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> Loyalty also did not know Zhang said these words mean, but now he can not determine this in the end is not a magic array, so continue to go down his heart did not end. ! CoM if not magic array that okay to say, but if it really is magic array, then allow them mysteriously into them, then this would be too horrible magic array number. As far as he knew, could do that step magic array, should have been beyond the comprehension of the matrix category. "I would like a closer look, it is not can only continue to go up." Loyalty decided to carefully observe a period of time, if you still can not find the slightest trace, then give up. Zhang was right after all, if this is really magic array, then a long stay in here and continue in-depth is not much difference. "Or." Zhang Cheng also like to take this opportunity to look good, if you can find something, then repair to his matrix also has a great advantage. So other people will sit in place, only the loyalty and Zhang wandering back and forth in the vicinity, as if looking for something, but they did not dare to go too far, in case and everyone separated, it may tragedy. "Xin Yue sister, Zhang will FIGHTING ah?" Jaap Waner also learned some time before the matrix method, but for her, too complicated matrix Austria, is the most simple one Behind array, she Learn a few months did not learn out of some clue to the last will directly give up. So, she always felt that people who understand the matrix method is definitely not an ordinary person, but she never thought of Zhang Cheng also, so she is more admired Zhang achievements. "That I do not know, you know, this kid drift outside all day, and I know about him is not much, but he can live up to now, will lattice should also not what." Rams Xin Yue Zhang did not think would FIGHTING, she only knew Zhang will alchemy, others would know little about it. So, this time she intends to recognize something good this kid, save later by his bullying. "It is also down." Jaap Waner nodded, she and Zhang Cheng know for so long, relations are established for several years,Oakley For Cheap, but the number of meetings and time is meager, fully prepared also a two-month period. So, she thought at the moment and rams AROMARK consistent, you want to take this opportunity to know more about Zhang Cheng, to save the future do not know myself, what kind of man ...... Time is the passage of time, and shortly two hour later, however, Zhang and his loyalty did not find anything, desperation, people can only bite the bullet and walked towards the front. However, the more to go, the more their hearts heavy, because this channel really is endless, no matter how go, preceded by a long way. "Continue to do this is not the answer." Loyalty stopped again, because he knows very well, so go nap in this place only. So he walked beside touched the wall, found here, the walls are built of solid brick. So he hit a shot, you want to break these walls give boom to see what is behind this wall. However, he punched shot after suddenly flashed a thin film on the wall, even your own punch to make every effort to block down. And loyalty to feel his fist as if playing in the water as above, without focus. "Young you get out, I'll try." For FIGHTING Dan-kun is powerless, but for the effort, there is no one better than he the. "Well!" Loyalty nodded, then retreated to the side. Dan-kun went to the wall in front of the right hand flashed, bothering edged sword by his golden light out, and then dancing together, striking directly towards the wall. This sword but he refined level of quasi-fairy magic, regarded as the highest level of comprehension among the areas a magic weapon. It's far more than the spiritual level Vaillant Nine of magic, but it is a big gap and cents, but there is no spiritual comprehension among grade ten items that said, so they call him super product also magic or quasi-fairy. At the moment this magic wand used by Dan-kun, has been supported by powerful forces, suddenly bursting out dazzling brilliance, and then with lightning speed toward the wall stabbed in the past, or that the layer towards the wall Film thorn in the past. Dan Kun strong force has gone beyond the comprehension of those areas, plus the increase in quasi-fairy and the methods used by him but on one point on the wall to attack. Although the film is a strong defense, but the face of all the forces Dan Kun attacks are concentrated in a little bit less than it looked on. Thus, the film's struggling a little bit, they failed, what was punctured by Dan-kun. Then sword I potential diminished, directly toward the wall and striking. However, the strange scene occurred,Classic Coach UK, in that the layer of the film after the sword pierce tenths of a second later, the back wall is gone. This look, the channel disappeared, disappeared around the light, blink of an eye, they are surrounded by endless darkness. "This is how the ......" Zhang into a little confused how this is a case, and now they are considered endless darkness, as if the whole world as his own on the left. "Zhang Cheng, where are you." But soon they heard the Rams Zhang Cheng Shin cry, and then he will subconsciously walked toward the direction of the sound. However, he was just out of step, a light illuminates from their heads, and then four weeks have also lit a torch. Suddenly, darkness be driven away, never been in a room before they appeared in their eyes. This place is quite luxurious building, surrounded by golden, gold seems to have a direct infusion of half, and this room is great, but let him thousands of people is no problem. In this room erected around eight very thick pillars, eight pillars on which the plate with a dragon to life, their eyes just a few people wore them, just like always have to kill them down like . In the middle of the house really has an octagonal pattern, the pattern is a black and white in the middle of the great Tai Chi, and that this moment is methodical Taiji spinning. Then Zhang discovered a problem, that is, the room was luxurious, but there is no exit, that is, they are trapped in this place. "We all do not move, here are some strange." Loyalty loudly said so one,Coach Handbags Sale, then be wary of rushing around, I do not know why, enter here the moment, he felt a strong sense of crisis. So, in his eyes, all the things this place is very dangerous, a little attention, they might have annihilated. <
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