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31.05.2013 09:14
it is making an ancient magical method antworten
Under a huge cliff bovine IH from thousands of miles away, there is a huge space concealed a mortal unimaginable in which, many old trees, mountains, stands, various palace, the fairy birds, animals, have become an immortal run. Enter one, feel fresh and peaceful spirit Pumianerlai,oakley sunglasses cheap, picturesque scenery everywhere, liuquanfeibao, fairy plants, animals and psychic, countless day to treasure, it is a world of pure land. In this world of pure land, there are countless towering peaks, of which there are more than eighteen seat into the sky the towering peaks, magnificent, shocking eyes. In this eighteen seat insert day mountain zh ō ngy ā ng,Oakley Store, there is a vast matchless square, the Plaza is wholly made of a translucent jade white jade, it is making an ancient magical method, which makes the whole square with rich threatening reiki. Above the Plaza, not thousands of unity is a gray s è robe young sit cross-legged, seem to absorb spiritual practice in the world. "Ha ha ha....." a frank laughter came from the square in front of, in a great hall, the hall has a gold s è plaque, write a clear temple, if have to fix true boundary from LAN star who is familiar with this, almost talk can everywhere here what more. The virtual portal, one of the ten doors away from LAN stars, giant General sects! At the moment the virtual palace in sitting for twenty people, each is a purple robe in gossip, Dai Yang Lei crown, God eye such as electric, precious. And this dress, in the pure door, in addition to the main peak eighteen peak, is only a few dozen elders will power the elders have such qualifications. Sitting in the hall zh ō ngy ā ng is a face as a jade, such as mu ch ū n wind generally middle-aged people, hand held a fan, showing an elegant atmosphere, eye is also very good. This person is not others,Women's Jordan Sale, is the star has a great reputation from LAN, is the highest peak on day of strong, pure door Lord Zhuge. "Gentlemen, after one year I pure door eighteen peak and a lot of write-in pupil than the bucket R ì son, you have to train under the door disciple, not weak peak eighteen core disciple prestige, know?" Zhuge leisurely opening, glanced at the man. The door and heard the LORD said, below the eighteen strong strong surface s è is a variable, it is the eighteen main peaks. "Ha ha ha... At the main gate, you can rest assured, the rest of us seventeen peaks of the disciples, each are first-class talent best practice qualification, genius, certainly not a weak head, as for CHIGO brother the six toads generally disciples, in addition to disciple innocence is some skill, the other is some pustule, but will be those who registered disciple ridicule!" Just then, a face y ī n cold middle-aged monk licking lips, then read many write-in pupil eye square plate knee practice, that eyes without glancing at sitting in on a dignified middle-aged man. "Hum!" Heard that middle-aged monk said, dignified middle-aged man's eyebrows a wrinkly, hold the chair.
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