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31.05.2013 09:17
the reason to talk to antworten
> "Hongyan, so good!" Ram AROMARK heartfelt praise road, after all, Shangguan Hongyan qi cultivation period, however, has not yet reached the base building, face-saver late master, just oppression force can make her completely collapsed. ! COM while she was able to do at this time and they are still good as said before, the key moment threw empty cobweb, is already very easy. So, can capture ASRock,Coach Outlet Sale, and there are a large part of the credit for her. "Xin Yue sister, you do not laugh at me,Nike Jordan Spizike UK, I almost just to throw the spider biased!" Shangguan Hongyan really nervous before, saver of experts in the past she has only heard of it, and not really seen before, so she went to deal with a saver of the master, her heart bear no small pressure. Fortunately, however, everything has an end, her heart That completely relieved. "Let me go, let me go." ASRock this time struggling desperately up, but this spider was like a rubber band in general, is very tough, he makes the effort to make the nurse nor will it torn apart, and, more earn still more tightly. A few women to think he was caught, his heart burst of uncomfortable, but he can not do now want to die, which made him very angry. "Let you?" Jaap kick on her beat him again, and then said: "you can never in this life, and so next life." "Go, bring him back to the city authorities." Then, a few women who have a pulled aside, and then a few people carried him back to the city authorities, rather than the distant Zhang Cheng also looking stunned, heart Antan, a woman playing conspiracy to really terrible. Shook his head around to stay here, directly toward the Rams AROMARK they rushed past. The city authorities, the Rams AROMARK they just come back, followed by Zhang left in, the beginning of time, Zhang was stopped by authorities who give, but fortunately they did not ram AROMARK away, this only let a few people to Zhang Cheng authorities released. "Jon, you see, are we to seize ASRock." Ouyang Qian Yun said with some emotion. "Well, let me take a look at this once mighty ASRock, Chinese brothers." Then, Zhang went to be void cobweb bundle ado ASRock's side, sneered: "Chinese brothers, we meet again ! "" crap, kill to hang Anything you say. "ASRock Daohai some backbone, and not as Zhang Cheng mercy. "Oh, the Chinese brothers, you see, you say, how you say it and Qianyun had a brother and sister division, also is to take care of her, how can I kill How about you, is up to you to display some of the Arcane, out of your some secret body only, of course, if you do not want to say, and will definitely suffer a little bit, but I am also a reasonable man, would not you be too cruel, the most right will conduct some soul searching for you , presumably, Chinese brothers do not mind. "Zhang said bland Road. However, Zhang Cheng, then a finish, ASRock's heart is slightly Deng, soul searching, ah, but for others he had used before, the man looks like he remembers the pain, I did not expect so soon his turn , and my heart could not help shiver. The site look like to see him, Zhang was very satisfied, and then directed the Rams AROMARK they said: "Well, you come in, and I took him out for a ride, then, to come to you." "Ah, quick point back, my mother has not seen How about you. "Rams AROMARK know is to go out and interrogated Zhang ASRock, not stopping, just such a reminder. "Do not worry, I'll be back before dinner." Zhang Cheng nodded his head, and then carrying out Hixih they flew over. Just find a cave, then simply furnished some prohibition, and then directed at the Chinese Qin said: "Well,Nike Air Jordan 12 UK Sale, we now only two people, and there is nothing to say, otherwise, since there is no chance . "Zhang this time is holding its determination to kill, so it will not let him out of here alive, the reason to talk to him, he lowered mainly want psychological defense, and then himself from his ultimate good sets out the useful things to come. Although the use of soul searching is simple, but not a last resort, he did not want to deal with this person, even if this person is your enemy, you want to kill yourself then fast too. "Zhang Cheng, if you are a man, you let me go, we like a man good to play a game, if I lost, I know I'm going to tell you all things, how?" ASRock still doing dying struggle, he is very clear, even if two people really afraid he also defeated a test material. He says the main reason is to let Zhang Cheng released him, then blew saver and Zhang Cheng die. Zhang is not a fool, thought he understood what ASRock is enough, then said: "ASRock, we are smart people, since it is not wise to make some insane nonsense today I can not let you If for a change, you also can not let go of me, right, so I'll cut the crap, you put your will power law, as well as all the things you know tell me that I can to give you a happy, if you still come to their senses, then refused to say anything or play the fool with me, then I will Xiuguai delicate heartless. "" You're kind of soul searching on my play, you want to let me tell you, the door are not. "ASRock Leng Heng said. "This is your final decision?" Zhang Cheng looked ASRock, no superfluous words, but it puts ASRock felt a faint hint of fear, as if he knew this is not Zhang Cheng general. "Yes, this is my final decision." ASRock a bite, said. "This is why you do, two roads, one is frankly dead, one was tortured to death, you would rather to defend the so-called secrets of your tortured to death, frankly do not want to death? "Zhang ASRock can not understand why some of this, as he said, if they had died, why not choose a straightforward way dead yet. "I am happy, none of your business what!" ASRock see Zhang Cheng so look, and he was fun, in a dying let Zhang difficult to take it, it can be considered to recover some of the interest on it. <
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