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when the magic of blood antworten
> "Well, you are not afraid, and there's the situation I was almost clear, and this time as far as I go in, you follow, hurry. WwW. QUanbEN. COm" In fact, the first person to put the cold dead on the inside when it has seen, said Li ruthless not much wrong, but he does not worry, it is called the second person into the. The first person he called the saver of a person, the second is called the Immortal Infant person. Originally, he wanted intends to call an OBE, and see if it is ruthless and Li said the same,Air Jordan Son Of Mars UK Sale, the higher the repair of which suffered Trick people into the stronger. But look at their appearance, the individual is not yell, so he could only advance into. However, he did not want to enter then be on the inside to protect Dan-kun as human, but his first step out of a mine field, and followed, the latter will be mine field shrill cries rang out screams. At the sound, cool place while depressed, heart secretly swore: "Let your advanced Come, ye are dead, so you backward Come, ye are dead, really useless." This is a mine field down, the original This group of people and their more than twenty, twelve men on the left at the moment, half dead, which look Li merciless face some unnatural. He did not know what else to live either in this place, same time, he put the man for this cold be seen through, I knew the case, he would not bring the matter before the old guy told. "Come on." Recline is a little cold since it did not feel anything wrong, still just keep walking forward. ******************** At the same time, they also entered into sheets that dense mass of entrance into the moment, however, they feel a certain attraction arising therefrom, Then they were sent directly into the room with a stranger. Among the room dressed in shining armor with ten, holding a long knife fighter, eyeing the moment is looking at himself. And Zhang Cheng also found themselves into here after four weeks left with him a man, they still ram AROMARK Dan dust son was missing them all. And behind him is a wall to the path has disappeared. Now he finally knows why Dan-kun did they come in they went out, the original was sent to such a place, which he could not help but think of the nothingness of God that no rules tower portal, after entering all of them will be randomly separated . However, he was a bit worried about the Rams AROMARK them, after all, their strength is not how, if things went wrong, then he will never Anson's. So he took out communications Yufu, but after a few trial, messaging Yufu like failure, like, soul did not get in, not to mention summoned. "Om -" Just then, I heard the voice of Ming knife came from the front, interrupted by Zhang Cheng thoughts. Zhang looked up and saw Okay, ten soldiers shining armor does not know when it has surrounded him up in the hands of the long knives is to be pushed to their buzzing sound, an intention to kill Ling Lie passed from them. Then, these ten soldiers shining armor did not even acknowledge play, ten people to join forces towards Zhang rushed over. Zhang Where am great care, the right hand flashed Huben knife in his hands, and then take the foot of the "Kowloon Dance" and then looked at breakneck speed to escape the ten personal attack. Zhang originally thought it would be difficult to escape their attack, but the result is not always the case. Do not look at them murderous strong, footwork is also very heavy, much like a master, but their actions but they are not agile, Zhang Cheng just a dodge to pass through their defense came up behind them. He naturally will not miss this good opportunity, at the foot meal, and then re-launch the "Kowloon Dance" whole person as ghosts in general drifted ten people in a person's back, and then according to his neck is the knife. But people did not seem to care about the sheets into the attacks, even when not if, let Zhang into Huben knifed his neck top. However, the expected results did not appear, but rather their own Huben knife came close to being a strong power of Fan Zhen Zhenfei out to the contrary, that the soldiers shining armor but unscathed, it seems that Zhang is to give him a knife tickle general. Moreover, he felt moved Zhang is in behind him, then turned and followed Pilai knife. Zhang surprised, quickly use Huben knife in front of their own when, you want to block the other's attack, but the other side of the golden sword and knife Huben own moment of contact, an extreme terror forces came over from his blade , and then the sheets into a direct hit fly out. They did not play like one, but a baseball in general, Zhang will effortlessly fly out to play, did not the slightest pause. "Boom" is heard, Zhang heavily hit the wall above, he even felt his bones were scattered in the strike under the general. Just about, let him down on the ground quite a while did not return air, from the ground up. After a while, Zhang recovered, saw ten soldiers shining armor once again towards him waving gold knifed over, Zhang recalled that before the issue of the kind of shining armor warrior forces of terror, suddenly feeling his scalp a hemp. Where dare with Ying Peng, suddenly one step directly behind the walls, then shining armor soldiers from between the legs drilled out, and then they heard a terrible sound, hard ground is now being smashed them together ten out of a big hole. See here, Zhang suddenly swallowed, and then could not help phantom if the blow hit on him, then I am afraid that at the moment he becomes a pile of crushed it. "Kaka ......" It's a few people turned to look into the sheets, and then again towards Zhang Cheng approximation. At the moment, Zhang Cheng no longer dare not underestimate how powerful these shining armor warrior, not even a little dry in touch with them, because they are beyond their strength too much, not at a level above. However, the point of this room is so big that they can not find ten people see themselves together, and then change the policy change, ten people apart, Zhang intends to come to a outflank. At the moment, Zhang even dare to stop, because he is slightly a pause, then there will be at least two knives towards his Pilai, but fortunately his "Kowloon Dance" could prejudge each other's attack, otherwise, he had was pizhong, decapitated it. "No, can not continue to stay in this room, or else they will not be killed, they have been exhausted their chase alive." Zhang Cheng stop the run, the body has consumed a lot of spiritual power. And that several soldiers shining armor but not the slightest meaning tired, energy is still very strong, looking for his speed, though without the slightest increase, but also not the slightest slowed. If you continue here,jordan