow down and let the matrix method, originally I just want to use this way to give yourself more time to solve their own problems pubic region, however, slowly found I had not stop. "" and Now I no longer like to break through what repair order, just want to increase the magnification matrix slow time, so as to achieve the purpose of extending the life of their own, however, so that it can no longer let me out of this world, because outside outside one day, here is one hundred days, now I have not afford to consume. "said Guiguzi look to dim down. A man trapped in a place ten years, I am afraid he is almost out of time again already mad, even if not crazy, do not want to continue to stay, in this place. And Guiguzi in this place with a few thousand years, Zhang Chengdu can not imagine how he is over. "This ......" Zhang Cheng also be learned Guiguzi know the pain, which is like a hundred bucks to spend money when, at that time, I felt a lot a lot of money, like how to spend it how flowers. However, if this situation has changed suddenly, one hundred dollars only when a money spent, could not bear to spend time, but at the moment is the case Guiguzi. "Predecessors, I have a proposal, you will see if you can put a weapon in this space, then I took, you will be your spiritual consciousness attached to my body, so that you can see the outside world Although not personally experience,Nike Air Jordan 10, but also a person than yourself is much better to stay here, you say? "Zhang Cheng offered. "This ......" To be honest, Guiguzi some heart, and he stay in this place for thousands of years, and has long been spent tired, if not because of fear of death soon after leaving, he would have to leave this place. Now Zhang Cheng uttered this approach could not be better, both do not allow myself to leave this FIGHTING own space, while still allowing a look at the outside world, we can say that this is definitely a best of both worlds approach. "How seniors?" Zhang prejudices he hesitated, then said: "If seniors feel younger people also do not have the intention, then you did not say anything when I was." "How I would like to think that when I recently from your began to observe you, although not much contact, but I also see that you are not the kind of person, the reason I did not do the decision was taken in the magic how to move the space to go. "Guiguzi see Zhang Cheng misunderstood the meaning of their own, so such an explanation. "The older you are ... you mean ... agreed?" Zhang into some joy, he did not think too much, just think there elders told their side, what things they would be on him to discuss to discuss, but he does not know is that his move to his future life brought great changes and benefits, of course, this is something. "Nonsense, I have stated so understand, you do not understand yet to be implemented, then you may be too disappointing." Guiguzi also some excitement, we can immediately see the outside world, and tens of thousands of years did not see , he did not know what is happening outside, how can he not excited. "For the older generation, Aralia meters of the things you do not explain it to us, and, we can also repair is not lifted up?" Zhang into it when it is remembered for a long time, Aralia meters Things have not understood, then asked such a one. "Oh, pull away, hey, old people is the way she spoke to digress ......" Guiguzi awkward smile,Oakleys M FRAME Sunglasses, and then directed Zhang Cheng said: "also said before, this Aralia m processes are planted with dragon blood irrigation, and Aralia meters but is Dracaena Dracaena Valley absorbs the energy of the huge rally out of the fruit. "" In other words, Aralia meter which is filled with the blood of the dragon essence, therefore, for the flesh, to enhance its own hugely beneficial, people taking up, you can play to broaden the tendons, bones, and many lack pulp washing effect, for comprehension is of great benefit. "" And you After taking the Aralia meters and after the yin and yang, the efficacy of Aralia m by you to the limit, and now your body strength has improved tenfold,Jordan Flight 9 Shoes, and that you also have the repair raised a big cut, so I untied the prohibition ye know. "Then, Guiguzi snapped, suddenly Zhang and ancient exquisite felt his body seems to have a film breakage of the general, who had gone spiritual power suddenly recovered over. Then, a surge of pure spiritual power from the Yuan Ying cheerful among them that walk in the tendons in more lenient and then came back to the pubic region, is Yuan Ying re-absorbed. And now, Zhang found his cultivation actually improved a whole class, even from the early Yuan Ying break through to mid-Yuan Ying. He was very clear Yuan Ying period, you want to improve a grade is very difficult, according to his practice, and perhaps years before they can least thanks to a breakthrough. And now he is so no effort to break up, which surprised him at the same time some surprises. <
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