online cheap, sooner or later they will be these guys to consume dead alive. So, he intends to use these bull broke open the room, and then see if you can find a new way out. So if we can all say, if not, better than right here in exhausted. So he would no longer be a shuttle back and forth between individuals, ten of them to come together again, and then pretending to be them into a corner, when they teamed up ten bombers came towards him, the people danced to escape this blow. "Boom -" This is really the individual joint strike that blew open walls are given, but which also bursting out of a brilliant golden light. Zhang issuing golden though do not know what it is, but subconsciously he finds it should be a good thing, otherwise, it will not be Tianxuan Great on here. Ever since he moving from the mind, you want to get something to get his hand, after all, to have come, if not get things back to a good point, it is too lose out. "Hey, I'm here." Zhang Cheng knocking sound Huben knife, you want to get their attention, which really is a group of simple-minded brawn animals immediately after hearing the sound turned toward Zhang rushed over. However, their speed and Zhang Cheng far worse than it, I saw Zhang into a sideways, they will be successful through the composition of a human wall that was then rushed into the hole blew open toward the golden light coming from the direction rushed past. But the strange thing is, it seems, is golden light shot over from far away, but Zhang ran for so long, still did not reach the side of that thing. But he turned around and looked, and that ten metal lump is wandering back and forth at that hole, but just can not seem to come out from the room, like, struggling for a long time did not come out. Finally, simply give up directly to Zhang Cheng, continue in the room was walking aimlessly. And that was before they bang together guys break the walls are slowly restored as ever, which burst dumbfounded to see Zhang, after all, but that is only one side of the wall, the wall how will automatically fix? . Can not figure out this problem, Zhang Cheng no longer think about those things, but to focus all our attention to the front exudes put on the golden brilliance of no. Know how long to run, Zhang achievement feeling more and more bright light in front and directly illuminate the side of the world, and ultimately he finally arrived at the golden place of origin. He found a glowing circular object, look look a little familiar. Thought for a moment, Zhang Cheng think of it, this thing looks like and before the holding of that ruthless Li Bao Jian Tianxuan exactly, no, just looks exactly the same, this is just looks taller than that several grades. In contrast, Zhang also believe that this is genuine Tianxuan Kam Po, and that nothing but a fake. Subconsciously, he will have to reach out and touched the stuff, but they had not touched, felt a sharp pain, as if his fingers were numerous needle to the same pain he flew to the hand received back. "This thing will be difficult to handle?" Zhang strange, he saw Li relentlessly to get this thing before it, there is no kind of situation. Could not help, he thought, in the absence of some of the magic is not easily identify the main touched before, like Huben knife as easily killed before did not identify the main idea blinded Conscience, to identify the main afterwards will be different. So, he bit my finger dripping a drop of blood to the Po Kam above. Suddenly, this is like a sponge Bao Jian absorbed into the bloodstream. "There is the door!" Zhang shines see here, feel that we can identify the main. But before long, he was abruptly but this blood was that Lizzie to squeeze out, which allows Zhang satisfied, bored, heart and said: "how is this?" Zhang Cheng or the first time I heard that, after the blood is absorbed, but also re-squeezed out. In desperation he can only help to Item days, linked to him, the case of this magic and items day say it again, and then Xiang days, we will not wait in the wind from the storage ring out and said: "What is it? "" ah, that's it, you see that my blood is still inconsistent parked above it. "Zhang Bao Jian pointed above that blood, replied. "It is strange, can not identify the main blood magic really rare ...... do ......" But, at this point, entry-day meal voice suddenly, as if the thought of what startled the whole person in the original ground. "How the Master, which in the end is what ah?" Zhang Cheng Xiang days do not understand how this change occurs suddenly, asked, curious. "You try to will your body metallic spiritual power injected into your bloodstream, and then let it absorb try." Entry into the sky and did not answer the question, but to say such a word. Zhang Cheng Xiang days some do not understand what this means, after all, when the magic of blood to identify the main refining, how to use spiritual power Ji refining. However, he still understood Xiang days,Oakley M FRAME Sale, he is not from without, since he said, then had his reasons, so he will be in accordance with the words of their own sweet metallic part of the spiritual power injected into your bloodstream. However, in their own spiritual power the moment of contact with the blood, mutation took place. Zhang Cheng see that this group once again penetrate the blood even Kam Po into this, and, with the blood of their metallic deep spiritual power has also been given this Lizzie absorbed into. And this guy is not small appetite, suck up pretty endless, and it absorbs the speed is also faster, which makes this a surprise. However, just as he wanted to recover the spiritual power when the key day but stopped him and said: "Do not stop, let it breathe, it must be a one-time feed, otherwise, this thing you will not be eligible for a . "" This ...... "Zhang Xiang said the day listening to these things, and my heart could not help but surprised, because he heard the term-day discourse a little excitement, so they could not help but guess his heart and said:" Is this also a good thing? "However, this did not give him Bao Jian time to think, because it absorbs faster and faster, a few breathing effort actually true element of his body sucked as much as half, and still no stop means. This time Zhang anxious, and quickly run "Xuan Yuan Jing" absorb Reiki supplement spiritual power, but this is only a drop in the bucket, it simply can not keep up the speed of absorption, so he can only use drugs to restore spiritual power with immortality, so barely The reach to meet Lizzie absorption. However, he did not know until now is something that in the end, actually so can absorb, and to identify the main when it is so complex, at least among his memory no such thing exists. <
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